How to Get Perfect Red Lips for Valentine’s Day

Red is the perfect lipstick shade to wear on Valentine’s Day; it’s bold, classic, sexy, and gives a sense of confidence that a sweet pink lip just won’t.  We’re teaching you all the tricks when it comes to choosing the right shade of red for your complexion, lining and applying it like a pro, and how to make it last all night. Read on to see how to get perfect, kissable red lips this Valentine’s Day.

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Easy “Print and Stick” DIY Valentines For Kids

Easy DIY valentines

Whether Valentines has you swooning over homemade options of creativity, or rolling your eyes over one more thing you don’t have time for, there are easy DIY Valentines ideas just for you. What if you could find a Valentines card that looks homemade, is oozing with cuteness overload, and all you have to do is PRINT and STICK? Sign me up! Each of the printable options listed below are easy to access and come with no strings attached.

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10 Healthy Valentine’s Day Desserts

Sometimes you cannot find the words to let your significant other know just how much they mean to you.  Just remember, nothing says “I love you” like a delicious and healthy dessert. We did the research and found ten healthy Valentine’s Day desserts for you so you can focus on more important things, like showering your loved one with kisses.

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Valentine’s Day Clothing for Kids We Love

Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap, often referred to as “single’s awareness day” or a “Hallmark Holiday.” Ask any child and they’ll tell you what Valentine’s Day is about: love and sharing that love with others. Whether it’s sending Grandma a card full of hearts and glitter or picking out their favorite Paw Patrol Valentine for their friends, for kids, Valentine’s Day is about love. Spreading love is a force that will change the world, but who says they can’t look cute while doing it? No one. We’ve found those perfect Valentine’s outfits that will allow them to carry out their mission.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Outdoorsy Type

There’s something about being the great outdoors that makes a relationship stronger. Whether it’s simply the fresh air, the feeling of being that much closer to nature, or the result of actively engaging in a passion together, couples report feeling more in love with their partner and happier in their relationship. That’s why this Valentine’s Day, we’re encouraging you to give a gift that will keep the fire in your relationship ignited. Forgo the jewelry, and get your partner’s heart pumping – literally – with a gift that you can enjoy together in the great outdoors!

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Valentines Day Practical Guide

Unlike the multitude of extravagant and over-the-top gifts many of us receive during the Christmas season, Valentine’s Day gifts are meant to be more thoughtful and deliberate. This year rather than following the commercialized protocol of chocolate, hearts or flowers, give a gift that is practical, useful and considerate. Make the most out of your gift-giving, pay attention to detail and the result will be a gift that will be used rather than cast aside just days after the holiday. Here to help with some practical gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated this Valentine’s Day and beyond, we have something for all the loves in your life.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Fashionista

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Do you know what you’re wearing yet?! These days, a Valentine’s Day date could be anything. A romantic dinner for two, a weekend getaway to a movie, or a round of miniature golf. Whichever you choose to do, there are tons of cute clothes to match your date plans. Whether you are going to a fancy dinner or your busy schedule only allows for a quick lunch date, we have compiled a full range of outfit options to help you make your choice. From tops and dresses, to shoes, makeup, and accessories, our Fashionista Gift Guide is your one stop shop for the perfect Valentine’s Day outfits.

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Risque Guide

It’s that romantic time of year again! We rounded up risque gifts that you probably did not find under your Christmas tree. These gifts are perfect for couples or singles.  From a giant bean bag play space to a toy of the month subscription box, we have what you are looking for to spice things up this Valentine’s Day!

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20 Best Subscription Boxes for Valentine’s Day That You’ve Never Heard Of

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and that means time trying to find a gift that your loved one will love is quickly decreasing. Subscription boxes for Valentine’s Day are a great gift option. Nowadays, subscription boxes go beyond beauty. Now you can find boxes for things like cooking, fitness, whisky…even colorful socks. Your loved one will appreciate that you took the time to find something that suited their particular interest and that continues to surprise them month after month. Daily Mom took to the streets to find the best subscription boxes around for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day:

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Foodie

You know what they say about food being the way to a man’s heart? Well, we believe that should be broadened to include the way to EVERYONE’S heart. And not just food, but beverages too.  Whether you will be sipping wine with your best gal pals, snuggling up with a nice warm cup of joe, or looking for ways to mix up your love life, we know you will love our foodie suggestions on what to get your love for Valentine’s Day.

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Hot Sex Even After Having 9 Children!

The water is purified in the house, so there’s nothing in the water that is magically producing all these pregnancies. It’s simply straight up, good ‘ol fashioned sex. So you may be thinking, is it really that fun and pleasurable after having nine natural pregnancies and births to still have sex? Absolutely! If you’re thinking it has to do with just our feminine physiques, think again. Whether you are a multi-gal (now we’re talking orgasms), a singleton, or you want to explore the possibilities of making sex hot, fun, and pleasurable this year, you owe it to yourself to at least try over and over and over… again.

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Need The Love Spark Back In Your Marriage?

Arguments, misunderstandings, the kids, and overall busyness of life are the makings for a strained marriage if left unchecked. So what do you do if this has been left unchecked for way too long? Tolerate it? Live in it anyway and hope that things will get better just going through the same mundane motions day after day? If you are expecting a different outcome while relying on hope alone, continuing through the motions… let’s face it, you could use a bit of the love spark in your life. How about 30 days of LoveSparkMe? 

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Valentine’s Day Makeup: Smokey Cat Eye

You can never go wrong with a smokey cat eye. It’s a sultry, classic look that’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day date night. We’re taking you step-by-step through the process and showing you just how you can create a nude smokey cat eye using just one eye shadow palette. Read on for all the details on how to achieve this classic date night makeup look.

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