About us

We are a team of fun loving, web combing, baby wearing moms and dads who saw a need for a website where we could share all the useful tips we come across daily. Modern mothers need one place where they can learn how to raise a baby, cook a meal, build a fire, save some money and then spend it, and do it all while looking perfect and being green.

Ok, who are we kidding?  It would be impossible, but we still try.

Daily Mom will bring to you everything that can be of use to any mom and mom-to-be. We are here to educate, laugh with you, and make your lives easier (or harder depending on how many crafts you decide to do).

Daily Mom’s team consists of:

Elena Ollick, Owner and Managing Editor

Elena Ollick is a Russian Florida girl. Her favorite pastimes are traveling, photography, volleyball,  reading business, psychology and parenting books and finding cool products, as well as running around and laughing with her energetic daughter. Elena started Daily Mom with a vision to provide quality content and help to busy modern women.
You can contact her via email.

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Megan, Editor in Chief

DailyMom (1 of 2)Megan lives in Michigan with her husband, daughter, and son. Her days are spent hanging out and doing family projects on her real-life farm, and spending time on the Great Lakes. She loves swimming, celebrity gossip, University of Michigan and Denver Broncos football, trashy reality TV, and writing. In addition to being a Mommy and self-proclaimed urban-farmer, she owns a photography business located in Southeast Michigan, Memoirs Photography and is a partner in a niche Michigan wedding photographer team called Mulberry & Sage.

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Joe is a marketing manager and travel editor for Daily Mom.He grew up in Minnesota, so he enjoys any kind of outdoor adventures, but also knows his way around a video game console. He grew up playing many sports as well as fishing with his  family. He usually can be found traveling around the world somewhere, writing, taking photos, shooting videos, working out and exploring. He’s been traveling around the world since he was 3 months old and hasn’t stopped since. He also loves to cook and very much loves to eat. He enjoys being quizzed on movie trivia and cannot help but quotes TV/movies in his daily life.

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Stephanie, Editor

Stephanie is a military wife, currently residing in New York, and mama of three. When she isn’t exploring – and photographing – the family’s newest dwellings, running trails, and playgrounds, she spends her down time working from home, feverishly correcting “textspeak” in her college students’ essays as an adjunct English instructor for a local community college. Her passion for writing and photography can be found on Stephanie High Photography.

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Jessica, Content Editor

Jessica is a holistic health counselor and work from home mom living in the middle of nowhere USA with her sweet little boy. Aside from gentle parenting her toddler, she is inspired by encouraging people to educate themselves in making healthy choices for their children. She suffers from a serious case of compulsive globe-trotting and is always counting the days until her next move or adventure. You can often find her trying to get in her exercise in by lunging through the park while chasing after her very energetic little boy. She is constantly fueled and energized by her love for healthy eating as well as copious amounts of caffeine.

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Ashley, Editor

thumbnail croppedAshley lives in North Carolina with her husband, daughter and Kitty Paw. She’s a work-from-home mom with a natural light photography business and a passion for sharing everything she knows. Since leaving the corporate world, she now spends her time chasing her toddler, writing and finding ways to enjoy life. You can find her on FacebookGoogle + or on her website.

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Kristen, Editor

Kristen lives in Alabama with her handsome hubby and sweet son. Happily, she left behind the life of a Washington D.C. attorney to be a stay at home mama in the south. Her days are filled with writing, photography, and dance parties with her son. On a mission to use her life to love God and love others, you will also find her fiercely working on the many causes near and dear to her heart. She gets it all done thanks to Jesus, chai tea, dark chocolate, and wine.

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Heather, Social Media Manager

Cookies For BreakfastHeather is the mom behind the blog, Cookies For Breakfast. Mama to two. Reality TV addict. Natural living enthusiast. Accidental hippie. Comedy ninja. Loves big sunglasses, seasonal cocktails, and of course, cookies for breakfast.

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Danielle, Contributor & Assistant Social Media Manager

DSC_0178-1Danielle is a Pittsburgh native who recently returned home from an 8 year stint in CA with her husband. She runs a household of chaos with her 4-year-old son, Graeme, 2-year-old daughter Marley, husband Stephen and cat Gizmo. She loves theater, wine, social media, writing, photography and coffee; she hates germs, toxins, beef stroganoff and truffle oil. She recently discovered her passion for and missed calling in micro-fashion styling. She can be found on any given day dressing her daughter in outfits that would put Carrie Bradshaw to shame, and carrying out daily photo shoots in her front yard. To follow Danielle and Marley’s micro-fashion journey, check out Marley_Laynes_Closet.

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Sara, Senior Designer

Sara lives in Michigan with her husband and four children. She works by day as a communication director at a youth camp and by night at her custom stationery business, Less Ordinary Designs. She is a recovering know-it-all who loves Jesus, enjoys staying home with her family, and wishes she lived somewhere warm all year round.

