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Erika lives in Colorado with her husband, two thoughtful, energetic boys, one adventurous baby girl, two dogs, and a Siamese cat. Her passions are her faith, family, photography, birth, breastfeeding, and fitness. In addition to mommy, she’s a lifestyle photographer. You can see more of her images on her website – Erika Zane Photography. She’s also frequently caught Instagraming and Pinning.

Car Seat Guide: Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro


Once your child reaches that milestone of at least four years old and 40 lbs, it’s often necessary to start thinking about booster seats, depending on the weight limits of your car seat. We all want to protect our children for as long as possible and often the idea of moving them to a booster is overwhelming and scary. With all the protection car seats offer, we want to feel our child is getting that same level of protection once they’re old enough for a seat belt. 

Kiddy’s CruiserFix Pro is designed for children that are at least 4 years old and up to 12 years of age. We love it for so many reasons, but we adore that it’s such a sturdy booster that looks and feels like a full car seat. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible high back booster.

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