Things Only Moms Get Excited About PIN

Clean, folded laundry and coffee in the kitchen,
Freshly bathed children and matching socks and mittens,
Date night and showers and wearing earrings,
These are a few of our favorite things!

As moms, we work hard. And, in return? We ask for a solo shopping trip every once in a while, the occasional pedicure, maybe a monthly date night. In honor of Mother’s Day, we compiled a list of our favorite things as moms — things that get us excited and giddy and heel-clickingly happy!

1. When all the kids’ naps overlap, AKA the slumber eclipse!

Note: We wouldn’t dare attempt a photo of this rare phenomenon…

2. Loading the kids into the car… sans meltdowns.


3. When the little ones sleep in long enough for us to:

  • Shower,
  • Brush our teeth,
  • Apply five minutes’ worth of makeup… or even a smear of moisturizer,
  • Shave both legs (or even just one!),
  • Any/all of the above!


4.When your character-obsessed kiddo wears real, non-Disney-branded clothes.

Bonus: when she picks them out herself!

5. The solo bathroom trip…

It might as well be an appointment at the spa!

6. Speaking of bathrooms… when our kiddos go potty … in the potty!


7. Buying clothes, birthday presents and holiday gifts for our kids…

It’s much more fun than shopping for ourselves!

8. Dressing our little babies in fun, embarrassing attire such as:

  • Baby bow ties,
  • Disproportionately large bows,
  • Knickers,
  • Ruffly bottomed swimsuits,
  • Halloween costumes of any kind!


9. When you catch your kids playing nicely … on their own!


10. The moment when all of your kids are finally asleep…

…and it’s so quiet you wish they were awake… almost.

So here’s to a Mother’s Day full of snuggles, baby bows/bow ties,  solo bathroom trips and lots of hugs, snuggles, and “I love yous” from the little people who made us mommies.

For fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, check out “How to Take Me Time on Mother’s Day” and make a point of doing something for yourself.

Photo credits: Sarah M., Ashley Sisk, Daniela, Mainsteam, m01229.


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