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We are a team of fun loving, web combing, baby wearing moms and dads who saw a need for a website where we could share all the useful tips we come across daily. Modern mothers need one place where they can learn how to raise a baby, cook a meal, build a fire, save some money and then spend it, and do it all while looking perfect and being green.Ok, who are we kidding? It would be impossible, but we still try.Daily Mom will bring to you everything that can be of use to any mom and mom-to-be. We are here to educate, laugh with you, and make your lives easier (or harder depending on how many crafts you decide to do).

Add Character to Your Child’s Space with 3 Sprouts

Add Character to Spaces with 3 Sprouts

In the sea of juvenile products, it is easy to get lost or get what’s convenient while sacrificing looks, quality and often price. However with just some minor research and patience, one can find solutions that are unique, beautiful and affordable. Luckily, you have us, Daily Moms, to do the job for you!

We would like to introduce you to 3 Sprouts, a company that makes being someone’s mother/organizer/cleaner-upper/chauffeur just a little more fun.

3 Sprouts carries a line of unique, well designed and modern storage and child care solutions that can be personalized to everyone’s home, child’s personality and preference.

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How to Take Me Time on Mother’s Day

Taking Me Time on Mothers Day

With Mother’s Day coming up, husbands all over the United States are scrambling for ideas and asking their wives what they would like for their special day. The art of pleasing a woman is difficult. Gifting doesn’t come easily to men, in general. You could always refer them to a Mother’s Day Gift Guide, like the one our editors put together this year, or….

Or you can get selfish. For once in your motherhood career, you can say “I deserve this!

And by this ,we mean the one thing no mother ever gets enough of – ME TIME! Time to relax and recharge, time to get away, recenter or to just have fun.

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After Christmas Sales – Our Favorite Decor Items

christmas sales

Everyone knows that after Christmas sales is the best time to stock up on Holiday decorations for the next year. We went over Christmas sale offers from our favorite stores and would like to present you with the most beautiful, unique and affordable finds for Christmas Decor,  all up to 50% OFF!

Rather than filling your house with popular store decorations next year, we love the idea of slowly building a heirloom Christmas “stash,” buying a quality piece or two every year, shopping sales and creating a true quality Christmas in your home. We hope that these items, all of which are of the highest quality and on hugely on sale, will help you achieve that perfect Holiday feel. We’re featuring items from every style and design imaginable, so that everyone can score the perfect Christmas find.

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Best Holiday Cards Round Up


An American tradition of sending photo cards for holidays each year is one we all treasure and enjoy!

What is a better way to showcase your most beautiful photos and loved family members while staying in touch with your relatives and friends than designing a beautiful card to be displayed on their mantel? With so many options for printing your cards from local stores to multiple online printing services, it’s easy to get lost. How do you know if the card is going to look good, the paper is thick enough, or if the printing is of good quality? Normally, you can’t until you order it. Most standard printing services, like local big box stores or mass production online services underwhelm with their final product.

Daily Mom decided to bring to you six card printing companies that offer amazing designs, affordable prices, plenty of options and great print quality! Read on!

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Natural Skincare by Cecilia Wong


One of the hardest things on a mission to use cleaner, greener, healthier skin products is finding products that actually work.

It’s work in progress for us at Daily Mom as we learn more and more about what’s good and what works. Our recent surprising discovery has been a Holistic Skin Care line by Cecilia Wong, 100% natural, non toxic and cruelty free.

What makes Cecilia Wong skin care so different from more mainstream natural brands is that its products have the feel of very expensive hi-tech creams but use only all natural ingredients, herbs and botanicals.

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Day 4: Svan High Chair Giveaway

 Day 4 in the 50 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS

Today’s giveaway

Svan Signet high chair.


Svan is known for creating the high chair that grows with your child. The Svan Signet high chair is environmentally friendly and easily integrated into any home decor. If you are looking for a chair with a high standard of safety that is also easy to clean you will want this chair for your family. Be sure to check out their products on their website, and follow their Facebook and Twitter for updates. And of course, enter to win it below.

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Day 3: Chic Canvas Giveaway

 Day 3 in the 50 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS

Today’s giveaway

a $50 gift card from Chic Canvas.


ChicCanvas is your one stop shop for your photo needs. They offer everything from acrylic blocks, to ready-to-hang framed art prints, to custom canvas wall hangings and even aluminum wall prints!  The images are produced in 5-7 business days, and shipped immediately after, making turn-around-time very impressive. Be sure to check out their products on their website, and follow their Facebook and Twitter for updates. And of course, enter to win it.

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Day 2: Evenflo Baby Gate Giveaway

Day 2 in the 50 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS!

Today’s giveaway

an Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate.

When comparing gates to put in your home you may think the only thing to take into consideration is correct length. However, not all gates are the same. Some are hard to install, some are hard to look at, and most importantly, most are hard to use. Evenflo solved all of those problems. A baby gate is going to become a staple in your life for the next few years, make sure you have the right one.  Be sure to check out their products on their website, and follow their Facebook and Twitter for updates. And of course, enter to win it below.

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Day 1: $125 Fertility Set from Fairhaven Health

We are proud to present to you, our first giveaway in the 50 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS!

This one is for all of you, TTCing folk!

If you’re currently trying to conceive or are planning to in the future, this giveaway is a MUST!

Today’s giveaway is

A Fertility Set by Fairhaven Health.

The set is valued at $125 and contains:

  • FertilAid for Women
  • FertilAid for Men
  • FertileCM
  • Bend, Breathe & Conceive Fertility Yoga DVD
  • Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope


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