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Kristen lives in Alabama with her handsome hubby and sweet son along with their cat who thinks he's a dog and pug who acts like a cat. Happily, she left behind the life of a Washington DC attorney to be a stay at home mama in the south. While her loves include music, writing and baking, thanks to her toddler she now knows more about trucks and construction equipment than she ever thought she would know.

Mindful Fitness in 30 Minutes

With all the ever changing trends in exercise, it can be daunting to find a new fitness method for you, especially if you haven’t been exercising regularly in a long time. It can be intimidating to start from scratch when you want to transition to a more active and healthy lifestyle. You don’t want to pick something too intense. That can set you up for failure. You are also at risk of calling it quits if your workout is too easy or boring. You might have an exercise routine and feel like it is lacking something. If you are looking for a fitness routine that is just right, check out the new ZenFitness30 Method from Vionic Shoes!

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Abnormal Pap! Now What?

Every year you dread it, that annual visit to the gynecologist. Just saying “gynecologist” bugs you and makes you cringe a little. You sit in a small room, naked except for a too big gown, waiting for your doctor to come check you from top to bottom, literally. No one likes it and some women actually fear it. What’s the point? What does a pap test check for and what happens if you get an abnormal result? Let’s examine your yearly exam and talk about what happens when you have an abnormal pap.

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Fun With Fire Trucks

Is your little one making siren sounds in his sleep? Fire trucks and firefighters are fascinating for so many toddlers and children. It must be a combination of the bright red, the flashing lights, and the awesome gear that gets kids so excited. We think this obsession with fire trucks and firefighters is wonderful to teach fire safety, team work and about caring for others and your community. There are so many more ways to have fun and learn with fire trucks than just pushing a toy truck around the living room. We’ve got lots of fun ideas to feed off your child’s excitement for fire rescue that will expand his imagination and teach him a lot of real and helpful information about firefighters too.

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The Right Stuff for Riding Lessons

Does your little girl want a pony? Does your son want to be a cowboy like Woody from Toy Story? You are not alone. As parents we love to encourage our children to pursue their interests and we love making their dreams come true. Riding or owning a horse is a dream for many. Riding horses has some incredible benefits, but those benefits come with some big costs and commitments. Before jumping into the world of horses, be sure you have the right stuff to make this new adventure a success.

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Home Decorator Gift Guide

If you have someone on your gift list this year who has a passion for home decor, you may be inclined to shy away from purchasing a gift for the home for fear of choosing something he or she won’t love. We think the best and most thoughtful gifts are the ones you choose because of someone’s personal interests. Don’t go generic! Step out of the boring gift box this year and give the DIY decorator in your life an amazing gift for the home that will show that you appreciate the love and care they put into their home.

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Why Your Kids Need to Play in the Cold

As fall is coming to a close, the days are growing shorter and the temperature outside is falling along with the leaves. Cooler days don’t mean you need to stay inside. In fact, playing in the cold is actually beneficial to your family. We think you need to get your kids to the playground as often as possible. Here are three great reasons to get out in the cold and tips to keep your kiddos safe and comfortable.

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Great Gifts for Traveling Families

Traveling, whether solo or with family, brings with it memories and wonderful life experiences but it also brings some challenges. This holiday season, consider giving a gift to help your favorite wanderer go on his or her next adventure with ease. Things that are normally a cinch at home can be a little more difficult on the road, so we have put together some amazing products as an answer to those difficulties. Encourage your loved one to go out and explore the world with a great gift!

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Great Gifts for Athletes

It is no secret that we are excited about fitness and athletics here at Daily Mom. We’ve all been benefiting from our Get Fit Initiative and we hope you have as well. With that passion in mind, this gift guide is packed full of the best gifts for athletes. Whether you have a seasoned, hard core athlete in your life or a mom who just joined the YMCA to start getting in shape, these gift ideas are perfect. In fact, a gift to help with fitness is really timely at the holidays with so many people making it their New Year’s resolution to get in shape!

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Getting Your Kids in the Giving Spirit

The holidays are upon us. We are all busy decorating, shopping, baking, celebrating and visiting family. Reminders of Santa and his elves are all around and your kids are probably getting excited about a visit from the man in red and making their lists. However, we want our kids to focus on more than just receiving. Giving truly is more rewarding and it can be the focus of your holiday season for you and your kids. Here are 4 tips to help you get your kids in the giving spirit.

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Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Stockings are often overlooked and end up being stuffed with candy and a toothbrush. However, you don’t have to stuff your stockings with stuff you grabbed at the last minute at the pharmacy. Take the small size of stocking gifts as a fun challenge and find little treasures that will be useful and loved at the same time. You can make opening up stockings at your house just as fun as opening big presents with a little creativity. Check out these fun ideas!

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Gifts For Toddlers

Toddlers are the perfect mix of sugary sweetness and total insanity. They give us something to live for and exhaust us to the bone at the exact same time. Toddlers are also very fun to shop for during the holidays. Their clothing choices are the cutest and they really love to get new toys. Toddlers aren’t asking for laptops or smart phones. They just want to play all day. Don’t give the average, superstore type gift. Here are some incredible ideas for any toddler on your list this year that will fire up their imaginations and keep the sweet and insane fun going.

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Great Gifts for Dads

Good dads are a perfect mix of silly fun and hard work. Honor the silly, hard working man in your life with the perfect present for the holidays. Dads, like moms, are not very good at taking care of themselves. The gifts we’ve put together for our favorite dads will pamper them and let them know how loved they are all year round. And just like dads, there is a good mix of silly and fun presents or more serious gifts here for you to choose from. If you can’t pick, get your dad one of each type. You know he loves to play as hard as he works so give him both this year!

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Reading Nonfiction with Your Toddler

On your next trip to the library, don’t just stop at the picture book aisles, wander on over to the nonfiction for kids or juvenile nonfiction. Nonfiction reading for kids does not have to be boring. In fact, we’ve found that toddlers love it! Their little brains are sponges just waiting to absorb all the information about the world that they can. Fill that brain with more than just stories. Fill it with knowledge. It is never too early to start a love for learning and a desire to obtain new information. As you will see, the benefits of nonfiction reading are priceless and there are some simple and fun ways you can encourage this type of reading in your toddler.

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Man Up for Movember

Ladies, are you wondering why your man has developed a scratchy face or a silly mustahce? Men, are you looking for a good reason to stop shaving or get that beard going to keep your face warm this winter? Fear not! Movember is here! What is Movember you ask? Movember is a men’s health awareness movement that takes place in November and yes, it involves facial hair and lots of it.

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5 Ways to Make Veterans Day Count for Kids

Every year on November 11th, the United States celebrates Veterans Day. Yes, schools are closed and the government is closed as well. What if you and your kids made that day really meaningful? It doesn’t just have to be a day for running extra errands. It could be a fun day where you can all learn a little about the heroes who served our country and celebrate those amazing men and women together. Here are 5 ideas to help you make Veterans Day count for kids.

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