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Lauren Lomsdale

Lauren is a full-time mom of three girls, who also happens to run her own in-home preschool. She loves to write, run, yoga-it-out, and keep fit. She’s kind of crunchy in her homeschooling, cloth diapering, and natural products sort of way, but she also loves Starbucks and trashy tv. For more about her internal judgments of herself and hilarious quips about motherhood, follow her on IG and Twitter @thescoopmama,, as well as her website theSCOOPmama.

Daily Mom’s Guide to Gifts Every Mom Would Enjoy

Moms. They all say the same thing every year, “Oh, you don’t have to get me anything!” But we all want to give them something special. Something they will truly enjoy. That’s why Daily Mom has come up with the gifts we know the mom in your life would like no matter their stage in life. Whether she’s a new mom, a seasoned mom, or a grandma, this guide will help you find the perfect gift for the one person in your life who would be happy with a drawing on a paper bag but who actually deserves the world. 

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TOP GIFTS of 2017- Gifts for a Mother Runner

Mother runners are a special breed. We live and breathe running. We hit the pavement several times a week, with (or without our children if we’re lucky) to rack up the miles. Even after a sleepless night we wake up before the sun to get in our training miles. We put the babies to bed and run on the treadmill. We stand with thousands of strangers at the crack of dawn in shivering cold weather or sweltering heat just to get a medal at the end. This holiday season, Daily Mom has found the best gifts for the moms who are the epitome of a mother runner. The one who raises babies and runs so many miles that it puts your car to shame. The one who has blisters and sore legs but still trudges up the steps to comfort a crying little one. She is strong. She is fierce. She is a runner. 

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Practical Baby Gifts from Andy Pandy for the Eco-Conscious Parent

The holiday season is full of gift giving, and nothing makes this time of year more fun than watching children opening their gifts. But sometimes parents can appreciate gifts that are more practical, especially if they have a new baby in their house. Things like diapers, baby wash, and shampoo are great gifts for a new baby who isn’t too interested in ripping open gifts quite yet. And if the new (or new-again) parents love eco-conscious, sustainable, and safe baby products, a gift set from Andy Pandy is a great option. 

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