• 10 Books To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling

    You’re expecting another child and, understandably, you’re concerned with how your older child will adjust to the new baby. It’s never too early to start preparing them for what’s to come. An easy place to start is with books!.. read more

  • 10 Beauty Myths Busted

     You've heard it, in fact we've all heard it. You know those random "beauty secrets" that have no basis to them, yet you follow them because somehow, someone you trust has told you about them? Those secrets are so bogus that we'd like to call them beauty "myths".. read more

  • Defending Your Green Lifestyle

    We’ve all been there, the invasive questions people think they deserve to ask when you have children. Is he circumcised? Did you have a natural childbirth? Will you vaccinate? Do you give antibiotics? Most people mean no harm but inevitably, some people get offended...read more

  • Baby's Oral Health

    It’s a big milestone when your little one gets his or her first tooth. It means that adorable little toothless smile you’re so used to seeing will soon be gone. It means that your baby is growing. It also means it’s time to start caring for those little pearly whites!.. read more

  • Wild & Crazy Drinks For Spring Break

    At Daily Mom, we know that "alone time" is few and far between, as is the idea of a vacation or letting lose. But we also know that sometimes, it's just gotta' happen! If the kids are home for Spring Break, use it as an excuse to clock out a bit... read more

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Pronto Paella: Dinner In An Hour

As winter drags on and on, are you getting tired of heavy winter stews and hearty, meat and potato dishes? Are you having trouble finding fresh, zesty dinner ideas that just scream “Spring?” We have the perfect shrimp and chicken paella recipe that your whole family will love. The best part is it can be achieved from start to finish in under an hour!

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Chocolate Almond Bites

‘Tis the season…for chocolate! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here’s Daily Mom’s spin on on a healthy, protein-packed treat that is delicious and easy for little hands to make. The oats, flax, and almonds are nutritional powerhouses while cocoa powder lends that rich, chocolate flavor we love this time of year.

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5 Superfood Snacks for the Super Bowl

Big sporting events call for big flavor! But so many of our game day favorites are full of fried, processed, packaged junk, they can leave us feeling rather unsportsmanlike after noshing on them all afternoon. Instead of reaching for the usual bag of potato chips or dialing up pizza delivery, aim to choose snacks made from real and wholesome ingredients.

Whether you’re cheering on Team USA in Sochi, or rooting for your conference in the Super Bowl, all five of these delicious snacks are perfect for fans of all ages. Bonus points: the fast and easy prep will have you out of the kitchen in time for kickoff!

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5 Easy Vegetarian Dinners

It’s not always easy to find the inspiration to cook new and exciting dinners every night. We get stuck in a rut, making the same meals over and over again. Why not switch up that rotation and try some of our favorite vegetarian meals? Cutting down on meat has health benefits and it’s easier on the wallet too. Check out our favorites for Meatless Monday and beyond!

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