Nutribaby by Babymoov Giveaway

If you have dreams of making your own baby food, but feel overwhelmed by it, we have just the multitasking device for you! The Nutribaby by Babymoov is the first of Babymoov’s innovative products to arrive in the U.S. This award-winning food processor, is an amazing five-in-one tool that allows you to warm, sterilize, defrost, steam and blend foods and features a digital screen for easy set-up of the functions. This multitasking machine can do the work of 5 devices and will make it so incredibly simple to make healthy homemade foods for your little one, right in your own kitchen- and we are giving one away!

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Sigikid Baby Toys Giveaway

Parents everywhere are always on the lookout for ways to entertain their babies, from teethers or stuffed animals to books or noisy toys- we always want the best ways to keep our little ones happy, busy and interested. Sigikid is the maker of a whole line of amazingly unique baby toys that you truly cannot find anywhere else! They are well crafted, colorful and we are giving away TWO today!

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Recaro Performance Ride Giveaway

If you have a child that is quickly outgrowing their infant seat or just looks plain uncomfortable, then your next step is a convertible seat. Recaro is a German engineered, US assembled company that is all the rage right now. They make some of the safest seats on the market and one of the best ones manufactured to grow with your child! It begins as a reclining, rear-facing seat for newborns as small as 5 lbs. and can grow with your child into a forward facing booster seat suitable for children up to 65 lbs.- and we are thrilled to be giving one away today!

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Goumikids Giveaway (Two Winners!)

The cooler weather is upon us and that means covering those little hands, feet and heads of our babies. Along with the covering up usually comes the falling off- especially with our littlest ones! Goumikids has created a unique line of hats, mittens and baby boots that are designed to not only stay on but keep the cold and germs out. Are you thinking: “That’s just what I need!”? Well, we are excited to announce that we will be giving away two sets of these adorable accessories!

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Emotion by Babyhome + a Giveaway

If you are looking for the perfect durable but lightweight stroller, we have found it! Babyhome is a leader in the baby gear industry. Based in Spain, their products are the outcome of a sophisticated merger between functionality and design. Babyhome has truly broken the mold when they designed their newest product: the Emotion. Emotion stands out in the stroller world for its easy maneuverability, compact folding and lightweight design- and speaking of design- it’s truly a beauty!

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Winner’s Spotlight: The Biggest Breastfeeding Giveaway Ever!

It’s no secret that we love giveaways here at Daily Mom! One of the best parts of our job is to bring you, our amazing readers, some of the best quality and gorgeous products on the market- and sometimes even for free! A few weeks ago we hosted what we dubbed The Biggest Breastfeeding Giveaway Ever because it was just that: seriously the biggest breastfeeding giveaway we had ever done! We had four huge packs of prizes to giveaway and they were each full of products that were designed with the breastfeeding mother in mind. With items from Belly Armor, Comotomo, Belly Bandit, Dr. Browns, The First Years, and a whole array of gorgeous nursing wear; we couldn’t wait to share it with you all! After the giveaway was over we chose our lucky winners and wanted to share with you a bit about three of them!

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Britax Affinity Stroller Giveaway

High fashion meets high function with Britax’s newest stroller, the Affinity. This innovative stroller is available in a variety of colors and takes safety and functionality to a new level with it’s adjustable seats, forward and rear facing capabilities, and Britax’s patented CLICK & GO integrated adapter system that makes it ideal for carrying infant seats. Read on to enter for a chance to win one yourself!

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The Biggest Breastfeeding Giveaway Ever! 4 Packs 4 Winners

As you may have seen us mention in a previous post, we’re hosting a HUGE Breastfeeding Giveaway as we finish up our Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign. Well, the time has come!! We’ve put together a giveaway so big it won’t all fit into one prize pack. We’ve created four (that’s right, FOUR!) prize packs valued at over $1,900! They are chock full of amazing essentials for not only the Newly Breastfeeding moms, but for the Full Term breastfeeding mom as well as the Exclusive Pumping moms, too! At Daily Mom, we believe in the importance of breastfeeding, and we want to arm you with everything you need to be successful through your breastfeeding journey.

After you have entered, go check out the Breastfeeding Mom Product Guide we put together.

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Biggest Breastfeeding Giveaway Ever!

Biggest Breastfeeding Giveaway Ever
Here at Daily Mom, we strive to introduce you to the best, most helpful products on the market. It is important for us to encourage you, whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned pro, and to arm you with the essentials, the splurges and everything in between. Well, our newest initiative, the Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign is no exception! Newly breastfeeding moms, veteran breastfeeding moms and pumping moms alike can agree that we rely on certain gear to help us along our journey.

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Sweetie Pie Organics Fruit Snacks Giveaway

Sweetie Pie Organics Giveaway

School time is here and moms all over the place are thinking “what can I pack my child for snack that is healthy AND fun?” When you peruse the grocery store, the shelves are filled with lots of colorful eye catching options- that are also full of preservatives, artificial colors and tons of sugar. These are not the best snacks for your kids, especially during the school day, since we know that kids that are pumped full of sugar and artificial ingredients during the day may not be able to function to the best of their abilities academically or socially. It’s so important to give your kids wholesome and filling snacks that not only taste good but are also good for you! So, what’s a parent to do?

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(BIG!) New Mom Essentials Giveaway

New Mom Essentials Giveaway

Are you a new mom or expecting soon? Or perhaps someone close to you is expecting their first baby? New moms are bombarded with options for gear from the littlest things like bottle and pacifiers to the biggies like cribs, basinets and car seats. The choices are endless and new moms can be left wondering, “what’s the best choice for my family?”

Daily Mom prides itself on helping everyday moms wade through the weeds of modern parenting by helping you find the best of the best, both for you and your babies. We want to bring you top of the line products that are as green as they can be so your baby can come into this world surrounded by love, softness and the least amount of chemicals as possible.

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Extended Stay America’s National Recipe Contest + Cookbook Giveaway for Daily Mom Readers

Got a favorite homemade recipe that’s healthy and simple? Then consider entering it in Extended Stay America and The Food Network’s national recipe contest. If you’re not into creating dishes and just want some healthy recipes easy to make away from home, we’ve got copies of the “Away From Home Cookbook” to give away to Daily Mom readers. Read more about the contest and enter our giveaway below.

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Naartjie Kids Summer 2014 Collection & Giveaway

This summer we are loving the ability to mix and match Naartjie Kids’ beautifully coordinated summer clothing for girls.  This season’s collection is inspired by colorful large scale macaw floral print mixed with smaller tonal tropic and orinoko floral prints. These fabulous styles are finished with an eclectic mix of trims including brightly colored embroidered flowers, contrast bobble trim, sporty printed tapes, and wood buttons and beads. Between soft slub knits and woven lawn separates, multiple outfits can be created from their playful, vibrant, active, colorful, and natural kid-friendly pieces.

Not only do we think you’ll love this collection too, but we’re offering one of our readers a chance to win a $100 gift card to Naartjie Kids. Be sure to read all the details at the end of this post.

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Corolle Giveaway

Carolle Giveaway

In today’s fast paced world of iPads and smart phones, sometimes pretend play is a thing of the past. Children love to pretend play, and they need it, and that’s why we adore the dolls and accessories from Corolle.

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