New Year Tradition: Letters to Yourself

As the end of the calendar year nears, many people make New Year’s resolutions. This year, why not start a new tradition and write letters to yourself instead? In one letter, do a year in review and take some time to reflect on the best moments of the year and all that you’ve accomplished.  And then, for the second letter, try a different approach: write a letter to your future self as your future self.   Then at the end of the year you can look back and see just how much you achieved!

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Daily Mom 2013 In Review


The new year is almost here and Daily Mom wishes you and yours a most Happy New Year! We are excited to welcome the new year and have lots planned for 2014. But before we bid adieu to 2013, we’d like to take a look back on the year. Read on for our 2013 Year In Review including our most popular posts and highlights.

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After Christmas Sales – Our Favorite Decor Items

christmas sales

Everyone knows that after Christmas sales is the best time to stock up on Holiday decorations for the next year. We went over Christmas sale offers from our favorite stores and would like to present you with the most beautiful, unique and affordable finds for Christmas Decor,  all up to 50% OFF!

Rather than filling your house with popular store decorations next year, we love the idea of slowly building a heirloom Christmas “stash,” buying a quality piece or two every year, shopping sales and creating a true quality Christmas in your home. We hope that these items, all of which are of the highest quality and on hugely on sale, will help you achieve that perfect Holiday feel. We’re featuring items from every style and design imaginable, so that everyone can score the perfect Christmas find.

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Breastfeeding During The Holidays

Holidays can present some challenges for the breastfeeding mother: busy schedules that result in missed feedings; traveling with pumped breast milk; tempting seasonal libations; and well-meaning but unsolicited advice on breastfeeding from family are among the challenges you may face. Arm yourself with the information below to ensure you meet your own personal breastfeeding goals.

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Subscription Boxes: A Great Last Minute Gift!


Christmas is just days away! Do you still have a few people left to buy for and no ideas?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a simple, yet super creative, fun and exciting gift for anyone in your life. Why not gift them a monthly subscription box! Each month the recipient of the subscription will receive a box full of goodies at his or her doorstep. What’s inside the box is as varied as the people on your list: there’s a subscription box for everyone! And, you can choose to gift one month or one year, or any length of time in between. (Subscription options vary from company to company, so check their website for specifics.) Read on for our favorite subscription boxes!

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Special Occasion Dresses with Biscotti and Kate Mack

special occasion dresses by biscotti

If you are looking for the perfect special occasion or holiday dress for your daughter look no further than Biscotti and Kate Mack. Dresses range from girly and casual to fancy and frilly. No matter the party atmosphere, Biscotti and Kate Mack have the perfect dress and each one is stunning. Read more to enjoy some of the prettiest dresses you’ll ever see…

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Best Holiday Cards Round Up


An American tradition of sending photo cards for holidays each year is one we all treasure and enjoy!

What is a better way to showcase your most beautiful photos and loved family members while staying in touch with your relatives and friends than designing a beautiful card to be displayed on their mantel? With so many options for printing your cards from local stores to multiple online printing services, it’s easy to get lost. How do you know if the card is going to look good, the paper is thick enough, or if the printing is of good quality? Normally, you can’t until you order it. Most standard printing services, like local big box stores or mass production online services underwhelm with their final product.

Daily Mom decided to bring to you six card printing companies that offer amazing designs, affordable prices, plenty of options and great print quality! Read on!

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Tips for Holiday Travel with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Tips for holiday travel with toddlers
If you’re traveling this holiday season, you may be wondering how to ensure an enjoyable and stress-free journey for your family. Traveling with toddlers and preschoolers is a lot different from traveling with a baby, especially if she’s potty training or never taken a big trip before. Read on for some tips for creating a positive holiday travel experience.

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