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Kristin Depaula

Kristin is a native Floridian who loves warm weather and sunshine but owns too many scarves and boots. She lives at the World's Most Famous Beach with her husband, 3 boys and enough animals both warm and cold blooded to make up a zoo. She is a practicing attorney who spends her days working with at-risk and delinquent youth and her nights being a Montessori Mama to her independent, strong willed little humans. On the weekends you can find her at soccer games, chasing her boys at the Beach or cooking for her husband who suffers from Crohn's disease but is healing with a healthy diet. In her free time, Kristin loves reading and laying by the pool.

Please Stop Stereotyping My Sons

From the minute my oldest son was born, the threats began…veiled and in a joking manner mind you, but offensive nonetheless. Friends of ours, fathers with baby girls, were so quick to “joke” about how we better keep our son away from their daughters. As time went on and we had 2 more boys, the comments were always the same, made in jest but not the least bit amusing to the parent of all boys. As a woman, a mother to 3 boys and a sister to 4 grown men, I honestly have to say I am frequently offended and disheartened by the way we treat young boys in our society. My plea to other parents, teachers, and everyone else out there is to stop stereotyping my sons.

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Legalization of Medical Marijuana and Parenting

Medical Marijuana is a hot topic everywhere these days, from social media and college campuses to politics and doctors’ offices. Many states have legalized the medicinal use of Marijuana for certain illnesses, some have legalized it recreationally and others have just voted on this very issue. Controversy surrounds this topic as it would with any political hot button issue and the pendulum seems to swing both ways, with those for legalization and those in opposition never seeming to come to any sort of middle ground.

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Valentines Day Practical Guide

Unlike the multitude of extravagant and over-the-top gifts many of us receive during the Christmas season, Valentine’s Day gifts are meant to be more thoughtful and deliberate. This year rather than following the commercialized protocol of chocolate, hearts or flowers, give a gift that is practical, useful and considerate. Make the most out of your gift-giving, pay attention to detail and the result will be a gift that will be used rather than cast aside just days after the holiday. Here to help with some practical gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated this Valentine’s Day and beyond, we have something for all the loves in your life.

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5 Reasons Why Every New Mother Needs Maternity Photos

For some pregnancy is a magical time, for others not so much…but no matter which way you feel about your 9 months with child, documenting this momentous journey is something every woman should do. Whether 26 or 36 at the time of your pregnancy, this is a memorable time that will quickly pass you by. One day you will look back, trying to remember these moments and how the miracle of each hiccup and kick would literally take your breath away.  Growing a new life inside ourselves is an amazing thing and those of us lucky enough to experience this need to be thankful. Although the journey is not always easy and the nights oftentimes restless, there is truly something special about each and every pregnancy.

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Bath Tub Toys – Daily Kids Review Toys

Kids love bath time, especially when it is filled with bubbles, toys, and tons of fun! Make this nightly experience enjoyable and educational with bath toys that will incite the imagination, inspire creativity, and teach important skills. Babies, toddlers, and even older children will beg to take a bath until their fingers and toes are wrinkled and pruned just to play with these awesome toys loved by our own Daily Kids!

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Mentor: Make a Difference in the Life of a Child

As parents, we so often take for granted the difference that an adult role model or mentor really makes in the life of a child. For most of us, we are either raising our children together with our spouse under one roof or as part of a larger blended family. Many of us have extended family as well with aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins either down the street or just a phone call away. Unfortunately, for a large part of our society, this is not the case. Take a walk through the inner-city streets, the projects or even just the low-income neighborhoods present in every city and state, and look around. There you will see young children through young adults who are trying to make it in this world virtually all alone. Whether it is kids living in foster care, living with an elderly grandparent, or living with an overtired, overworked single mom, there are millions of children in need of some quality adult attention. An invaluable resource for these children is a mentor. If you or someone you know wants to make a difference in the life of a child or teen, consider becoming a volunteer mentor.

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Meccano Robot Toy Review: M.A.X. and MeccaSpider

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math has infiltrated our homes, becoming a huge part of our public school curriculum and introducing many of our children to concepts and practices that they never would have experienced at such an early age. These days, the majority of our children’s toys are well-advanced beyond anything we ever had to play with and our kids are excelling rapidly with many of the these new technologies.

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My Pledge to Peace & Positivity in the New Year

It has been a rough year, folks. Parents out there are likely all feeling the same way – we spend our days sheltering our children from the ugly truth about our society, our country and our world. We are constantly feeling the pressure of how much to allow our children in when it comes to current events:

  • What should they know?
  • At what age are they old enough to understand what’s going on?
  • Are we sheltering them too much or not enough?
  • How do we broach the tough subjects of war, violence, immigration or mass murders?
  • Do we explain racism, injustice and why people protest?

