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Lauren Lomsdale

Lauren is a full-time mom of three girls and a military spouse. She loves to write, run, yoga-it-out, and keep fit. She runs her own business for busy entrepreneurs to help them manage their business and create their brand at Lauren Lomsdale Creative Studios. She also is one half of the YouTube channel, The Dependas, where the craziness of military life is discussed in a funny way.

Practical Baby Gifts from Andy Pandy for the Eco-Conscious Parent

The holiday season is full of gift giving, and nothing makes this time of year more fun than watching children opening their gifts. But sometimes parents can appreciate gifts that are more practical, especially if they have a new baby in their house. Things like diapers, baby wash, and shampoo are great gifts for a new baby who isn’t too interested in ripping open gifts quite yet. And if the new (or new-again) parents love eco-conscious, sustainable, and safe baby products, a gift set from Andy Pandy is a great option. 

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Fall Styles Lookbook with Aventura Clothing

With mild temperatures all over the country this fall, we have barely had time to pull out our favorite comfy scarves and chunky sweaters. But that just gives us more time to pull together some of the best Fall styles of the season. And nothing gives us the warm fuzzies like a company that does good while providing styles we love. Aventura Clothing is a company committed to providing eco-conscious and environmentally sustainable clothing while also giving back to the community (they donate clothing to victims of domestic violence as a part of an organization called Uncommon Threads and provide meals for those in need through ECoths). So grab your warm mug of spiked apple cider because this Fall lookbook with Aventura Clothing is something you will love and feel good about purchasing. 

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The Ketogenic Diet Plan and Marathon Training

Most distance runners are taught that carbs are an essential part of a training plan. They fuel your energy levels and give you long-burning sustainment while you’re running for hours. But new health trend called the ketogenic diet plan has taken the fitness world by storm, and the runner/health nut in me became curious. The ketogenic diet plan prescribes to a low carb, high healthy fat diet where as much as 70% of your daily intake is made up of fats. Although my runner mentality had me thinking that I needed to carb-load before all my long runs, I couldn’t ignore the anecdotal evidence presented by those who have done – and stuck to – the ketogenic diet plan. People were describing less bloat, higher energy levels, better sleep, and clearer minds. So I decided to put all my traditional thoughts on food to the side to try the ketogenic diet plan aside and to see how it fared during my training season.

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