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Tips On Maintaining House Rules With Guests

It takes time to establish house rules with your family. Old habits are hard to break. It might have been difficult to get your husband to adopt the habit of taking his shoes off at the door when he was raised in a house where that wasn’t a rule. It might have been even more difficult to get your children to wash their hands before meals or to not eat in front of the TV when they’ve seen you or your husband breaking these rules from time to time. But hard work pays off, and you’ve finally found yourself and your family in harmony with the rules you find necessary to maintain your home. But how do you get your family to continue to follow and enforce those rules when guests arrive at your door? The following are some helpful tips on maintaining house rules with guests:

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DIY Pom-Pom Nursery Decor

Browsing Pinterest for baby’s nursery inspiration, you’ve probably seen a million and one ideas. But many can be time-consuming, and as an expectant or new mom, you need a project that’s high-impact yet simple. A soft, whimsical way to add some color is with some Pom-Poms. You’ve seen them on Etsy, but have you ever thought of crafting your own? Check out this simple how-to for DIY Pom-Poms!

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Valentine’s Day Guide

It’s the season of love! Whether that special someone in your life is your spouse, a dear friend, or even your child, go above and beyond this Valentine’s Day with a special gift that steps outside the boundaries of traditional flowers and chocolate. Here are our picks for unique and special gifts that you may just want to treat yourself to, as well.

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House Hunting With Kids

You’ve snagged the best realtor in the area. You’ve made a list of everything you’re looking for in your dream home. You’ve scoured every realty site for countless hours and mapped out the perfect route for a weekend jam packed full of showings.  You are ready to jump head first into the daunting task of house hunting. There’s just one little problem: you couldn’t find a babysitter. While the thought of hours upon hours of viewing homes with your little ones in tow makes you want to throw in the towel before you even begin, fear not. While it’s not the ideal situation, with careful thought and planning, you can successfully house hunt with your kids. If you follow these helpful tips, finding your dream home can be a memorable and enjoyable family task.

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Family Tradition: Thankful Jar

Family Traditions are a wonderful way to create lasting memories for your little ones to always look back to once they grow. Does your family take the time to write down or share things you are thankful for during the holidays? We have a few ideas for you to make this into a fun tradition to enjoy each and every year throughout your children’s growing years.

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