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Alexa is a health researcher by day and a writer and life/health coach by night. She is mom to a feisty toddler and wife to a scientist who tries to keep her grounded. Few things make her happier than a green smoothie and morning workout. Alexa has lived on three continents, and after nearly a decade in Washington DC, she is continually surprised to find herself living in the suburbs of Virginia. You can read her musings on motherhood and simple living on her blog or contact her to learn about coaching.

Is Your Hospital Baby Friendly?

Is Your Hospital Baby Friendly 

Home birth, birth center, or hospital? Epidural or medication free? Just you and your partner or bring along some family and friends? Nursing or bottle feeding?

During pregnancy, it seems you have an endless amount of options to consider for how you would like to see those important moments (or days!) in labor and immediately following the birth to unfold. If you’ve waded through the decision process and found yourself opting for a hospital birth, know that many hospitals are moving toward establishing a baby-friendly status, which adds another layer of variables to be aware of. Read on to find out all about baby friendly hospitals and if they are the right place for you.

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