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Jessica is a holistic health counselor and work from home mom living in the middle of nowhere USA with her sweet little boy! She suffers from a serious case of compulsive globe-trotting and is always counting the days until her next move or adventure. You can often find her trying to get in her exercise in by lunging through the park while chasing after her very energetic little boy! She is constantly fueled and energized by her love for healthy eating and occasionally copious amounts of caffeine.

Treating Childhood Fevers Naturally

For many parents discovering that their child has a fever prompts a call to the doctor and immediate action to lower the fever as quickly as possible, often using over the counter fever reducing medication. However, is your child’s fever really a cause for concern? Is lowering it the best choice? A fever is your body’s natural response to infection or illness and, believe it or not, it is actually your child’s friend. A fever is a sign that the body’s immune system is working at its best. Depending on the circumstances, lowering the fever could not only be unnecessary, it can hamper your child’s recovery process and prolong their illness.

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Breastfeeding: Through The Eyes Of Fathers

Throughout the month, we have brought you many amazing stories about the triumphs and tribulations of breastfeeding. You have seen inside the very heart and soul of the breastfeeding journeys of some of the Daily Mom writers, as well as many of our inspirational readers. Obviously, you know where we stand on breastfeeding. It is an amazing and nourishing gift that we Mothers are able to provide for our children. However, it isn’t always easy.   Today, we share with you the other huge part of the breastfeeding equation: Fathers.  They can play such a pivotal role in breastfeeding. Just as a mother does, they experience the fear, excitement and stress all in their own way. Check out what some of our own “Daily Dads” had to say about their take on this amazing journey. Get a good laugh and some awesome tips for helping Dad cope with this adjustment!

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Supporting Your Nursing Partner: A Guide

Breastfeeding may be a natural function of the female body, but it is not easy. It takes time, practice, and sincere dedication to really get the hang of it. As the partner (or even friend/family member) of a nursing mother, the importance of the emotional support that you offer during this time could never be overstated. It is your job to be the cheerleader. If you offer encouragement and appreciation, Mom will be more likely to hang in there through the rough parts. She’ll remember you were there for her when she needed you.

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The Thought of Breastfeeding Made Me Sick to My Stomach


I can distinctly remember the moment I found out I was pregnant. I can also vividly remember the five minutes that followed, as if it were just yesterday. My pregnancy with my son was an unexpected, as well as wonderful surprise. Being a type-a individual, I tend to think everything through and plan out every last detail. I would describe myself as someone who leads a fairly “crunchy” or all natural lifestyle. I am a Holistic Health Coach who tries to be very conscious of eating clean and reducing my exposure to toxins and chemicals. On a regular basis, I coach other people on how to eat and live in a way that lets your body function at its happiest and healthiest state possible. So naturally, I should have been thrilled at the thought of providing my unborn child with breast milk. As it is the “perfect” and “all natural” food designed specifically for their little body.

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Milk Options & Alternatives Beyond Babyhood

A huge part of transitioning your child from an infant to a toddler diet is changing their source of milk. In our society many people are surprised to find out that a healthy child doesn’t actually need milk (gasp!). There are many children, and adults alike whose bodies are actually unable to process the lactose in milk as well as many who have chosen a dietary lifestyle that milk doesn’t fit into. When it comes time to transition your child from breast milk or formula there is actually a plethora of options, all with pros and cons. Read on to educate yourself about milk and all of the milk alternatives to help decide what route best suits the needs of your family.

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5 Tips For Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits Early

Most parents have one common question and a common goal when it comes to feeding their children, “How can I raise my child to be a healthy eater?” While some children may seem like they were naturally born to be healthy eaters others may seem to hate every food you put on their plate. Before you throw in the nutritional towel (or give them sweets just to see them eat) read on for 5 tips to encourage your child to grow into a healthy eater! The great news is that it is NEVER too early to encourage healthy eating habits and the better news is that it is NEVER too late to start implementing these practices. Always remember that healthy eating starts at home!

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