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Ashley Wells

Ashley lives in North Carolina, with her husband, 4 year old little girl and infant son. She has dreamed of being a SAHM since she was a little girl and now enjoys living out this dream by making everyday adventures with her two tiny sidekicks. She loves yoga, fitness, dark chocolate, and wine. She's an organizer of playdates, preschool happenings, and girls night outs. She's an encourager of making messes, finding passions, and dreaming the impossible.

Valentine’s Day Clothing for Kids We Love

Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap, often referred to as “single’s awareness day” or a “Hallmark Holiday.” Ask any child and they’ll tell you what Valentine’s Day is about: love and sharing that love with others. Whether it’s sending Grandma a card full of hearts and glitter or picking out their favorite Paw Patrol Valentine for their friends, for kids, Valentine’s Day is about love. Spreading love is a force that will change the world, but who says they can’t look cute while doing it? No one. We’ve found those perfect Valentine’s outfits that will allow them to carry out their mission.

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All You Need to Know about a Vegetarian Child

So, your child wants to be a vegetarian or maybe was never really into meat from the start? No worries, being a vegetarian is very healthy and a relatively easy adjustment into your lifestyle. While your whole family doesn’t have to become vegetarian, you can all benefit from participating in “meatless Mondays” or simply learning more about new foods. Vegetarianism is a healthy choice; instead of fighting it, embrace your child’s wishes.

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8 Reasons You Need a Cool Mist Humidifier


Coughing and winter seem to go hand in hand.  Undoubtedly, you or your child will catch a cold at some point in the winter.  The dry air inside and outside our homes aggravates our airways.  What do you do to help ease your breathing? If you go to the doctor, they almost always recommend a cool mist humidifier. But, why? What do humidifiers do? Why are they important? Can they do more than just help to ease the common cold?

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Baby Bump and Nursing Style: What you Need to Know

Pregnancy is a beautiful magical time. Our bodies show great strength as the grow to accommodate and nurture the tiny human we carry inside of us.  After the birth of our sweet babe, our bodies yet again go through great changes.  They once were equipped to sustain our child while on the inside, they now are able to do the same thing while they are in our arms. Sometimes, dressing our ever growing belly and nursing body can be a difficult task.  Jo Jo Maman Bebe makes styling your ever changing- awe inspiring- mommy bod effortlessly easy. 

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The Benefits of Building Toys

Kids are curious little creatures, they love to explore the world around them. They are constantly touching, evaluating, guessing what is this, why does this happen, how do I do that? And the all time favorite- “but why?” questions. This curiosity and zeal for life can be curated to build natural learners – kids that love learning and want to know more about everything.  Building toys, such as Magformers , helps kids to cultivate this curiosity by hands on learning.  

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Top Picks: Gifts for the Active Family

The holidays are full of so much family time. Sometimes, our days are jam packed with visiting in-laws, Christmas shows, and holiday festivals.  Other times, we are left with more time to savor the moment.  In these moments, it is fun to get out and get moving with your family.  Exercise not only benefits your physical health, but also your mental well-being.  If partaking in a healthy lifestyle is something you value, then you will love our top picks for the active family below.

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Shows, Events, and Giving for the Best Thanksgiving Ever

Thanksgiving is a time of blissful family gatherings and somewhat of a peaceful lull before the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Many kids and parents have a break for a few days around Thanksgiving, thus giving everyone some much needed down time. Below you will find shows, parades, events and giving back ideas to make sure this is the best Thanksgiving yet.

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The Correlation of Music and Learning

Music elicits many different emotions within our minds. It stirs happy memories and helps to cure us when we are in a funk.  Music holds so much power.  Everyday the brain is overloaded with sensory information that one has to pick and choose what is relevant to that moment.  Music helps to prime the brain to listen and decipher patterns better acclimating one’s brain on the decision making process.  A young child’s brain is especially susceptible to the benefits music has to offer. 

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Best Art Products for Creative Stimulation

While parents feel like the Holidays are a constant rush, kids don’t always feel the same way.  They actually end up with more down time than when they are at school.  Finding activities to keep our children engaged while still having fun over break can be hard. But one thing too remember, is that kids have one tool always at their disposable: IMAGINATION.

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RSV 101: What Every Parent Needs to Know

As summer winds down, we begin bracing ourselves for the cold: thick coats, gloves, winter boots are all moved to the forefront of our closest.  While we may have a love/hate relationship with Old Man Winter, we can all agree that the illnesses that present themselves during this time are by far the worst part.  One potentially serious illness that affects our young children is Respiratory Syncytial Virus, also known as RSV.  RSV is a very common virus, but has the potential to do some serious damage to infants.

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Vegetarian Meals Recipe Round Up

Monday, October 1 is World Vegetarian Day, kicking off Vegetarian Awareness Month which takes place all of October.  You’ve read the research – vegetarians are less likely to get cancer, live longer, are slimmer, and have better heart health.  It’s also been proven to be healthier for the environment – the Food and Agriculture Organization says that livestock farming emits 18% of all the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Many scientists agree that by cutting down on meat consumption, it can help halt climate change. There is no better time than the present to jump on the vegetarian bandwagon. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go all in just yet.

Confused on where to start? Maybe you are a long time vegetarian and just in a food rut? Or you kids won’t eat anything you make? Whatever the reason, no need to worry, here are seven perfectly scrumptious recipes your whole family will love.

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