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Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what a typical day in their life is like? We bet most of us have. We wonder sometimes if our days are similar to others, especially people who are in the same season of life as us. Or we are curious how someone who is the complete opposite of us spends their days. How many times as a new mom have you scoured the web to find other mom’s feeding, sleeping, and daily schedules for their baby, just to be sure you’re on the right track and to feel a sense of camaraderie? Have you wondered how working mothers juggle it all? Do you really think stay at home moms sit on the couch and eat bonbons? Do you ever ask your friends how they spend their days or what they do on the weekends? We all want to know what the other person is doing. We’re curious by nature. Social media has certainly helped us out in this area, so thank you Facebook and Instagram.

We at Daily Mom are jumping on the bandwagon of getting personal with you. We all come from different backgrounds, have different careers, personalities, and daily lives. We all come together virtually to provide you with the content you love to read everyday. But, if you ever wondered how we spend our day to day (more than just the short bio you see at the end of our posts), then you’re in luck.


Each writer at Daily Mom will take a typical day of theirs, strap the camera to their hip, and go about their day shooting and documenting journal-style, everything from the mundane to the exciting. We’ll share our day with you in one hour increments. You can learn a bit more about the person behind your favorite posts, maybe incorporate something new into your day based on what you read, or simply take a moment to be thankful for your day to day life.

We’ll kick off this series with contributor Dani, a stay-at-home mom to two toddlers, Eli who is almost 3 and Hannah who is almost 2.

Wednesday: March 4, 2015

Charlotte, North Carolina

7:15 am

I hear Eli creep downstairs and when I open my eyes, there’s his sweet wide-awake face, standing next to my bed. Yes, it’s 7:15 am and I’m still half asleep. I have never been and never will be an early riser.

Hannah is still sleeping thank goodness. I check my phone for a bit to try to wake myself up, with Eli now playing in bed next to me. Once I’m finally out of my sweet, warm bed, I take the dog out in my pjs, get dressed and swipe some powder over my face. I must be feeling fancy today, seeing as how makeup (I use that word loosely) and jeans are making an appearance. Eli tries to use the potty, with pirate sword in hand. We’re on week 2 of potty training, and surprisingly it’s going really well. 

8:15 am

I hike upstairs with Eli, we get Hannah up, and I get the kids dressed. I hurry through breakfast prep through the impatient tears and all, managing to come up with a healthy, delicious, and not-a-waffle meal. It doesn’t matter that I’m enjoying my food, because right next to me Eli is cycling through some tearful issues. First the oatmeal is too hot, then he doesn’t want the strawberries on his plate, “only on the table”, and then he wants more blueberries. He calms down for a bit, then starts eating his oatmeal, but he now wants a bib (which he never wears) and he says he’s too messy. The cat is begging to go outside and I don’t blame him, so I let him out.

Once we manage to get through breakfast, Eli is again upset because Hannah won’t play with him. The iPad finally comes out (that didn’t take long today) so I can multitask in peace; clean up from breakfast, reply to texts and check emails, and brush my teeth in the kitchen, all while watching the kiddos out of the corner of my eye. 

9:15 am

Do you see that white bag sticking out of my purse? It’s a Potette Plus and it’s a lifesaver for public potties and tiny hineys. Yup, I carry around a potty in my bag.

I kill a microscopic bug on the floor that Hannah found and didn’t like. I thought it was lint, but low and behold it was a bug. The dog left a surprise for me on my bedroom carpet, so I clean up some pee. I start packing up for our morning out. It’s library storytime day. I give the dog her post-op medicine. She had five more teeth removed a couple of days ago, leaving only two on top and a handful on the bottom. She’s a rescue dog, enough said. I give piggy back rides upstairs for teeth brushing time. We do a couple of handstand wheelbarrows, then Eli has to use the potty, and we’re out the door. 

10:15 am

We get to the library as soon as they open and the kids play on the computers (actually they just bang on the keys and touch the screens, because even I can’t figure out how to work them). Storytime starts and the room is a full house today. This is the most popular storytime in the area. I know, because my girlfriend and I scouted out all of them within a 20 mile radius (it took us months) and we settled on this one as the best. Eli’s not feeling it today. He’s sucking on his fingers and rolling all over me and the girl next to us. I’m telling you, we’re packed in like sardines this morning. My friend and her son who come to storytime with us finally arrive. They are the last ones in, and thank goodness they came, because we are supposed to get lunch afterwards, and no one messes with my post-playdate lunches.

11:15 am

We head to lunch, at a new place I’ve been excited to try. The only mishaps with a three-toddlers-in-tow lunch today was Hannah near choking on potato chips and a full glass of water spilled all over Eli, compliments of his buddy.

Eli tells me he has to go potty and he pees in the public toilet. Not his first time, but it still makes me proud. He must have loved that bathroom as much as I did. Seriously, they did a great job decorating it.  

