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Lauren Lomsdale

Lauren is a full-time mom of three girls and a military spouse. She loves to write, run, yoga-it-out, and keep fit. She runs her own business for busy entrepreneurs to help them manage their business and create their brand at Lauren Lomsdale Creative Studios. She also is one half of the YouTube channel, The Dependas, where the craziness of military life is discussed in a funny way.

10 Edible Flowers (and Recipes You Can Try)

Spring is still a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming of warmer weather, flowers blooming, and iced anything instead of foods meant to keep us warm. One of the most unlikely places to get your boost of flavor and color when it comes to springtime meals is flowers. That’s right, those colorful things you have in your garden? Some of them you can eat. Maybe your two year old was on to something when he tried to scarf down that handful of dirt (just kidding, don’t do that). Below is a list of ten flowers you can actually eat, and delicious spring-time recipes to try. 

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The Importance of Play: Thwarting Gun Violence at a Young Age

*This article was completed just minutes before the news of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on February 14, 2018. It has been updated to include details about the shooter that coincide with the premise of this article.*

At the time this article is being written (February 2018), there have been eighteen school shootings. On eighteen different occasions, parents sent their children to school without a second thought. They packed lunches, made sure coats were zipped, and put them on the bus to a place where we are supposed to trust that our children will be safe and happy. Despite the lockdown drills that are now practiced for grades as young as kindergarten, no parent, no matter how old their child is, believes that their child’s school will be the one that experiences such a tragic and terrifying event such as a school shooting. It begs the question: Why are we seeing such an uptick in gun violence and mass shootings, especially at our schools?

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Daily Mom Military: Married to the Military

I don’t know any military spouse that went looking to become a military spouse. Every spouse I know, it just kind of…happened. We met our husband or wife and fell in love. For some of us, they were already in the military. For others, it was a decision made after the marriage certificate had been signed. But for all of us, it’s nothing at all what we expected. In fact, most days, it feels like we are married to two people: we are married to our spouse and we are married to the military.

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Giveaway: SpermCheck Male Fertility Kit

Infertility is difficult on any couple that experiences it. Most couples won’t know that they have a fertility issue until they start trying to get pregnant. Once you have made that momentous decision to grow your family, you want to be as prepared as possible. This includes having the most knowledge you can have at hand to ensure that both your and your partner’s bodies are ready for the next step. SpermCheck® Fertility can help you get there.

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20 Best Subscription Boxes for Valentine’s Day That You’ve Never Heard Of

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and that means time trying to find a gift that your loved one will love is quickly decreasing. Subscription boxes for Valentine’s Day are a great gift option. Nowadays, subscription boxes go beyond beauty. Now you can find boxes for things like cooking, fitness, whisky…even colorful socks. Your loved one will appreciate that you took the time to find something that suited their particular interest and that continues to surprise them month after month. Daily Mom took to the streets to find the best subscription boxes around for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day:

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Please Stop Telling Me I Need a Boy

“Oh, are you going to try for one more to get your boy?”

“I bet Daddy would like a little boy, right?”

“Your poor husband!”

“Your high school years are going to be rough.”

These are a few of the most frequent comments our family gets when people see us out in public. With three girls, we often get comments on how a boy is needed for our family to be complete. How my husband won’t be happy without a boy to teach how to throw a baseball or watch the Seahawks game with on Sundays. They give us their condolences for the fact that we haven’t had a boy, and then ask about our plans about expanding our family as if they plan on watching the show. Every time I get these comments I give a smile, all while gritting my teeth and squeezing my shopping cart a little harder. For the love of God, please stop telling me I need a boy.

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Giveaway: Personal Trainer Food

A new year means new beginnings for many of us. We start off with making resolutions that we vow to keep throughout the whole year. But shortly after the year begins, those resolutions tend to fall to the wayside because, well, life. One of the most common resolutions is to eat healthier or to lose weight. Personal Trainer Food can help make sure that this is the one resolution you do keep by offering delicious, healthy, easy to prep meals right to your door. And to help you get one step closer to reaching your goals, Daily Mom is giving away a 14-day Personal Trainer Food subscription to one lucky Daily Mom reader. 

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60 Days of Giving: WINNERS!

Thank you to everyone who entered and participated in our 60 Days of Giving this holiday season! Every day from October 20th to December 20th, Daily Mom brought to you a different product that we thought you would love as a way to say thank you for being a loyal Daily Mom reader. We had so much fun sharing some of our favorite things with you, and we hope you enjoyed learning about some great products as well as got some good holiday gift ideas for your friends and family. Below are the conditional winners of our 60 Days of Giving. Take a look and see if you’ve won!

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Family Meal Planning with HelloFresh

This post is sponsored by HelloFresh and contains affiliate links, but all opinions are that of Daily Mom.

The rush of the holidays are over, and your family is still recovering. You are still recovering. You might still have to take down all the holiday decorations. There is still a pile of wrapping paper in that corner over there. Your suitcases still need to be unpacked from your travels to see family. Your kids are in front of their new toys, eyes glued, and voices yelling at their siblings (it usually sounds something like “Stooppppp. Mooooom, he’s touching my new Lego set!”). The last thing on your mind right now is probably meal planning for this week. Heck, you don’t even know what you’re going to do for dinner tonight. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone help with this daunting task? Well, say hello to family meal planning with HelloFresh.

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Please Send Wrapped: Why Gift Wrapping Shouldn’t Be Optional

Online shopping has changed our lives. No longer do we have to shuffle to stores to go grocery shopping, grab toilet paper, or new clothes. Every thing we need (almost everything anyways) can be delivered right to our doors. As moms, this amazing technology is a gift in and of itself each and every Christmas. There is no more trying to shop with several children or trying to figure out how you’re going to shop for their gifts without them being there. You can send a list to friends and family who want to send gifts to your kids, making it easier than ever to get gifts for everyone. But, like with all things, online Christmas shopping comes with a price: unwrapped gifts.

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How to Get Siblings in on the Joy of Giving

Believe it or not, it’s almost Christmas. And as parents, we have the tough job of teaching our children about the gift of giving to others instead of just receiving. For young kids, the giving gifts to those around them can be a tough concept to grasp. After all, to them it is a lot more fun to receive the gifts. But if they have siblings, teaching them to give is something that is do-able and can be quite a bit of fun for everyone in the family. Below are some ideas on how to get siblings in on the joy of giving, cheap ideas to make it affordable, and ideas on how to get the whole family involved in giving back to the community.

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