How to Prepare Your Child for a Sibling

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby can be overwhelming and even more so when it isn’t your first child. Instead of just worrying about how you are going to adjust to being a parent, you are worrying about how your first born will adjust to being an older sibling. Will they welcome their baby brother or sister with open arms or react with anger and jealousy? While there is no way of knowing exactly how your child will react to a new baby in the household (and a lot of it depends on their age) there are several things you can do to prepare them for the big arrival.

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Baby Monitor Guide and Giveaway: Levana- Innovative Monitors For Modern Moms

Baby video monitors are a vital element to getting a good night’s sleep when you become a parent. Leaving your little one in his nursery for the first time can be an overwhelming and emotional task; but finding the right monitor can put your mind to ease. If you’re looking for a reliable, high tech monitor that not only functions at the highest standards but looks sleek and modern in your baby’s nursery, look no further than Levana.

Levana, a branch of the well known security brand name SVAT, introduced the very first color video baby monitor to the world over a decade ago, and continues to be a leader in baby monitors worldwide today. While Levana offers a line of various styles of monitors to suit the needs of every type of parent and fit every style of home, the following are two of our very favorites:

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September Photo Contest!

We love getting to know our readers, and interacting with you on a more personal level. We also love giving you the opportunity to win some of our favorite products!

We’ve had photo contests in the past that have been specifically geared towards parents of babies, and now we’d love to hear from the parents of school-aged children.

Submit your favorite “Back To School Themed” photo on the Daily Mom facebook page wall, and you will be automatically entered into our photo contest for September.

The prize up for grabs is a personalized I See Me lunchbox with a chalkboard inside. 

We can’t wait to see all the backpacks, school busses, and smiling faces wearing new school clothes!

For more contest information, visit our photo contest page.

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Beating Back Mommy Guilt

Oh, Mommy Guilt. No one told you that it came with the baby! Whether working out of the home or staying at home, “mommy guilt” manages to rear its ugly head. Think: Where is your guilt stemming from? Is the source of your guilt something that you can easily change? Decide what you can do to make a positive change to rid yourself of these feelings, take a step in that direction, and send that mommy guilt packing.

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Tips for Introducing Your Dog to the New Baby

Long before having babies, many people are already parents to their beloved four-legged friend. Are you the proud parent of a fur baby? If so, once you’re expecting, you may find yourself with concerns over how your dog will react to the new addition to the family. Will you still be able to give him/her the attention you always have? Will your pet feel neglected? We have several tips to prepare your dog for baby’s arrival and that first introduction.

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Channeling the Competitive Kid


They have the “eye of the tiger,” as the song lyrics say. Your child was born a competitor who strives to be the best at all things at all times, and so help whoever or whatever gets in the way! These traits are strengths when channeled properly, but can pose challenges when your child is pushed, tested and possibly bested by a challenger. Help to direct this determination in positive ways. Whether the contest for your child is in classroom, in the dance studio, the Tae Kwan Do dojo, on the baseball the field, or in a chess match, learn how to channel your competitive kid!

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Bye Bye Binky! 5 Ways To Get Rid of the Pacifier

Pacifier. Binky. Soothie. Plug. Mute Button. Whatever you call it, this little plastic contraption has become a staple in your little one’s life, comforting them since infancy. Now that they are getting older, you’re finding that the pacifier isn’t a convenience any more, it’s actually becoming a nuisance. Have you ever had the joy of tearing apart your house mid-toddler tantrum to try to find a pacifier?  Or the pleasure of deciphering your toddlers already confusing vocabulary with a binky hanging out of their mouth? If so, it’s probably time for it to go. You can always just go cold turkey, tossing all pacis in the trash and winging it, but here are some fun ideas that make the loss a little bit easier on your child.

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