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Amber, Designer

Amber lives in Alabama with her husband, two creative, enthusiastic little girls and a precious little baby boy. She not only is a full-time mom but also works full-time in the corporate world as a senior experience researcher, allowing her to discover how people interact with technology and directly effect the outcome of their experience. She is passionate about her faith, family, art, design, travel, breastfeeding, fitness and sharing with others all the tips and tricks she has learned along the way.

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Erika, Designer

Erika lives in Colorado with her husband, two thoughtful, energetic boys, one adventurous baby girl, two dogs, and a Siamese cat. Her passions are her faith, family, photography, birth, breastfeeding, and fitness. In addition to mommy, she’s a lifestyle photographer. You can see more of her images on her website – Erika Zane Photography. She’s also frequently caught Instagramming and Pinning.

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Annie, Contributor

Annie is a lifestyle blogger from the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. She lives just outside Denver with her husband Drew and their Corgi, Rogue. Offline she works as a marketing manager specializing in digital marketing and social media. You can find Annie, and her passion for all things Colorado, DIY, cooking and decor at RockyMtnBliss or on Twitter @RockyMtnBliss.

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Lauren, Contributor

Lauren is a full-time mom of three girls, who also happens to run her own in-home preschool. She loves to write, run, yoga-it-out, and keep fit. She’s kind of crunchy in her homeschooling, cloth diapering, and natural products sort of way, but she also loves Starbucks and trashy TV. For more about her internal judgements of herself and hilarious quips about motherhood, follow her on IG @themommywarsblog and Twitter @mommywarsblog, as well as her website: The Mommy Wars Blog.

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Jessica, Contributor

Jessica lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband, spunky 3 year old daughter, and 7 month old son. Her favorite things include sewing, crafting, reading, and hearing her children giggle. She is a huge fan of Pinterest, Etsy and reality TV. She currently works as a school counselor and is very passionate about advocating for children in order to help them succeed in school. For her, the best gifts in life have been the love of her family, the support of her husband, and becoming a Mom.

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Kristen Love, Contributor

Kristen Love is a wife, mama to an energetic toddler, and currently expecting baby #2! She is the author behind The Love Notes Blog, an extreme DIY’er, obsessive chick flick watcher, lover of all things pretty, and her spirit animal is Li’l Sebastian. Connect with her! Blog: www.thelovenotesblog.com | Instagram: @thelovenotes | Facebook: The Love Notes Blog | Twitter: @lovenotesblog | Snapchat: @thelovenotes | YouTube: www.youtube.com/kristenlove13

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Andi, Contributor

Andi is a full time mom of 9, wife to one named Jeff and a lover of hobbies! Living on a small homestead in Spotsylvania, VA, she enjoys life coaching with women, photography, networking, entrepreneurship and fitness. She’s a foodie kind of girl who blogs over at GetTheSkinnyOnEverything.com while raising the kids and chasing chickens and ducks – capturing every moment through her lens. All in all, she’s just that kind of girl who will keep popping out kids like the next new print of leggings while drinking raw milk in the garden!

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Kristin, Contributor

Kristin is a native Floridian who loves warm weather and sunshine but owns too many scarves and boots. She lives at the World’s Most Famous Beach with her husband, 3 boys, and enough animals both warm and cold blooded to make up a zoo. She is a practicing attorney who spends her days working with at-risk and delinquent youth, and her nights being a Montessori Mama to her independent, strong willed little humans. On the weekends you can find her at soccer games, chasing her boys at the beach, or cooking for her husband who suffers from Crohn’s disease but is healing with a healthy diet. In her free time, Kristin loves reading and laying by the pool.

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Ashley, Contributor

Ashley lives in North Carolina with her husband, 4 year old little girl, and infant son. She has dreamed of being a SAHM since she was a little girl and now enjoys living out this dream by making everyday adventures with her two tiny sidekicks. She loves yoga, fitness, dark chocolate, and wine. She’s an organizer of playdates, preschool happenings, and girl’s night outs. She’s an encourager of making messes, finding passions, and dreaming the impossible.

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Sasha, Contributor

Sasha is a new mother to her baby boy and is loving motherhood! Previously a Law Enforcement Officer, she is now the Spokesperson for a Fire Department. Sasha has both a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s Degree. She lives in Daytona Beach, Florida and loves traveling with her family, doing DIY projects, and all water activities, especially kayaking with her two dogs on board.

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April, Contributor

April  now lives in Minnesota, after growing up in the neighboring Hawkeye state. Her and her husband have three adventurous children who are on a  constant quest to keep life busy. After a decade in the classroom, April turned in her lesson plan book to focus on slowing her family’s pace of life down and enjoying the fleeting moments between sun up and sundown. She spends her days writing, loving on her toddler, learning how to use her camera, web designing for causes that she is passionate about, and researching what pet to get next. She is thankful for lattes, red blends, movie theaters, and homemade spaghetti sauce. You can connect with her on IG- @mojitosandmunchkins, Facebook- @mojitosandmunchkins, and at her website: Mojitos & Munchkins.

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