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Tovah traveled the globe before settling in North Carolina with her hockey-loving teenage son, Kung Fu-practicing ‘tween daughter, and Thomas-the-Train-toting toddler. Along with being a loving mother and daughter, Tovah works as an executive assistant. You can find her passionately working with and teaching young women and their mothers on a variety of topics pertaining to character, beauty, and charm. You can also follow Tovah at the Curtsygirls Facebook Page,  Twitter, or Instagram.

Flipping the Script: Devastating Divorce to Peaceful Partnering

Devastation. Wreckage. Anger. Strife. Resentment. Battle.

This is the standard course for lots of divorces. Worse, when children are stuck in it, they get war torn, emotionally batted around, and traumatized. Couples typically do not separate and saw their vows in half without a pretty painful reason. Are you tired of the fight? Sick of the anxiety and back-and-forth? Flipping the script may be as easy as assessing yourself and making different choices about how you relate, in a conscious decision to partner with your ex-spouse.

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Summer Sides: One Basic Salad, 4 Variations!

Israeli Salad, a basic summer salad, and a favorite of international falafel-stands makes a perfect summer side or breezy dinner salad. With lemon juice to brighten, a rainbow of peppers to delight the eye, and chopped mint to cool the palette, this salad is a sure crowd pleaser. It makes a great side for grilled meats or falafel, and an easy all-in-one picnic salad with the addition of garbanzo beans for protein. This simple salad base also serves as a perfect variable side – just add a different dressing! Read on for how to make the salad that will save your summer meals.

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Makeup Bag Must-Haves: The Basics

Makeup Bag Must Haves- The Basics

Whether you are pruning your makeup collection or building from the basics up, having and maintaining a go-to makeup bag simplifies life and helps insure those few moments of self-care and pampering. Caring for your skin and applying makeup is not something to impress others; it is something meant to be a precious few moments to appreciate your beauty, and care for it, then enhance it. Here are a few tried and true products that will be great residents of your basic toiletry kit.

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What We Don’t Know: Social Media and Teens

Technology is a tricky thing; we need it but there are exponential harms if misused. Like every other tool, social media can be a valuable tool to bond and communicate with others or can be used as a weapon to bully, stalk, or harm your child. Even the most unintentional slip-ups can have long lasting, and very painful, public consequences. Read on for tips to keep your kids safe when using social media.

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No Fuss Summer Hair

Oh the woes of summer hair! Heat fizzling your hair into lumps of sweaty, limp locks? Humidity puffing your hair up into a bushel basket full of frizzy mess? We are here to rescue you, armed with three great summer styles that will have you playing your hair “A-Game.”

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On-Trend Makeup: Three For Summer

Summer is a season to decompress, relax, and enjoy all that warmer weather brings. Along those same lines, the on-trend makeup for summer is lighter in texture and stays set in the heat. Using more natural, longwearing products gives you better odds of keeping your best face forward as the day – and your makeup – wear on. Keep reading for more about on-trend cosmetics for this summer season.

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Natural Deodorant Options from Tom’s of Maine

This post brought to you by Tom’s of Maine. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Daily Mom.

Staying fresh in the heat of the summer (or a good workout) is not always easy. While you can easily drive to your local drug store and find a deodorant that keeps you fresh, the associated risks of your daily application can transform your standard stick of deodorant into a ticking time bomb. Take time to assess the ingredients in your current deodorant, or even your child’s deodorant, to be sure it is in line with your health goals. Perhaps it is time for a healthier option with a natural deodorant. Read on for deodorant ingredient information that will help you make a balanced and well-informed decision.

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The Real Deal on Divorce and Co-Parenting

Divorce conjures up mental images of “War of the Roses.” A battling couple convinced that each will outdo the other and “win.” Many real-life divorces end up just this way, with the same finale too: self injury, hurt, bitterness, and chaos in a valiant attempt to avenge the Ex’s wrongdoing. That is dangerous enough for a couple without children, but wreaks multiplied levels of destruction when children are involved. No matter the stage of divorce you are in, the steps below will help enable a stronger co-parenting relationship. This is the real deal.

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Yiddish for Mommies

Yiddish, a language once primarily used by Jews of Central and Eastern European descent, has become heard in more mainstream communities. Brought to many cultures via television shows like “Seinfeld,” Yiddish is a fun way to express unique feelings. Recently becoming more popular, schools like Columbia and Oxford have initiated Yiddish Studies departments. This language, passed verbally through generations is a wonderful means of expression, and a fun gift to give your children. So practice your “ch” sounds with a guttural throat clearing and read on.

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On-Trend Makeup: Three For Spring

Spring is upon us and most of the recent beauty buzz has been about how to best update makeup basics with fresh Spring color and texture. So, what’s on trend for Spring? Fresh dewy skin, a pop-of-color eye, and an exciting juicy lip color! See how to tie together the “Three for Spring” below.

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Highlighting and Contouring Like a Pro

Much like taking a great photo, a beautiful, glammed up face is a play on getting just the right lighting. Whether you are spending the day in the studio, under lights, or want a little special something for a night out, knowing how to fake great facial lighting is a skill you might want to carry around in your back pocket. Since Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist upped the anty on makeup drama using these illusion tactics, there has been much gab about highlighting and contouring. The following simplifies the process so you can try your hand too.

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10 Things You Rarely Hear About Divorce

Divorce is so commonplace. Right now you can immediately think of a hand full of people in some stage of the divorce process. Of all of those people, is there one couple who are both better off in a great place, happy that they divorced or are divorcing, with bright, happy, healthy, balanced children? For being such an everyday occurrence, there is a lot of hush-hush and shame about it. The job of your family is to love and support you. The job of your friends is to rally around you and help you tune your war cry. The job of your children is to be kids. Here are a few details of divorce none of them know or will be bold enough to say.

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Toddlers and Teenagers: The Stunning Similarities

Being a mother of a teen can be grueling. One day your child has glitter, rainbows, and sunshine coursing through her veins, the next it seems she is fresh cut from an Exorcist scene. One day he wants to hug you and play catch in the driveway, the next he pretends he doesn’t know you and hides away in his room clinging to nothing but his iPhone. There are hormones, social pressures, unexplained fears and exciting new adventures. It is easy to get drawn into the drama of your child’s freshly found independence and rebellion, but a slight shift in perspective will prove to save your sanity. Read more to find out how tools from the toddler years equip you with framework for facing these challenges.

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