6 Amazing And Healthy Desserts From Chocolate Covered Katie

We have partnered up with Chocolate Covered Katie – healthy food blogger extraordinaire – to share some of her seriously amazing dessert recipes.  And the best part?  They’re all healthy!  Each recipe features at least one unique, unexpected and deliciously healthy ingredient, and many are perfect recipes for children with food allergies or sensitivities!

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DIY Quick, Easy Spring Wreath

Spring has sprung and as you complete your Spring cleaning, it’s nice to add some decorative touches to your house as a reward for your hard work. Seasonal wreaths are a great way to spruce up the exterior and add some curb-appeal. Pre-made wreaths can be expensive, so why not make your own? Making your own can be much cheaper, you can customize your colors and design, and revel in the satisfaction of something you made yourself. Read on for a quick DIY Spring wreath tutorial.

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Endive Boats: The Fun Alternative To Summer Salad

With summer quickly approaching, you’re probably daydreaming about neighborhood cookouts on warm, sunny days, potluck dinners with friends and family picnics at the park. From grilled hamburgers and corn-on-the-cob to Aunt Edna’s award-winning potato salad, the one thing they all have in common is tasty summer eats. If you want to impress your friends and family at your next get-together with a refreshing alternative to your usual tossed salad, try these fun and scrumptious Endive Boats.

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Today We Acknowledge Ourselves, Happy Mother’s Day

Today we acknowledge ourselves, the mothers of the world. It’s funny really, that it has become our turn to raise a generation, our turn to shape the world. We all know how much work it takes to get through a single day. That is what the kids and husbands are thanking us for today. But we need to acknowledge something else for ourselves. Our strength.

It takes an amazing amount of strength to be a mother. A type of will and perseverance we never imagined being capable of. We have the strength to do all that we do, and still manage the constant ache in our hearts. The aching in our hearts when our babies are sick, get picked on at school, or get hurt at soccer practice. The ache to take their place when they are hurting, and the aching need to cheer them on so loud the entire world can hear when they are doing well. The ache to show your love for them constantly.  The overwhelming desire to push pause and bottle up their sweetness. Sometimes we are even crazy enough to want to bottle the temper tantrums and attitude problems. We have the strength to deal with these emotions and still pull ourselves together to wipe noses and remember schedules. The ability to multitask with such feelings and duties is something only a mother could do.

So, today we acknowledge our ability to keep going on with life, even though everything in our bodies makes us want to grab our little ones and hide away from the world.

You are amazing for having a family, starting a family, or trying to conceive your first child. You are strong.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Photo Credit: Stacey Downey Photography

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FUNctional Family System by Erin Condren

Keeping a household running smoothly is not an easy task. There are many dates to remember, meals to plan, chores to complete and information to remember. How do we do it all? Everyone develops their own system but it is not always easy, or pretty either. We have just discovered a really FUN new way for you to keep it all together and get your family in on the planning too. It’s the FUNctional Family system by Erin Condren!

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American Blanket Company: Wrap Yourself In Luxury

{Photo credit: With A Red Bird On My Shoulder}

Finding the perfect bedding is a daunting task. You want comfort, style and quality; and most importantly, you want all of this from a company you can trust. One that has your best interest in mind when you envelop yourself in the warm embrace of your blankets at the end of an exhausting day. American Blanket Company is a name you can trust to do just that. 

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Packing a 72-Hour Emergency Bag for Your Family

Photo credit: thewhimsicalphotographer.com

Emergency bag, bug-out bag, emergency survival kit, Get-Out-Of-Dodge bag, Personal Emergency Relocation Kit–no matter what you call it, it’s something every family should have ready in the event of an emergency.

These bags or kits should prepare you for all kinds of emergencies, from natural disasters like hurricanes or flooding, to technological disasters like black-outs, to apocalyptic events like Zombie-invasions (just kidding).

An emergency bag is meant to carry the essentials for survival for 48-72 hours. But bug-out bags, emergency kits, and survival kits all include the same basic things. Keep them in your home for emergency evacuation, keep one in the car, or take them along when you travel.

Remember, you don’t want your bags to be too heavy, they should be easily transportable and easy to store. How you implement them is up to you and you should customize them to your family’s needs and environment. Read below for items to get you started.

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The Great Puff Debate: Fast Food For Babies Or Healthy Snack?

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We know your baby’s health and well-being is always your top priority. But, as a busy mom, sometimes providing nutritious and healthy snacks for in-between meals or travel is a difficult task. If you’re on-the go with your little one in tow, teething biscuits, crackers and puffs can seem like an easy solution to curb hunger until meal time. While many major baby food companies have jumped on the “organic” and “all natural” band wagon, and have created what they market as healthy snacks for teething babies and toddlers; it’s important to understand what’s really going into these tasty treats before you decide which ones are best for your child.

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Get Your Kids To Do Chores and Enjoy it

photo credit: Little Miss Eclectic Photography


s Moms, one of our biggest struggles can be maintaining our households and keeping things clean and tidy. Nothing hinders this task more than a house full of children who like to follow you around and UNDO everything you accomplish. Getting kids involved in chores can be a smart remedy to this issue- and getting them to really have fun doing it can take the stress out of the equation.

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When To Replace Common Household Items

When To Replace Common Household Items

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Have your allergies been bothering you more than usual? Are you having trouble getting rid of that lingering cold? The solution may be simpler than you think. When was the last time you replaced the filters in your air ducts? Have you bought a new toothbrush lately? The following is a helpful list of how often you should replace common household items and why. Some of them may surprise you!

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