Car Seat Guide: Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat

What is the Clek Foonf? Simply put, it is the cadillac of car seats. If you want a seat that’s solidly built using the latest technology in safety, convertible with extended rear-facing, is comfy for your child, uses green materials, and is sleek and stylish, then Foonf is for you. Read on for some of the great features of this convertible car seat by Clek.

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7 Books to Begin the School Year

7 Books to Begin the School Year

The beginning of the school year can be filled with new thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This book list contains a few ideas to help to begin the school year with your child in a positive way. From preparing your child for the new, and sometimes frightening, experience of a first day of school, books are a great way to remember your children’s school years along with them as they grow.

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Hipster Fashion for Baby Boys

Hipster Fashion for Baby Boys

Do you loathe shopping for your son in traditional stores because you simply don’t like him wearing various trucks, or other generic “boy” things plastered all over his clothing? These days, moms are shucking the traditional OshKosh overalls and opting for a different, more “hipster,” look for their boys. Read on to learn about our favorite small businesses for hipster apparel.

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Backyard Family Game Night Ideas

backyard family game night ideas2

Are you craving some good old-fashioned family fun? Well pack up the video games, turn off the TV and look no further than your backyard. As the weather warms up, so does the desire to be outside. Family game night is a wonderful tradition to have with your kids and one that they will remember as they grow up and have their own little broods.  It is a wonderful opportunity to build and connect with one another without the distractions of our technology-centred world. These nights can help kids learn important social skills as well, like problem solving, taking turns and the importance of learning how to win and lose appropriately (think: no temper tantrums because big brother won the game and not them). Since the weather is getting nicer, why don’t you consider moving your game night outside?

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(BIG!) New Mom Essentials Giveaway

New Mom Essentials Giveaway

Are you a new mom or expecting soon? Or perhaps someone close to you is expecting their first baby? New moms are bombarded with options for gear from the littlest things like bottle and pacifiers to the biggies like cribs, basinets and car seats. The choices are endless and new moms can be left wondering, “what’s the best choice for my family?”

Daily Mom prides itself on helping everyday moms wade through the weeds of modern parenting by helping you find the best of the best, both for you and your babies. We want to bring you top of the line products that are as green as they can be so your baby can come into this world surrounded by love, softness and the least amount of chemicals as possible.

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Toddler Dinnerware We Love

Now that your little one is feeding himself, it’s time to stock up in dining supplies that are made for little hands!  When it comes to toddler dining ware, it seems like there are so many options available.  Like us, you have probably spent time wondering which of these options are the best for your toddler.  Daily Mom has done the work for you and we are happy to share with you 4 of our favorite brands of children’s dining ware!

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A Colorful Summer Wardrobe for your Kids

A Colorful Summer Wardrobe for your Kids (2)

Did you love the colorful bright apparel for women from Garnet Hill we wrote about last month? Then you’ll adore their girls styles paired up with amazing See Kai Run sneakers.   With their distinctive bright colors and beautiful designs that we are fans of, there is no doubt that Garnet Hill brings girls styles that are just as fun and will catch the attention of all young girls.  There is no excuse not to dress your child in these happiness-inducing colors head to toe.

Here is some inspiration for you:

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New Summer Nursing and Maternity Styles from Boob Design

Summer Nursing and Maternity Styles from Boob Design

Effortless summer styles for nursing and pregnant  mamas – Boob Design‘s summer line of dresses and tops is our favorite line yet from this incredible brand.  Lightweight and summery, with Boob Design’s signature lift up front panels for easy breastfeeding, this line will blow you away with functionality and fashionable appeal.  Boob Design has created countless options that will suit every mom’s unique sense of fashion, all while providing easy access for breastfeeding as well as room for growing baby bumps.

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Summer Favorites: Bikes & Trikes

Summer Favorites Bikes and Trikes

One of our greatest joys as parents is having the opportunity to teach our kids really cool stuff; like eating ice cream, learning to swim, and riding a bike. Tradition would suggest that you must start with a tricycle or training wheels, but as modern moms, we know there are so many other options worth considering. Today we take a look at how four of our favorite companies are putting a fresh spin on bikes and trikes this summer.

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Summer Fun Must-Haves

Summer Fun  Must Haves 2

It’s summertime and parents are racking their brains for new ways to make the outdoors even more exciting.  Keeping kids’ imagination alive even when you set them free in the outdoors is important.  Kids want to be in the outdoors soaking up the sun, while parents want to keep them cool and safe. Outdoor play centers and interactive toys make a great addition to any yard and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites to keep your kids having fun summer after summer.

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Perfect Summer Shoes by Pediped

You can’t protect your little ones from the occasional scraped knees or bee stings this summer, but as they test their limits on the trampoline in your backyard, sprint across the turf to the sliding board at the playground, or trudge through heavy sand on their way to the shoreline at the beach, you can protect their feet every skip, hop, jump and step of the way with Pediped.

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