DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

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Is there anything better than sitting out on a gorgeous spring day, with a bucket of sidewalk chalk, and the blank canvas of a driveway? We think not.

And what could be more fun than actually making your own sidewalk chalk paint with your child? It’s the perfect springtime craft to do together as the weather warms up and you’re itching to get outside. It’s as easy as easy can be, and the best part is your hands don’t end up covered in chalk dust, since you’re using paintbrushes to make driveway art!

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5 Signs your child might be an introvert

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Do you struggle with a shy child? Are you dealing with tantrums or other behavioral issues? Your child might not be shy, they might be an introvert. Read below to learn if your child might be a introvert and some things you can do to make this burden more like a blessing!

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Baby’s First Shoes: See Kai Run

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Choosing your baby’s first shoes goes beyond just a fashion choice – the shoes you decide upon will impact the development and comfort of your little one as they begin standing and walking!

Most parents know that a soft sole and more natural materials are better for baby’s feet – but how many times have you seen adorable little shoes in stores that are made from shiny, stiff materials that aren’t breathable or flexible for baby’s tiny feet? Sure they’re cute…but where is the function?

Thank goodness for See Kai Run! They have developed podiatrist-approved shoes for babies and kids in natural materials and beyond adorable designs for which you will fall head-over-heels!

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Get Your Kids To Do Chores and Enjoy it

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s Moms, one of our biggest struggles can be maintaining our households and keeping things clean and tidy. Nothing hinders this task more than a house full of children who like to follow you around and UNDO everything you accomplish. Getting kids involved in chores can be a smart remedy to this issue- and getting them to really have fun doing it can take the stress out of the equation.

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5 Childhood Moments Worth Capturing

There are certain moments in our children’s everyday that we might overlook when it comes to photographing them. It’s easy to pull out the camera for the big events or special milestones, but what about those precious daily moments?

Here are five sweet and simple moments in your child’s day that deserve a little extra attention with your camera just this once. We take you from sunrise to sunset for a look at your child’s full day in five touching photos.

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Raising A Vegetarian

There are many reasons for the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Many people have moral issues with the way meat is conventionally raised. Cutting the meat (or all animal products) is a great way to be a little easier on the environment, California has encouraged Meatless Monday for that very reason. Or, many people find that they simply feel healthier when animal products are limited or removed from their lives.

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Should you allow allowance?

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It’s important to teach kids about money. The way we learn to save, spend, and handle money as a child can play an important role in the way we manage our finances as adults. Let’s face it, in the world today more value is placed on stuff than ever before. It seems more and more that people lack the responsibility and discipline to save money before making big purchases. Instead we are jumping on the debt train and racking up the bills. If we don’t teach our children about how to manage their money, who will?

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