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Katie Gutmann

Katie lives in Florida. She is a full time accountant after graduating college with two degrees. She loves spending her evenings playing beach volleyball or hanging out with friends. Weekends are always full of adventure for this girl by spending all her time in and around the water. She is with her college sweetheart, who she intends on marrying him and have kids in the next few years. She believes in God, Jesus, and a good positive heart are what takes you through life. She lives by “riding the waves of life.”

The Health Benefits of Giving Yourself a Pedicure

Most people neglect their feet or rely on getting pedicures to clean them up. Some may not look up close at their feet for months. Did you know that this is one of the most common places for potential skin cancer spots to appear and that infections grow the fastest on cuts on your feet? Keep reading to find what to look for and ways to prevent possible heath issues.

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