It seems that all the more frequently we are having to ask ourselves these questions as parents and making tough decisions. No matter where we turn there is something happening somewhere that seriously begs the notion of World Peace ever being a possibility. From airports to sports stadiums, these seemingly “adult” issues are literally becoming the face of our country each and every day.

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Parents as the Problem: Why We Need to Stop Over-Scheduling & Stressing Our Kids

Children learn through play. We see it, we hear it, we know it, yet as parents many of us seem to, at some point in our children’s early development, forget it. We no longer think they should have long, lazy days on a playground and rather expect them to sit at a desk. We do not encourage them to be active and creative, but rather to work at a desk and in front of a computer. We completely forget that there is no substitute for 3-D learning and hand our children an iPad claiming we don’t want them to fall behind so we must educate them with all the latest technology.

Our society seems to have come to a point where kids no longer get to just be kids. Between school and extracurricular activities, there is no time for simple existence, reflection, imagination and creative play. We aren’t building budding architects with wooden blocks, but rather with Auto-Cad and 3D printers for kids. While clearly there are some benefits to the new-fangled technology, our persistent state of overdrive with our children may also be causing mental, emotional and physical stress that is simply too much for their young bodies.

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Winter Clothing for Maternity & Breastfeeding with Seraphine

With the temperatures on the decline shoppers everywhere are scrambling for something warm to wear! For those of us who are pregnant or breastfeeding finding quality winter clothing that can accommodate your growing baby bump or allow easy nursing access for a new infant can be tough. Featuring a large selection of comfy, cozy sweaters and soft, high-quality construction, Seraphine designs stylish and versatile clothing for both pregnant and postpartum women. Grab your cup of tea, snuggle up on the couch and check out two of our favorite finds!

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Maternity & Breastfeeding Apparel from Annee Matthew 2017/2018

As the cooler temperatures roll in, expectant mothers everywhere start searching for cute, trendy and versatile pregnancy wear. These soon-to-be mamas want to show off their expanding bellies without breaking the bank and still being comfortable and carefree. For many mamas with babies due in the spring, staple pieces that will last well into their postpartum and breastfeeding journey are ideal. With work to weekend styles perfect for pairing with cute boots, classic heels or chic flats, Annee Matthew has these expectant and breastfeeding women covered through every season and stage of pregnancy and beyond. This company devoted to creating contemporary wear for the modern woman keeps quality high by selecting only the best materials meant to last for all the busy, multi-taking mamas out there. So sit back, relax, and kick up your feet while you check out this collection from Anne Matthew, guaranteed to please and give you guidance on your winter wardrobe selections.

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10 Decadent Paleo Christmas Treats to Share

As the holiday season approaches, one knows there will be sweets and treats everywhere you look…at work, at school, at parties, and even in your own kitchen as you plan and prepare teacher and co-worker gifts or treats to share at the annual Christmas Party. This year maintain your Paleo lifestyle with ease by selecting a few decadent treats that will leave your taste buds wanting more, without all the unhealthy additives, refined sugars and unhealthy fats. Here are just a few of our favorite treats that will comfort your craving for some holiday cheer:

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Tips on Holiday Gift Giving for the Less Fortunate and How to Include Your Kids

Eighteen years ago I began an annual Christmas tradition that to this day still means more to me than holiday decorations, cookie parties or Christmas carols. I chose a family, 3 girls all under the age of 5, to provide with Christmas gifts. Puffy pink jackets, purple shoes and dolls were just some of the fun and exciting girl presents I was able to purchase with my own hard earned money for the first time in my life.

These little girls with rhyming names never knew where these things came from, but for once in their young lives they were able to experience the magical moments of a Christmas morning with gifts under the tree.

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Gaylord Palms ICE! featuring Christmas Around the World

Whether you reside in Central Florida or are planning the perfect holiday getaway, Gaylord Palms ICE! featuring Christmas Around the World is the ideal Christmas experience this Season. As temperatures drop around the country, families pull out their boots, scarves and winter coats preparing for snowball fights and ice skating in the evening. Here in Florida however, we are still enjoying our warm weather and water activities, wearing flip flops and soaking up the sun!

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Teaching Your Children About December Holidays Different than Your Own

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, a great way to engage your children in something both educational and exciting is to teach them a bit about holidays different from your own. Raising my 3 boys while educating them in a very diverse school setting has opened my eyes and theirs to the melting pot of cultures, holidays and religions that truly is the United States.

Although the last year in American History has not been one of our country’s finest in terms of tolerance, acceptance, and understanding of other people and cultures, the holidays can be the ideal time to delve into some of these topics with your kids of any age.

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