Anais & I

How many adorable style details can you fit into a baby outfit? Let us count the ways with Anais & I’s Spring-Summer 2013 collection! We are falling in love with their bubble shorts, rompers, gathered necklines, flutter sleeves, tailored shorts and whimsical yet surprisingly sophisticated prints! These clothes are meant for the tiniest trendsetter on the playground – childhood in style and comfort!

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3 Natural Ways To De-Stink Your Diaper Pail

As parents, we have all been there, thinking, “How can something so small and so cute make something that smells SO bad?”

There is nothing worse than a stinky diaper pail.  The feeling of dread when you flip open the lid, and the fumes come wafting out.  The games of “rock, paper, scissors” you play with your partner, trying to get out of emptying the pail.

You could make it a game to see how quickly you can toss in a new dirty diaper without letting too much stink escape, OR, you could try our three favorite ways to keep your diaper pail smelling fresh!

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Dairy-Free Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


If you have a little one with a dairy allergy/sensitivity, or if you try to limit dairy in your diet overall, it can be hard to find great dairy-free recipes for desserts.  There are hundreds of recipes for cookies made with butter, cakes made with milk, and pies made with cream – but when it comes to finding a delicious dessert without the dairy, it’s a big challenge.

This insanely good, must-try-immediately recipe for chocolate crinkle cookies uses coconut oil instead of butter, vegetable oil, or shortening.  The cookies have the perfect crispy exterior, soft, chewy inside, and just the slightest hint of coconut flavor that compliments the chocolate perfectly. 

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Returning to Work and Pumping

You and your spouse have made the decision that you are going to return to work, however, you are not willing to give up the nutritional benefits (or the bond) of breastfeeding your child exclusively. You’re not the first mom to pump while in the workplace, and we know you can do it! Here are some tips on how and where to start.

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Carrier Guide: Boba

Are you looking for a stylish and comfortable carrier to use for quick trips or a long leisurely outing? Boba is the baby carrier for you! If you like to invest your money wisely in things that will serve your family for years to come, then Boba is your best value pick. We love the Boba carrier here at Daily Mom and we are excited to share all of our reasons why.

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Training for Parenthood: Infant and Child CPR

Can you confidently say that you are well trained with the knowledge on how to react to an emergency situation, if one should arise? With many different training institutions out there today, it has never been easier to enroll yourself and your spouse in a CPR class. As a parent, it is important and comforting to feel prepared, so it’s time to learn about finding a safety training class that will suit your individual needs the best.

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Engaging Preschool Mother’s Day Craft

We are a sucker for crafts that open up conversations in preschool aged children and lead to discovery. That’s why we love this fun craft that you can use to teach about growing, nurturing and mother nature! It won’t take much time and effort, but we guarantee that your child will love it as much as the recipient!

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10 Classic Stories to Shape Girls’ Minds

photo credit: Little Miss Eclectic Photography

Summer is coming, and what better time to stock up on some good books for fun vacation reading? Daily Mom is here to help you find the perfect reads! We have compiled a list of 10 classic books that teach important lessons to help build your daughter’s character. Fill her bookshelf with them now so that she can dig through them all throughout the summer months!

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Best Interview Questions for a Babysitter

{Photo Credit: The Art of Making a Baby}

You want to feel confident and comfortable as you finally embark on a child-free night, so finding the right babysitter to suit your family’s needs is imperative. Whether you are having your High School aged neighbor watch your child for the evening, or you are actively on the hunt for the perfect sitter, below is a well rounded list of questions and discussions that you may want to keep in the back of your mind (or proudly printed off on a clipboard) while interviewing potential babysitters.

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