New Year Best You: Health Coaching Series

Have you spent the first weeks of 2015 wondering if this is the year? YOUR year? Every year people all across the world set goals or resolutions for the upcoming year, some may be realistic while some could be completely unobtainable, even for the most determined of personality types. Oftentimes these resolutions include getting fit by summer, cutting out sugar or fat for 6 weeks or embarking on the newest dieting fad to lose those last (or those first) five pounds. Many times these goals are related in one way or another to your health or nutrition. This time around, instead of beating yourself up over unfinished resolutions how about you choose to become the Best and Healthiest version of yourself. Daily Mom is officially launching our Health Coaching Series, designed specifically with OUR READERS in mind.

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The Facts On Fat: Friend or Foe?

In the fight against fat and in the search for the optimal “diet” there is so much conflicting information. In a world where so many people are looking for a quick fix for everything, it is important to take a step back and understand the facts. The truth is that not all fats are created equal. Having a better understanding of the different types of fats, will likely make the word “fat” seem less scary to you. Fat is actually essential to our health. Though it is essential, it can also be the cause of some diseases depending on the types. Exploring and learning the “skinny” on fat will help you understand and make the right decisions.

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4 Ways to Simplify your Crazy-Busy Life

How many times a day have you felt overwhelmed and over-scheduled? Twice? Five times? A hundred times? Yeah, us too! Today’s moms are putting more and more pressure on themselves to live these Pinterest-worthy lives and thus are often left feeling over-scheduled, over-stimulated and over-stressed. In our efforts to live the ‘good life,’ we can easily find ourselves overwhelmed by seemingly endless choices, decisions and activities. If we can learn to simplify our lives, even just a little, we can begin to try to give ourselves time to remember who we are and what’s really important in our lives.

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15 Things You Aren’t Eating But Should

15 things you should be eating

It seems that there is an ever-growing list of “super foods.”  These super foods are foods that purportedly have magical powers that will enhance our health and lives forever! While it can be easy to exaggerate the health benefits of some foods, it is true that there are a number of them that, simply put, are nutritional power houses. As the saying goes, you are what you eat! So why not make sure that you’re eating some of the healthiest foods we (currently) know about. Behold our list of 15 foods you may know about, but need to start eating NOW.

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5 Stretches to Alleviate Hand and Wrist Pain

5 stretches to alleviate hand and wrist pain

With technology booming these days we are utilizing our hands in tedious, repetitious motions now more than ever. Whether it be spending countless hours on the computer, phone, or any repetitive task we perform with our hands that is often job related. As busy moms we often put our health and needs on the back burner, however, in order to live a happy healthy life everyone (including ourselves) needs to be cared for properly. Luckily some health matters, such as stretching much needed joints, are simple and can be done without “setting aside” precious time away from our family. Ready to learn a few quick and simple stretches to alleviate hand and wrist pain?

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Pet Allergens: Facts and Tips

If you have pets, you probably consider them part of the family. Your beautiful feline is your late night companion as you work behind the glow of your laptop screen and your lively puppy falls right into place with the kids, following them happily as they go about their backyard adventures. But what happens when your toddler suddenly begins sneezing around your beloved fur babies? Or your friends toss out unsolicited “warnings” about the potential of having to toss your kitty to the curb when the new baby arrives? There’s a lot of misinformation bouncing around when it comes to pet allergens. We’ve rounded up the simple facts and some tips that will help you create a harmonious home with your family and your pets. 

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Fight Off Germs: Elderberry Syrup & Gummy Bear Recipes

It’s that time of year where the illnesses start spreading like wildfire! We are bringing you a simple, natural and effective way to help ward off those nasty germs. We are even adding in a flu busting gummy bear treat. Black elderberries have been shown to prevent the flu and cold and speed up the recovery time in those who are already under the weather. It can be a little pricey to buy so fortunately we have you covered with 2 simple and awesome homemade recipes for the syrup and some great gummy bear treats.

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10 Yoga Poses: From Zapped to Zen

As busy women and moms, we know all too well how the daily stresses of life can zap all the energy out of us. We end the day exhausted, with a cluttered mind and a sore body. We long for relaxation and peace, yet have a hard time fitting it into our modern lives. It’s time to focus on you now. Take a moment to breathe, meditate, and stretch. Here are 10 poses from the ancient practice of yoga. Each one is designed especially for a woman’s body.

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Hold the Guilt: All Natural Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

   PB Choc Fudge

Fudge. An ultimate chocolate fix. You may love it and hate it at the same time because fudge is usually made with ingredients that aren’t the healthiest. [cue heavy sigh] Well, that is about to change. With this peanut butter chocolate fudge recipe you get multiple sources of raw nutrients from super foods while also getting your chocolate fix. But, we have to warn you: this is a dangerously delicious and shamefully and ridiculously simple recipe. In fact, we dare you to only make it once.

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Why You Need To Rethink Your Underwear

Have you ever wondered why so many female celebrities seem to going without underwear these days? Would it surprise you if the answer was for better vaginal health? While we don’t know the real reason these women are being caught without their skivvies and we certainly are appalled that there is even a market for such photographs, it does lead us to one interesting question: Why would any woman leave home without wearing underwear?

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Superfood Drinks to Warm Up To

Summer is beginning to seem like a distant memory as many of us have settled into the cold air, early sunset, and crisp nights. Along with this cooler weather comes an abundance of comfy sweaters, leather boots and weekends full of fun fall or holiday family activities. What better way to start the day on a nice cool morning, or at the end of a fun filled outing than with a warm and delicious beverage? The only thing better than curling up and warming up is knowing that these beverages offer you some amazing health benefits!

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How To Minimize Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

There are nearly 7 billion active mobile subscriptions worldwide right now. This enormous number of cellular devices makes up over 95% of the population across the globe. With rising numbers everyday, it is predicted that soon there will be more active cell phones in the world than there are people. Wrap your brain around that one for a second!

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Why You Need To Disconnect To Reconnect

The morning sun pours through the double-pane windows in your breakfast nook, enveloped by the bronze floor-length curtains tied back just so on either side of the antique wooden high chair that’s been passed down four generations. It sits proud and prominent in the center of this picturesque shot. And in it is your perfect little “mini me,” golden hair tousled wildly, little piggy toes peaking out from wrinkled pajamas and apple puree smeared across her cheeks and nose. You Instagram this perfect image, hashtagging it:

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4 Soothing Essential Oil Baths

Essential Oil Baths

No matter what your day has been like, a bath can be a very soothing experience for both you and your child. Whether you are helping to fight off congestion from a cold, soothing dry skin or eczema, or are simply looking for a calming bath before bed, essential oils are a fantastic natural option with very beneficial results. If nothing else, their aroma will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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