The Family That Plays Together Stays Together

Life gets busy. Calendars get over scheduled. Don’t let active lives be the reason you don’t make lasting memories as a family. Now, more than ever, families need to be mindful of the time that they have with one another. They need to be resourceful in finding ways to connect. In addition to family meals, impromptu evening walks, and supporting one another at solo activities, read about ways that you can promote family togetherness in fun and playful ways.

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There’s Only One You, Prevent Identity Theft!

Identity theft is a horrendous crime that destroys an individual’s personal information and causes lasting troubles that could follow a person for years. This type of theft encompasses the stealing of your name, social security number, credit card number, or other identifying information taken without your knowledge or permission to commit fraud and other crimes. Many times, a thief doesn’t actually steal your identity. They won’t walk around telling people that they are you, and begin living in your house. It’s more “borrowing” your identity. The thief will access your credit and start to rack up huge bills in your name, damaging your credit and costing you time and money to restore your status.

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The Benefits of Building Toys

Kids are curious little creatures, they love to explore the world around them. They are constantly touching, evaluating, guessing what is this, why does this happen, how do I do that? And the all time favorite- “but why?” questions. This curiosity and zeal for life can be curated to build natural learners – kids that love learning and want to know more about everything.  Building toys, such as Magformers , helps kids to cultivate this curiosity by hands on learning.  

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Pregnancy Support Solutions with Blanqi

From the minute you attend your first obstetrician appointment, the questions will be the same – any pain, swelling, discomfort, pelvic pressure? The list goes on. If this is your first pregnancy you may not be anticipating the aches and pains that pregnancy can bring about, but soon you will join the band of merry mama’s all too familiar with the feelings of being stretched and kicked literally from the inside out.

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Experience Live Music With Your Family


Live music is something everyone should experience. Whether you are a concert junky or you saw New Kids on the Block once in second grade, we all have memories of our first (or only) concert. As a parent, you may wonder what it is like to have kids at concerts? What is the right age? When is it appropriate? Is it too loud? Is the environment kid friendly? Those are all good questions and we have some answers, some tips, and some compelling reasons to experience live music together as a family! You can take kids to concerts and here is how and why!

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Helping Your Child Sleep Better with ZAQ

All mom wants this Christmas is a silent night. Can we get an amen?


Sleep. It’s something most of us don’t get enough of, and let’s be honest, our kids probably aren’t getting enough either. From frequent wake-ups, to midnight potty breaks, eleventy billion sips of water, to monsters under the bed, and the ultimate – a full-on, “I don’t wanna go to beeeeeeeeeeed!” fight every night, parenting during nighttime hours is not for the faint of heart. Add in the hustle and bustle of the holidays – parties, candy, late nights – and bedtime routines usually are the first thing to take a hit. We’ve recently discovered a much better way to approach bedtime this holiday season, thanks to ZAQ.

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