Staging Your Home to Sell (For Cheap!)

It’s spring, and besides seeing lots of flowers bloom, bird nests everywhere, and parks filled with kids, you’re probably also seeing For Sale signs on every street corner. It’s prime time for putting your house on the market. If your family is ready to take the leap from homeowner to home seller, then we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some ways to get your home in tip top shape for showings and open houses this spring. All of our tips are geared towards staging your home for little or next to nothing out of your pocket. Before you pull out the big guns of total kitchen remodels or professional home staging services, see what you can do yourself with a few weekends of work, a little bit of cash, and a whole lot of motivation to sell.

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How To Plan Ahead for a Debt-Free Holiday

Uh, didn’t Christmas just end? Why is there a holiday post in January? No, we didn’t make a mistake! Many of you are now packing up the decorations, hitting the gym to work off the holiday calories, and starting to dread the daily trip to the mailbox. Yup, those Christmas bills are going to start rolling in, and you’re preparing yourself for the continual circle of debt that happens every year: you spend all January through November paying off the Christmas bills only to find that as soon as you’re done, it’s December again! We’re here to help you make this coming Christmas (yes, the one that is 11 months away) a bit different, by helping you plan ahead all year to break that vicious cycle and end up with a debt free holiday.

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Money Management for Kids: Save, Share, Spend

As adults, the topic of money is often seen as a highly private, overwhelming, and misunderstood area. There is so much to learn, so much to control, and so much to mess up. That’s why a lot of Americans are in debt, foreclosure, or living paycheck to paycheck. As with anything worth learning, the best and most well-received knowledge comes to us when we’re a child. Let’s help prevent our children from making the same mistakes we have by simply educating them (and possibly ourselves) on the basics of good money management; beginning with the concept of save, share, and spend.

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10 ways to reuse Glass Baby food jars

10 ways to reuse glass baby food jars

If you choose to use pureed baby food when it’s time for your baby to start eating solids, you may have a ton of glass jars destined for the recycling bin. They’ve served their purpose, right? What other use could they possibly have? Believe it or not, quite a few! In this post, we’ll break down some ways you can reuse those jars around the house and ultimately get more for your money. Sound good? 

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40+ Cleaning Uses for Vinegar

Ahhh, white vinegar – quite possibly one of the most perfect and natural household cleaners ever! Most store bought cleaners fall into either one of two categories: toxic or really expensive..but vinegar breaks the mold when it comes to the norm. It’s cheap, non toxic, available to purchase at almost any store and it perfectly safe for people, pets and the earth! The uses of vinegar are almost endless, but for this post, we will be covering some of the amazing uses it when it comes to house cleaning. From the floors to the walls, from the living room, office and kid’s rooms- vinegar comes to save the day again, and again and again- and for less than $3 for a gallon, you really get a lot for your money!

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8 New Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

8 New Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

We all know that planning a birthday party can be a lot of work and not only that – it can be very expensive!  Some women are naturally the creative, Pinterest-loving, Etsy buying Moms that we envy.  But some Moms roll their eyes and laugh at the thought of spending days or weeks on making crafts and booking cutesy characters.  If’ planning a big party is not your thing, don’t worry! That is where we come in.  We are here to help!  Here are 8 great new ways to celebrate birthdays.

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DIY: Baby Washcloth Bouquet

DIY Baby Washcloth Bouquet

Everyone wants to be the one with the handmade gift that the expecting mom can’t stop gushing over!  But, you also want to bring her something useful for her new little bundle of joy.  We have come up with the perfect solution – make her a baby washcloth bouquet!  You will only need several other small items (besides the washcloths) to make this beautiful gift.  And, even better, you don’t need to be an expert crafter to do this!  There are a few simple steps and you will be on your way to being the envy of everyone at that baby shower.

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Stocking Up To Save: Clothing

Buying clothing ahead for your child can either be a money saving opportunity or it cost you in the end.  At the end of a season, children’s clothes get marked down so much that it can be very advantageous to purchase items for next year.  Only problem is that it’s easy to get ahead of yourself without proper planning.  Keeping yourself organized plays a major factor in purchasing clothing for the next year.

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10 Tips To Make Your Cloth Diapers Last

Congratulations!  You’ve chosen to use cloth diapers.  Now all your friends and family members have proof that you’re a little crazy!  The truth is, cloth diapers have come a looooong way in recent years and are at least as easy to put on your wiggly worm child as disposables.  All you need now are these tips on how to properly care for and clean your cloth diapers.  With a little TLC, your cloth diapers can make it through several kids and may still even be re-sale worthy.  Check out these 10 tips on how to make your cloth diapers last for years and be sure to add your own ideas in the comments.

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Budget Basics for Busy Moms ‎

We all know how easy it is to spend the money we’ve been blessed with. We are pros at loading up our Target cart every week and hitting up the mall each season for a new wardrobe. But are you good at keeping track of all those purchases? Do you really know how much money you are bringing in each month versus how much money is going out? Are you confident in your money management skills? Do you have a budget that works for you and your family? If not, we are here to help! We will teach you the basics of setting up a monthly budget, as well as how to stick to that budget, which is the key to your financial success.

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6 Kitchen Hacks

6 Kitchen Hacks2

Have you ever said to yourself “Why didn’t I think of that”? Of course you have. We all have! We’ve all come across that ingenious idea for which we’d love to take credit. But in the end, does it really matter? You’ve discovered a way to save yourself time, money and most importantly your sanity. You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of 6 handy tips to use in the kitchen to make your life just a little bit easier.

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