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Kirsten is a military wife by day, an artist by night, and an around-the-clock-mommy to her (almost) two year old daughter and a son due in the Fall. She loves to travel and is always dreaming of her next adventure. Her interests include everything from extreme sports like skydiving and rock climbing to languages and studying philosophy. As a Californian now living in South Dakota, there is no taking that golden sunshine out of this California Girl.

30 Dos and Don’ts of Traveling Abroad with Children

Summer has found our writers at DailyMom traveling to various parts of the globe. Though air travel in general is not foreign to us, traveling overseas with children was a new experience and we wanted to share what we learned. So, if you are considering traveling abroad, or have already bought tickets, we hope this list is able to help you–with everything from deciding what to pack, to what to expect, regardless of your destination. 

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Pen Pals: Get Your Kids Writing

Pen Pals

If you ever had a pen pal as a child, you might remember the excitement of seeing a letter with your name written on it.  Even if you never had a pen pal, just think of how fun it was to receive a piece of mail that was addressed to you during the holidays or for your birthday.  Surely it made you feel special to know someone far away was thinking of you and it might have even inspired you to write a letter in return.  Writing letters is not only a way to show someone you are thinking of them, it is also educational and instills a little thoughtful discipline, too.  All in all, the practice of letter writing reinforces good manners, friendships, and develops your child’s character in a positive way.

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10 Tips for Raising a Bilingual Child

10  Tips for Raising a Bilingual Child

The choice of raising your child bilingual can be intriguing, but daunting, for many reasons.  You may have read of the lifelong benefits of learning more than one language.  Maybe you are anxious to begin, yet, you also feel apprehensive about teaching a language yourself. Perhaps you favor one language over the other a little too much, or you may be concerned because both (or neither!) parents are bilingual. Even if both parents are multilingual, but in differing languages, you may wonder how many languages to teach and how much to involve each language in everyday life. Will your child be able to ‘sort’ the languages out in her head?  Is it really worth it to go though all the extra effort?  

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DIY Watercolor Note Cards

DIY Watercolor Notecards

Have you ever searched for a greeting card at the store and none of them expressed your exact sentiments?  Did you ever pick a pretty card but find that it was difficult to choose your words for the message you wished to convey?  Sometimes actions, alone, speak volumes and what you do says just as much as what you write.  

Making your own greeting cards is a perfect way to add extra meaning to the words you write, or to help fill in the blanks during those situations when the right words are just difficult to find.  

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Can Handwriting Lead to Better Grades?

Nowadays, the majority of our communication is made of simple text messages, e-mails, quick calls over the phone, videos, or maybe a shout through social media. We are constantly checking our phones or logging online for the next text or email. Yet, rewind to our grandparents’ generation, and things were much different. Long distance phone calls were expensive, and so, letters were the most prevalent form of communication. Everyone wrote because that was the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep in touch.  Think of the countless letters sent during the First and Second World Wars. Hearts and lives literally remained entwined across oceans by the written word–and it was handwriting that made all of this possible.

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Stroller Guide: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra

Baby Trend Pin1

If your family is growing, you are probably shopping around for items to help make that growth transition easier. Double strollers, in particular, can help meet the needs of your family by maximizing space. However, finding the right double stroller can be difficult because of the many options.  You will want to be able to make good use it right away for the present needs of your family, as well as suit future needs, too. In essence, you need a double stroller that will grow with your children. The Sit N Stand Ultra by Baby Trend has the capacity to meet all of those needs with its unique versatility

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DIY All-Natural Bath Paints

Painting is a very fun indoor activity. The mess, however, is not so much fun–especially when children channel their inner Jackson Pollock and begin flipping paint. Then, what begins as a fun activity, quickly turns into an afternoon of cleaning. Wouldn’t it be great to preserve the fun while preventing the mess?  

The answer: bath tub paints. Bath tub paints are a fun and natural way to enjoy painting to its fullest. Meanwhile, the mess is much more easily managed, contained, and can be easily rinsed away. The best part about this paint is that it only takes three ingredients to make!

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Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)–commonly called cowslip, king’s cure-all, night willow-herb, and sun drop–is a wonderful plant, not only for its beautiful flower, but also for a special oil that can be made from it.  This oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant, and it has a wide range of amazing benefits and usefulness, the secrets of which have been passed down over many centuries.  For example, primrose oil is used in both midwifery, as well as therapeutically, such as a neuropathic remedy. Its use is becoming more popular as its value is being rediscovered.

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Easy Snow Ice Cream: Two Ways!

snow ice cream

When life gives you snow, make ice cream! This cool treat will turn a snow day into a very sweet memory.  It tastes delicious and only takes about 5 minutes to make. There’s no need for an ice cream maker, blender or food processor, heavy cream, or refined sugar.  This ice cream has a soft-serve consistency that will make you and your kids want to peek out your window and wish for more snow.  

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Spring Hairstyles for Little Girls

Spring Hairstyles for Little Girls

Having a little girl is so much fun, and part of that is seeing her turn into a little lady.  When your little girl begins to have choices when it comes to wearing her hair, it may be difficult as a mom to choose that perfect hairstyle that fits all of her activities. Here are a few simple Spring hairstyles that can be used on all types of hair–thick or thin, long or short (just under the ears)–and we think all of these styles look very sweet.  

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Homemade Personal Pizzas

homemade personal pizzas

Are you searching for something to make for dinner that is fun and unique? Maybe you have a pizza night each week and just can’t agree on toppings that everyone is happy with?  Personal pizzas are fun to make and easier than you might imagine–not to mention, delicious! These pizzas have a delicious thin crust that will have you reminiscing of the famous personal pizzas from your favorite pizzeria in Florence.   

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10 Books for Springtime

10 Books For Spring

Spring is a such a fun time to explore the world with a renewed sense of wonder–there are blooming plants, changing colors, and new life is around every corner.  To help your child explore this theme, we’re sharing some books that they are sure to enjoy.  Get ready to explore together, while also developing his or her love of reading, too. We hope you enjoy these titles as much as we do! 

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Mommy & Me Teddy Bear Tea

There is something about going to tea that inspires elegant manners, good conversation, and an experience as delicious and sweet as the treats served. Springtime is the perfect excuse to have a beautiful tea party themed for the season. Invite over some of your mommy friends with their children and have them bring their child’s favorite doll or stuffed animal for a sweet “teddy tea” that all of your guests will enjoy. 

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