7 Essential Tips for Hiking with Kids

Do you love hiking but now you have kids? Have no fear! You don’t have to abandon the joy of the trails just because you have little ones. Kids naturally love the outdoors and are drawn to wide open spaces, so why not take them along the next time you want to follow your favorite trail? Kids, of course, always require some careful consideration, but with a little planning you can be prepared so that your kids can be taught how to hike the correct way and actually enjoy it too!

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10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Farmers’ Market

Summer is here! And that means there’s probably a Farmers’ Market near you that is in full swing. Farmers’ Markets are great places to find local and organic produce, handicrafts, pastured meats and dairy, and homemade goodies. Just make sure that you follow these 10 tips to make your visit to the Farmer’s Market as good as it can be.

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5 Tips to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

Sneezing your head off? Watery eyes? Runny nose? Congested? We know the feeling.

Having all of these symptoms at once usually means you have allergies, whereas, if it were a cold, you would typically have each of these symptoms separately. Also, a cold commonly comes on during the winter months, and seasonal allergies are more common in the spring, summer and fall, since this is when trees, plants, and grasses are pollinating. Unfortunately though, indoor allergies can cause symptoms all year long.1

So, what do we do about these allergens making our life miserable?

First, we can start where we spend so much of our time. Today we discuss a few ways to reduce allergens in the home.

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10 Screen-Free Summer Activities for Kids

Did you know that the average kid between the ages of 2-6 spends about two hours a day in front of a screen (and, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, that’s a conservative number)?  What’s more, the AAP estimates that kids ages 8-18 spend more than seven hours a day looking at screen media.


This summer, let’s shift the media imbalance, ok? Let’s pledge to get moving, go outside and make some lasting memories! Here are 10 screen-free activities you and your family can do this summer.

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Children And Water: The 411 on Proper Hydration

It is no secret that all living things need water to survive, including your children. Nowadays when you enter the grocery store you are surrounded by so many drink options. There are endless aisles of flavored waters, coconut waters, kombuchas, juices, sodas and so much more. With so many options it may be hard to steer your child in the direction of simple water. However, it is important as a parent that you understand the importance of getting your little ones on the water bandwagon. Water makes up more than half of your child’s body weight and is essential in helping them stay hydrated during these long and hot summer days. Instilling the early habit of drinking water is critical for your children’s great longterm health.

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Clean Up Your Skin Routine

Clean Up Your Skin Routine

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, absorbing up to 5 lbs of makeup each year! Yes, you read that correctly! Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream directly–bypassing the kidneys, your bodies built in defense system for the harmful chemicals that may enter via our food. This is all the more reason that some skin care experts are recommending that we start paying more attention to our skin care routine. From your soap and exfoliants, to your lipstick and eyeliner, it’s time to lend a more critical eye to what goes on your skin and into your body. This article will focus on your basic skincare products–from soaps and toners to your anti-aging lotions, creams, and serums.

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4 Questions that Drive Personal Change

4 Questions that Drive Personal Change

We’ve all been there. We want to change something about our lives, but we don’t know where to start. We make resolutions, post our goals on Facebook and set off to take on the world. Unfortunately, for most of us, it seems that even our greatest efforts tend to go nowhere. 

So, how do you implement successful changes in your life? We’ve got four critical questions perfectly designed to drive personal change.

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3 Yoga Routines to Relax, Reset and Recharge Your Toddler

Toddlers have ridiculous amounts of energy. So. much. energy. These little energy superheroes sometimes use their energy for good– but not always. What’s a parent to do when their toddler is bouncing off the walls, misbehaving, throwing a tantrum or simply whining in that obnoxious-toddler-whine-that-immediately-gets-under-a-parent’s-skin-and-makes-them-want-to-just-acquiesce-to-whatever-it-is-they’re-whining-about?

Toddler yoga.

Channel your child’s negative energy into Downward Dog, Warrior and Plank poses. Make him laugh with Cat/Cows, Jumping Tree and Three Legged Dogs. Calm her down with Mountain pose, Lion’s breath and Child’s pose. Let’s get started!

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Expert Tips for Saving Time — and Your Sanity!

Picture this: it’s lunchtime, and you’re rushing out to do a few (quick) errands before that all-important afternoon nap (AKA your hour of sanity). You’re making good time, until you get to the post office… and the line is out the door.

“Why is everyone in the city at the post office now?” you think to yourself, as your baby begins to cry and your tired toddler knocks down a display of strategically placed boxes and office supplies.

We’ve been there — we have so been there. That’s why we did our research, talked to the experts and compiled this list of insider’s tips so you can save yourself time, energy… and your sanity!

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Natural Deodorant Options from Tom’s of Maine

This post brought to you by Tom’s of Maine. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Daily Mom.

Staying fresh in the heat of the summer (or a good workout) is not always easy. While you can easily drive to your local drug store and find a deodorant that keeps you fresh, the associated risks of your daily application can transform your standard stick of deodorant into a ticking time bomb. Take time to assess the ingredients in your current deodorant, or even your child’s deodorant, to be sure it is in line with your health goals. Perhaps it is time for a healthier option with a natural deodorant. Read on for deodorant ingredient information that will help you make a balanced and well-informed decision.

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PB & J No Bake Energy Bites

PB  J No Bake Energy BItes

If you are on a mission get fit then you know that a good fitness routine and healthy eating go hand-in-hand. Eating balanced meals are one thing, but making sure you are snacking smart is just as important. Snacks are a great opportunity to get in some extra fiber, vitamins, minerals and eating more frequently helps to boost your metabolism, but not any old snack will do! If you are as busy as we are, then you need a snack to eat on the go that doesn’t require a lot of prep but also one that tastes great- and these no bake PB & J energy bites hit all of those marks. They are incredibly easy to make, full of natural and healthy ingredients and delicious- and really that’s the most important part

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Get Fit Initiative

The New Year and your New Year’s resolutions may have already become a thing of the past but the good news is that Spring has more than sprung and Summer is on the horizon. The better news? Daily Mom is launching our Get Fit Initiative.

With the nicer weather in full swing, we want to help you get up, get out and get moving. All of us here at Daily Mom will be right alongside you , doing the same thing and offering encouragement. Be sure you keep up with our initiative for some great tips, recipes, ideas, activewear fashion (because it’s crucial to look good while getting in shape), family fun activities and inspiration on getting fit and being healthy. Remember,this is Daily Mom so we understand the responsibilities that come with having children and family as top priorities. We are here to help you work getting fit and healthy into your everyday life.

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The Busy Mom’s Guide to Bra Care

The Busy Moms Guide to Bra Care

If you’re anything like us, you might go days and days wearing the same bra – and when you finally get around to washing your bras, they generally get thrown in the wash along with the dirty towels and food-stained kids’ clothes.

We should all take better care of our undergarments – especially since high-quality nursingwear is a small investment. So, here’s the low down on bra care: read up and resolve to take better care of these hard-working undergarments!

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Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)–commonly called cowslip, king’s cure-all, night willow-herb, and sun drop–is a wonderful plant, not only for its beautiful flower, but also for a special oil that can be made from it.  This oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant, and it has a wide range of amazing benefits and usefulness, the secrets of which have been passed down over many centuries.  For example, primrose oil is used in both midwifery, as well as therapeutically, such as a neuropathic remedy. Its use is becoming more popular as its value is being rediscovered.

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