Homeschooling Curriculum Options

Homeschooling Curriculum Options 2

Perhaps you are considering or have made the decision to homeschool, a choice you and your spouse or close family probably thought long and hard about. Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute describes homeschooling as “the fastest-growing form of education.” (1) Making the decision to homeschool is only the first step– next you need to select a curriculum that best accommodates all educational aspects for your child. Read on for an overview of the potential options to choose from!

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Juggling After School Activities

School is almost back in session. You pull out your calendar, wistfully flip past the empty summer months pages, and get ready to fill up your days again. You know that even when the school day is over, your day is far from over. Once you hustle the kids in the door from the bus, grab them a bite to eat, and make them do a few pages of homework, next come the piano lessons, soccer practice, and Boy Scout meetings. Take a deep breath Mom. Let’s start the school year off right by learning how to juggle those after school activities with ease!

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Sweetie Pie Organics Fruit Snacks Giveaway

Sweetie Pie Organics Giveaway

School time is here and moms all over the place are thinking “what can I pack my child for snack that is healthy AND fun?” When you peruse the grocery store, the shelves are filled with lots of colorful eye catching options- that are also full of preservatives, artificial colors and tons of sugar. These are not the best snacks for your kids, especially during the school day, since we know that kids that are pumped full of sugar and artificial ingredients during the day may not be able to function to the best of their abilities academically or socially. It’s so important to give your kids wholesome and filling snacks that not only taste good but are also good for you! So, what’s a parent to do?

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7 Books to Begin the School Year

7 Books to Begin the School Year

The beginning of the school year can be filled with new thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This book list contains a few ideas to help to begin the school year with your child in a positive way. From preparing your child for the new, and sometimes frightening, experience of a first day of school, books are a great way to remember your children’s school years along with them as they grow.

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8 Tips for Avoiding the Summer Learning Slump

How to Avoid the Summer Slump

Ahh, summertime! Goodbye routines and hello carefree days! While every mom wants her kids to have a fun and relaxing summer break, no one wants her children to stop learning–or worse, to lose ground on what was previously learned. But, the fact is that, without some educational activities during summer break, most children lose about 2 months worth of school year learning! How can you avoid the “summer learning slump”? Read on for 8 tips to help your children continue to learn over the summer –and have fun doing it!

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5 Ways to Make Your Child a Testing Rockstar


Spring time means many school districts are participating in a variety of state-mandated tests, which can be pretty stressful on kids. These tests play an important role when it comes to showing if the students are making adequate yearly progress toward achieving proficiency. The results help to decide the amount a school gets in federal funds, the ability to provide free tutoring, and as well as funding to particular school run activities. Needless to say, teachers are put under a lot of pressure to have their students perform well and our kids can feel this. They know the tests are important and want to perform well, and that can cause a lot of stress and sometimes even some testing anxiety, especially in younger kids that may be taking these tests for the first time. The tests don’t need to be all consuming though and by using these 5 simple tricks, you can be sure your student feels his or her best and are ready to be a testing rock star!

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5 Effective Reading Strategies for Kindergartners

5 Effective Reading Strategies for Kindergartners

Kindergarten is an incredible time in a child’s life! Not only is it a growing time for your child socially (sometimes it’s even the first time they are away from you!) their academics really step up here as well. Depending on where you live, your child may be attending a full or a half day program, both of which have their benefits. Either way, you want to be sure to supplement what you child learns at school at home so that their literacy foundations become strong.

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How To: Be a Pre-School Supermom

How to Be A Pre-school Supermom

As school registration begins in the spring, so does the parent responsibilities for next school year.  Being a Super Pre-School Mom is totally attainable for any sort of mom, working mom, stay-at-home mom, or a work-at-home mom.  Following some simple, yet important, suggestions will get you that Supermom title in no time.

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5 Effective Beginning Reading Strategies for Toddlers

Everyone knows how important reading is, and the younger you start with your little ones, the better. Preparing for your child to build a love of reading starts early and can be done easily at home. Working with your child at home is an essential element in how well your child does in school and how quickly they pick up reading once they enter school full time. So, if you’re looking for some simple tricks to do with your toddler at home to help them gain those early reading building blocks, we’ve got you covered!

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Why your child needs music education

educationIt’s not just about a recital, an adorable, proud bow to the audience, or roses thrown at his or her feet during an encore. Music education has a proven link to improving certain brain functions and skills. Want to increase your child’s abstract reasoning skills, verbal memory and math abilities all while listening to him or her learn to play “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star?” Daily Mom has news that will be music to your ears!

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