Gary Fong Photography Accessories Giveaway

If you have branched out into the world of flash photography then you know how harsh that light can be. It’s a tricky balance learning how to use flash and to make your subjects not look washed out. Thankfully, there are some pretty amazing products available from world-renowned photographer Gary Fong that are here to help you and make your images really stand out and we are giving not one, but TWO different products away today!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Fashion Edition

Mothers Day Guide Fashion Edition

If your Mother’s Day shopping involves shopping for a fashionable mom then you are in the right place. Everybody seems to notice the fashionable moms, whether it be their impeccable style, on point jewelry or just the fact that they always look well put together, they always seem to catch your eye. The good news? Shopping for the fashionable Mom is easy! And today at Daily Mom it is even easier with our roundup of great Mother’s Day gifts for the fashonista in your life.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015: Gifts for Every Mom

Mothers Day Guide 2

Spring is in full bloom and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Daily Mom is here to ensure that shopping for the special Mother in your life is simple. Whether you are shopping for a Mother, Grandmother, New Mother or just looking for a budget friendly gift for a sister or friend to let them know you are thinking about them-we have got you covered! We’ve already shared our Ultimate Mother’s Day Gifts, so here is a wider variety of more affordable options with something sure to please everyone.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Beauty Edition

Mothers Day Guide Beauty Edition 2

Mother’s are beautiful from the inside out. They devote themselves to their children and their families, tirelessly, and they love (almost) every second of it. Like most women, that doesn’t mean they aren’t addicted to beauty products. Whether it be a new fragrance, makeup, lotion or hair products, we are sure there it something that she loves. From a delectable new bottle of perfume to help her to smell even better, to some new makeup to help her feel ready to seize the day, we are sure you can find a gift here that will surprise and delight her.

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Ultimate Mother’s Day Gifts

Ultimate Mothers Day Gifts

Every mother deserves the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift. The ultimate gift could be as simple as a heartfelt note and an arrangement of flowers or a beautiful handmade picture from her little ones. Ultimate gifts are gifts that are forever treasured and never forgotten. Mothers work countless hours taking care of their children and families and there is certainly no such thing as a true vacation. This is alright though, because moms love what they do, and they are great at it. They put so much time, effort and energy into your everyday family life. If you are looking to go above and beyond with showing them how much you care this year, we want to make it a little bit easier for you. These ultimate gifts will fit the bill.

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Comfy & Safe Car Seat Sleep with Slumber Sling

Comfy and Safe Car Seat Sleep with Slumber Sling

There are so many products on the market directed towards parents of babies and toddlers. Some on them are absolutely essential while others are more of a “want” than a “need.” Some of the best products are those that give a simple solution to a common problem. This is exactly what the Slumber Sling has done for us. It has become a long-awaited solution to a problem that so many parents, especially those who find themselves in the car frequently, have. Do you have a toddler who suffers from the dreaded neck strain that comes from trying to sleep in their carseat? It’s such an awful feeling as a parent, to see your little ones head flopped forward and wonder how on earth they can be sleeping in such an uncomfortable position. Ash & Alys Babes has brought this amazing sling to the market to solve this problem for parents everywhere. Keep reading to learn a little more about why we are loving it and just how well it worked for some of the Daily Mom writers.

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8 Ways to Inspire a Love for Reading

8 Ways to Inspire a Love of Reading

Children naturally love to read. Unfortunately, with so much media available, kids are much more apt to watch television (or an iPad) than they are to pick up a book.

In fact, according to a recent report published by Common Sense Media, reading rates are dropping among adolescents at an alarming rate. We believe it has little to do with entertainment value and more to do with what is grabbing their attention first. While we realize that reading has a lot of competition as children age into adolescents and teens, we believe a strong foundation in reading at home has the ability to overcome the statistics.

Research has proven that reading aloud to your kids on a daily basis is one of the most effective ways to encourage children to read. That encouragement goes a step further when you make reading accessible and fun by providing reading-friendly spaces in your home.

With that said, today’s tips aim to build your child’s literacy skills AND inspire a love for reading that will last a lifetime! 

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Updating Your Kids’ Decor for Spring: 2015 Edition

Spring has sprung, and why not celebrate with some new decor for your house! We’ve already covered your bedrooms, bathrooms and every where in between, but what about your kids’ bedrooms or the playroom? Those rooms get lots of use, so we have rounded up some of our favorite new spring pieces and accessories that can really had a punch of spring and also withstand the use of kids! These pieces will not only look beautiful but will last and be functional as well, so let’s get decorating!

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10 Tire Tips for Moms

As busy moms, shuttling kids from activity-to-activity with an ever-growing to-do list, it can be easy to neglect maintenance on your car. The integrity of your tires is arguably one of the most important aspects of keeping you and your family safe on the road. New brakes, suspension upgrades, the latest crumple technology all become trivial when you’re riding on a worn set of tires. Luckily, your car’s tires are one of the easiest parts of your car to monitor and maintain (no need to poke around under your hood or stain your hands with motor oil). Below we’ve got tips on tire safety moms can easily and quickly follow to ensure your family’s safety on the road, as well as some basic tire information you should know.

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Kitchen Appliances for Busy Families

Kitchen Appliances for Busy Families

In every healthy kitchen there are certain must have items that will make your prep time faster and your cooking process easier. Fortunately, we have taken some of the guesswork out of finding these items, and hunted them down for you. From the immersion blender, which makes pureeing those healthy soups and smoothies a breeze (can you say easy clean up?), to the crock pot, which is the ALL TIME BEST time saver in a healthy kitchen, these items are all essential. We are sure each one of these will be going straight to your wish list, or your shopping cart if you just can’t wait!

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Cache Coeur Luxe Maternity: From Comfy to Ooh La La

Cache Coeur Maternity Nursing Luxe Lingerie

It’s time to make room in your closet for a more stylish, practical, and sensual approach to modern motherhood. Let us introduce you to Cache Coeur

Cache Coeur is the French clothing specialist for future and nursing mothers. Their line of lingerie, lounge and swimwear includes the latest on-trend fashion colors and styles without sacrificing in the areas of convenience and support that all nursing moms need. We’ve quickly fallen in love with this line and are excited to share some of our favorite pieces with you today. 

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