Our Car Seat Journeys

Are you one of the “lucky” ones whose child loves the car and falls asleep before you are even out of the driveway?  Does your little one hate the car seat and cry at the sight of the car?  If you fall into either one of these categories, or even somewhere in between, the team here at Daily Mom knows just how you feel. Whether you flipped your child forward facing at one year old, are extended rear facing till four or fall somewhere in the middle, we can relate! In honor of National Child Passenger Safety Month we are bringing you some of our very own car seat triumphs, struggles and stories. After all, as parents, we all have one common goal, raising healthy and happy children in a safe environment.

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Why was everyone so passionate about Breastfeeding?

Why was everyone so passionate about bfing

When I was pregnant with my son, the question that bothered me the most was, “Will you breastfeed?” I was unsure how I felt about breastfeeding at the time. No one I knew breastfed and to me boobs were these sexual objects my husband loved. I developed the mentality that I would try it and if it worked out, great! If not, oh well who cares. I didn’t do any research and left it at that.

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Breastfeeding: Through The Eyes Of Fathers

Throughout the month, we have brought you many amazing stories about the triumphs and tribulations of breastfeeding. You have seen inside the very heart and soul of the breastfeeding journeys of some of the Daily Mom writers, as well as many of our inspirational readers. Obviously, you know where we stand on breastfeeding. It is an amazing and nourishing gift that we Mothers are able to provide for our children. However, it isn’t always easy.   Today, we share with you the other huge part of the breastfeeding equation: Fathers.  They can play such a pivotal role in breastfeeding. Just as a mother does, they experience the fear, excitement and stress all in their own way. Check out what some of our own “Daily Dads” had to say about their take on this amazing journey. Get a good laugh and some awesome tips for helping Dad cope with this adjustment!

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Breastfeeding: What to do when it’s not working

Breastfeeding - What to do when its not working

It is one of the first very personal questions that nosy aunts, grandmothers, friends, even coworkers ask.  “Are you going to breastfeed your baby?”  You have every intention of doing just that.  It is the healthiest and most natural way to feed your baby and you want to be sure that they have every benefit possible.  You have researched, read books, taken the new mothers classes, and you are determined to make this work.  You have endured labor and birth and here is your shining moment.  You put your baby to your breast for the first time and it happens!  Or, at times, it doesn’t.  Women struggle with breastfeeding every day and many give up because they weren’t sure how or where to reach out for help.  We are here to help by providing the necessary resources if you need them.

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The Badass Breastfeeder: What Women Gave Me

I spent a great deal of my early life dissing other women. I never had more than a couple of female friends. I would say things like “I don’t like women” or “women are too much drama.” My comments and behavior were likely rooted in my personal insecurities. I felt that relationships with other women were much harder work than with my male friends. I think now I felt insecure in my ability to work that hard or to be a truly good friend. If I didn’t like women, wasn’t that a sign I didn’t like myself? I thought I was different, better, more like a man. Society does value men over women after all. I played into this when it came to my own self-image.

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4th Trimester Bodies Project: Meet Ashlee Wells Jackson


Daily Mom is thrilled to introduce our readers to Ashlee Wells Jackson, creator and photographer of the 4th Trimester Bodies Project.  Ashlee has been kind enough to share some of her favorite images of women breastfeeding their babies in honor of our Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign.  Read on to find out about what inspired the 4th Trimester Bodies Project and Ashlee’s personal journey with breastfeeding.

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2+ Years of Nursing that Started with a Breast Pump

2 Years of Nursing that Started with a Breast Pump

My memory of my daughter’s birth is a bit fuzzy. I remember the contractions. I remember the pain (I had no drugs or epidural), but I don’t remember holding my baby right after her birth.

On June 29, 2012 at 7 o’clock in the evening, my water broke while I was eating pizza with my husband. We were celebrating my last day at the office. Three hours later, I gave birth to a healthy 6 lb, 3 oz baby girl, 5 weeks early. 

I’ve read many a story in which the new mother takes her baby to her chest and the newborn latches on for the first time. That was not my experience. In fact, I didn’t really get to nurse my baby until 3 weeks after her birth. However, at 2 years old, I am still nursing. Therefore, while my story is a bit nontraditional, I hope it will encourage other women to keep pushing towards their goals to breastfeed.

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