About us

We are a team of fun loving, web combing, baby wearing moms and dads who saw a need for a website where we could share all the useful tips we come across daily. Modern mothers need one place where they can learn how to raise a baby, cook a meal, build a fire, save some money and then spend it, and do it all while looking perfect and being green.

Ok, who are we kidding?  It would be impossible, but we still try.

Daily Mom will bring to you everything that can be of use to any mom and mom-to-be. We are here to educate, laugh with you, and make your lives easier (or harder depending on how many crafts you decide to do).

Daily Mom’s team consists of:

Elena, owner and managing editor

Elena lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and 3 cats. Her favorite pastime is photography, volleyball,  reading parenting  books and finding cool products, as well as running around and laughing with her energetic daughter. You can contact her via email.

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Megan, senior editor

DailyMom (1 of 2)Megan lives in Colorado with her husband, 3 year old daughter, and toddler son. Outside of chasing around her toddler running in one direction, and the preschooler running in the opposite, she loves swimming, celebrity gossip, University of Michigan and Denver Broncos football, photography, trashy reality TV and writing for her personal blog, The Memoirs of Megan.

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Kristy, editor

Kristy lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and their cat, Taz.  They are expecting a new addition in the summer of 2014!  She has a Bachelors and Doctorate in Physical Therapy and has worked in Orthopedics, Vestibular, and Ergonomics for the last 12 years.  She loves spending time with her hubby and daughter enjoying music, reading, playing, and learning American Sign Language.  Her other interests include traveling, being active, and catching up with family and friends. 

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Laura, editor

bio_elle_2Laura is a wife and a new mom living on the East Coast. She and her husband welcomed their first child in September 2013. She has a passion for photography and an incurable case of Wanderlust. In her spare time she enjoys blogging about photography, travel, married life, and motherhood at TheWhimsicalPhotographer.com.

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Ariel, Editor

Ariel is a recently turned stay-at-home momma of three little ones to her high school sweetheart. When she isn’t busy playing with her young kiddos (or running around frantically), you can find her on her personal blog, Dreams To Do. Ariel is a lover of inspirational words, photography, coffee, reality TV, and of course, her family. You can connect with Ariel on Twitter and Facebook.

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Danielle, contributor

DSC_0178-1Danielle just moved back to her roots outside of Pittsburgh PA after residing in Northern California for the last 8 years. On any given day, you can find her arranging ridiculous photo shoots of her two-year-old son Graeme, newborn daughter Marley and cat Gizmo, or working on any one of her 27,000 writing projects. She enjoys daydreaming about becoming a famous actress and starting a handful of different businesses with her husband over glasses of wine in the evenings. Someday, she hopes to travel the country in an RV with her family… but she needs to sell that novel first. You can follow her journeys through her blog With A Red Bird On My Shoulder.

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Rockie, contributor

RockieRockie, is a makeup junkie, living north of the border with her husband and exclusively breastfed baby girl! She dreams to one day live in a sunnier and warmer city, but for now, tries to see the beauty in snow and the cold weather.She loves learning new things and enjoys the unexpected surprises life has to offer. You can catch snippets of her life at Life Unexpected.

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Heather, social media manager

Cookies For BreakfastHeather is the mom behind the blog, Cookies For Breakfast. Mama to two. Reality TV addict. Natural living enthusiast. Accidental hippie. Comedy ninja. Loves big sunglasses, seasonal cocktails, and of course, cookies for breakfast.

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Krista, contributor

krista2Krista lives in New York with her husband and their 3 year old daughter. In October, they welcomed a second baby, a boy! She teaches English at a local college and thoroughly enjoys correcting everyone’s grammar. In her spare time she loves to read, shop, and cook. She enjoys blogging about motherhood at The Quinntessential Mommy. You can contact her via email, twitter or visit her blog.

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Ashley, Contributor

thumbnail croppedAshley lives in North Carolina with her husband, daughter and Kitty Paw. She’s a work-from-home mom with a natural light photography business and a passion for sharing everything she knows. Since leaving the corporate world, she now spends her time chasing her toddler, writing and finding ways to enjoy life. You can find her on FacebookGoogle + or on her website.

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Becca, Designer

Becca lives in Austin with her husband and their 5-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter.  She graduated from Aurora University in Illinois and has owned a design business, Jumping Jax Designs, for the last 5 years as a work-from-home mom.  Becca enjoys spending time with her family, drinking coffee, being active and blogging at The Paro Post.

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 Michelle, Contributor & Giveaway Manager

Michelle is a full time mama, part time blogger, and wife extraordinaire. This busy mama to three “peas” is a lover of all things crafty, running and baking. A New England native and current desert dweller, she is the brains and wit behind the blog Our Three Peas, where she writes about the hilarious reality that is motherhood. She strives to live a green and natural life and swears that most motherhood-related dramas can be solved by having a nice glass of wine at the end of the evening.

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 Lauren, Contributor

Lauren is a new mom living in Toronto, Canada. When she is not at home being a mom, she is working full time as a model, playing competitive baseball, and working on her personal blog. In her “spare” time, Lauren is aspiring to become a childbirth educator. You can find her at Lauren Hardy Blog.

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Kirsten, Contributor

Kirstenheadshot 150Kirsten is a military wife by day, an artist by night, and an around-the-clock-mommy to her (almost) two year old daughter and a son due in the Fall. She loves to travel and is always dreaming of her next adventure. Her interests include everything from extreme sports like skydiving and rock climbing to languages and studying philosophy. As a Californian now living in South Dakota, there is no taking that golden sunshine out of this California Girl.

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Corinne, Contributor

Corinne-Headshot150Corinne is a part time hair stylist and a full time wife and mom from Pennsylvania. When she’s not at work or chasing after her wild-child, she’s busy tackling her latest craft or sewing project. She loves inspiring people to tap into their right-brain creativity. You can check out her girls’ clothing at CeceLynn Design.

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Dani, Contributor

Dani headshotDani lives in North Carolina with her husband and two toddlers. She is a stay-at-home mom who loves to clean and organize anything and everything. Her happiness is found in Jesus, days at the spa, yoga, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. She strives to live a simple life by being debt-free and social-media free.

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Katherine, Contributor

Dani headshotKatherine Katherine lives in Kansas City with her husband, toddler, and 3 furry children. When she is not at home with her daughter, she is finishing up her Ph.D. in psychology or working on one of her multiple half-finished art projects. She loves ceramics, crafts, fitness, paper mache, and pretending to learn French and Spanish.

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Jessica, Contributor

Jessica is a holistic health counselor and work from home mom living in Ohio with her sweet little boy! She suffers from a serious case of compulsive globe-trotting and is always counting the days until her next move. You can often find her trying to get her exercise in by lunging through the park while chasing after a very energetic toddling boy! She is constantly fueled by her love for healthy eating (and copious amount of caffeine) Catch up with her “healthy foodie” lifestyle at It’s a Logical Life.

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Jessica, Contributor

Jessica recently moved from Baltimore to the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband and daughter. Her favorite things include sewing/crafting, reading, and hearing her daughter giggle. She is a huge fan of Pinterest, Etsy and reality TV. She pursued her Master’s in School Counseling and is very passionate about advocating for children in order to help them succeed in school. For her, the best gifts in life have been the love of her family, the support of her husband, and becoming a mom.

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Andrew, Contributor

Andrew_20140601_IMG_5251Andrew is  a midwestern transplant to Florida and a new dad who enjoys writing about all things tech, family travel adventures and dad stories. His favorite things to do is spend hours programming websites, coming up with creative ideas, playing volleyball and discussing the news. He enjoys traveling and writing about travel. 

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