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Noel Bressler

Noel is a coffee addicted, shoe obsessed lifestyle blogger without a penchant for anything truly “domestic”–but her husband, Travis, and daughter, Raegan, seem to love her nonetheless. You can delve further into her messy life skills which include all things fashion, encouragement, Jesus loving, and mindset conquering at or follow her on Facebook @thirddayhair!

Why Selfish Moms are Great Moms

Remember when you used to fly? You know, back before you had a bunch of little ones clinging to your leg and transporting your family via continental air wouldn’t have meant selling one of them in order to afford the costs? Your flight attendants gave you very sound advice; good advice in the event of an emergency on the plane, but really, good advice in general. They always told you “put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others.”  

Sound advice right? However, “how to be a mom” classes, “good parenting” magazines, and “what to expect” types of books typically advise us to tend to our babies before ourselves. No one ever informs us that being a selfish mom is the best way to be a great mom.

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