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Megan lives in Michigan with her husband, daughter, and son. Her days are spent hanging out and doing family projects on her real-life farm, and spending time on the Great Lakes. She loves swimming, celebrity gossip, University of Michigan and Denver Broncos football, trashy reality TV, and writing. In addition to being a Mommy and self-proclaimed urban-farmer, she owns a photography business located in Southeast Michigan, Memoirs Photography.

5 Reasons to Ditch Your Cheap Shampoo and Conditioner

5 reasons to ditch your cheap shampoo and conditioner

Taking a stroll down your local grocery store’s shampoo aisle can be very intimidating. Between specialized formulas for hair types, chemically treated, or even curly hair, well, needless to say, there isn’t a shortage when it comes to shampoo and conditioner being accessible to everyone and their mom’s hair type. But, whether you’re shopping in a drug store, health store, or even your beauty salon, you need to arm yourself with knowledge to combat the toxic chemicals or irritants that lurk inside even the most popular brands of shampoo and conditioner!

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Five-Star Family Fun at The Broadmoor

Luxurious Family Fun at The Broadmoor

Nestled into the Rocky Mountains is a luxurious Colorado secret that has been around for decades. The Broadmoor is an experience in itself that you’ll thank yourself for doing, especially with your kids in tow. While the idea of leaving your young kids behind may sound appealing, we’re here to assure you that 5 star resort luxury should be an activity for the entire family! Read on to learn about The (amazing!) Broadmoor.

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Colorful & Funky Girl’s Clothing from Jelly The Pug

colorful and funky girls clothing from jelly the pug

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of colorful, and funky clothing for your child, Jelly the Pug will quickly become an all-time favorite brand for both you, and your daughter. The classic styles are mixed up and reborn with trend-setting patterns and coordinating bright colors, and your little lady will look especially precious wearing any of the dresses or playwears that Jelly the Pug exceeds at producing.

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Road Tripping in Style with Toyota and Diono

road tripping in style with toyota and diono

Setting off on a road trip with a family can be totally daunting between having to stop to nurse your babies, or give your preschooler 45 potty breaks. However, there are many things available on the market today that can help you along your journey. We recently had the opportunity to test drive some posh new vehicles from Toyota along with some carseats and accessories from Diono, and are excited to report our findings to you.

We can’t guarantee a stress-less trip, however, we can give you some solutions for safety and convenience items that will ease your mind and help you focus more on the road ahead.

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A Healthy Me: The Journey Starts Today

A Healthy Me The Journey Starts Today

My name is Megan. I’m about to turn 31 years old, and I feel like I am the walking epitome of the word tired. Being a mother to a three year old daughter and an 14 month old son with, shall we say, “less than stellar sleeping habits” typically lends itself to being exhausted. But that’s not what I’m talking about right now. I’m tired of making excuses. I’m sick and tired of being overweight. Not just overweight, obese. That’s what the doctors call it, and I’m done making excuses and sugar coating things. 

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Editors’ View: Favorite Travel Products

We recently showed you the Insider’s Look at the ABC Expo, where you learned that two of our editors traveled to Las Vegas to attend the ABC Kids Expo. We scouted out the best of the best products to feature on Daily Mom in the future, and are so excited to share those items with you. During our traveling adventures, we got to test out, first hand, many items that ease the burden of traveling for you and the kids, and make the process more fun.  These are our hand picked, favorite, time tested travel products that really made our lives easier and our kids happier.

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An insider’s look at the ABC Expo

An insiders look at the ABC Expo

In September, two of our editors spent four jam-packed days in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the ABC Expo looking for the latest and greatest products to feature on Daily Mom. This is their story in photos of what it looks like from the inside.

If you’re itching to know what goes on in the life of media attending the ABC Expo, we’re here with the insider’s scoop. What better way to show you what it looks like than through photos? We walked, admired, met, and conquered the crap out of the expo and Las Vegas, and are anxiously awaiting our return again next year. This is the story of our life at ABC.

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First Foods You SHOULD Be Feeding Your Baby

5 First foods you SHOULD be feeding your baby

There is so much recent controversy regarding what and when you should feed your baby their first “solid” foods. While the choice is very individual based on the baby, their cues, and your feelings, it cannot be denied that a baby was not meant to survive on rice cereal alone. We’re here today to bring you 3 recipes featuring first foods for babies that aren’t rice, that you can mix into their early diet- and are packed with good vitamins to start them out on the path of healthy eating from the get-go.

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Hipster Fashion for Baby Boys

Hipster Fashion for Baby Boys

Do you loathe shopping for your son in traditional stores because you simply don’t like him wearing various trucks, or other generic “boy” things plastered all over his clothing? These days, moms are shucking the traditional OshKosh overalls and opting for a different, more “hipster,” look for their boys. Read on to learn about our favorite small businesses for hipster apparel.

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Summer Fun Must-Haves

Summer Fun  Must Haves 2

It’s summertime and parents are racking their brains for new ways to make the outdoors even more exciting.  Keeping kids’ imagination alive even when you set them free in the outdoors is important.  Kids want to be in the outdoors soaking up the sun, while parents want to keep them cool and safe. Outdoor play centers and interactive toys make a great addition to any yard and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites to keep your kids having fun summer after summer.

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