12:15 pm

There’s a playground right next to the cafe, so the kids play while my friend and I chat. We’re having a wonderful sneak peek of spring today, which makes me beyond giddy. On the drive home, it’s operation don’t-let-them-fall-asleep. Eli is my target today, Hannah isn’t falling asleep for anything. It’s hard work, but I am successful.

1:15 pm

I rush the kids inside, and Eli immediately climbs into my bed with his shoes on and all. I shut that down and herd them upstairs. Hannah goes down like a champ. I read Eli the “short version” of his favorite, incredibly long Veggie Tales book, which involves just reading the first sentence on each page. He actually knows what the “short version” means and doesn’t mind it a bit. Into bed he goes, and I go downstairs to clean up cat throw up. I grab my laptop and hurry outside to our screened-in porch to enjoy the warm weather and to get some Daily Mom work done. Eli is yelling in the monitor that he needs his pirate sword. I take it up to him and then he’s out like a light.

2:15 pm

I’m back on the porch doing some work on my laptop with the dog and cat right next to me. They love this weather as much as I do, if not more. I snap an Instagram picture and then waste some time on there. I love nap time.  

3:15 pm

I wake up the kids. They both took great naps today, but if I let them sleep any longer, bedtime will be a nightmare. I snuggle with Eli because he’s a slow waker. Hmmm, wonder where he got that from.

We grab our cheese sticks and take them on the front porch. We then proceed to the backyard and make the rounds, starting with the sandbox, then bubbles, then spraying the garden hose, and finishing with a wagon walk. Hannah is soaked from the hose and Eli is cold, so we head inside.

4:15 pm

I take the kids right upstairs and into the bathtub. There’s something about late afternoon, before dinnertime baths that make me happy. We read a couple books and I stick their pjs on.

We go downstairs and I tear the kids out of the pantry. They will destroy that tiny space in two seconds flat.

5:15 pm

Typically my husband would be home around this time, but he’s out of town for work, so I’m flying solo tonight. The TV goes on so I can start dinner. I feed the dog. I take a couple deep breaths, because I’m tired and hungry, and I’m no good when I’m both those things. I procrastinate starting dinner, because I hate to cook, so I get my pjs on and wash my face.

When I come out of the bathroom, I find Hannah with my hair detangler bottle, top off. I freak out, have her chug some water, and make her open her mouth so I can smell her breath. I don’t think she drank it, but I keep making her drink water and I keep smelling her. This girl, I tell you what.

I decide it’s a macaroni and cheese, dinner theatre night, my kid’s favorite, imagine that. I throw some mixed veggies in the pasta and pat myself on the back. We enjoy Clifford and Martha Speaks over our gourmet meal.

6:15 pm

I clean up the kitchen while checking my email. I turn around and Hannah is sitting on the kitchen island. I take her down and she climbs right back up. Eli goes to the potty and then his toddler antics start back up. He’s playing with a mini soccer ball that somehow got wet (I bet Hannah took it to the sink and doused it). He doesn’t like the soccer ball being wet, so I dry it three times, but it’s “still wet”, so we switch to playing football. Hannah runs over his foot in her Radio Flyer scooter and after I get that under control, his foot now itches, so it needs a rub, hug, and a kiss from mommy. We play trains, then I try to recruit them to help me clean up. It sort of works, but their agreement is definitely half hearted.

We go upstairs and I start packing Hannah’s overnight bag. She’s going to Grammie and Grandpa’s house tomorrow for a couple nights for some special one-on-one time. We read a few books, but they get bored, so I end up finishing the books out loud to myself while they dance, wrestle, and play with their cat keyboard.

7:15 pm

We read more books and brush teeth. I put Eli in his “special sleeping underwear” a.k.a. Pullups. Hannah goes to bed and I start Eli’s bedtime routine. Hannah doesn’t have a bedtime routine, except a short song; one, because she’s the second child, and two, because she just points at the crib and wants to cuddle with her baby dolls instead of me.

Eli and I say prayers, sing our playlist of songs, which includes a couple Christmas ones and a couple made up ones that have stuck and we should totally record. “Astronauts” is definitely a crowd pleaser. Eli puts off bedtime for a while longer by requesting water and having me fetch his pirate sword. Now my little boy can sleep.

8:15 pm

I’m using an afternoon selfie as my 8:15 pm photo, because I didn’t take a photo today at 8:15 pm. I was too excited about ice cream and Hulu.

I set up for my usual nightly routine, sans husband. I pull out the laptop, place the monitor and my phone next to me on the couch, grab my bowl of ice cream, and turn Top Chef reruns on. Top Chef, why you might ask, as I hate to cook? I have no idea, I just love the show, and I think Tom Colicchio is sorta hot.

Around 10:15 pm I slowly head to bed, and spend the next hour or so messing around on my phone. When my husband isn’t home, I go to bed really late; one, because I can get a lot of writing and Daily Mom work done uninterrupted, and two, because I hate sleeping alone and I figure if I go to bed later, the next day will be here sooner. That’s my logic. And that’s a wrap. 

Good night and thanks for letting me share my day with you!

You can see more of Dani’s everyday by following her on Instagram @dani4264
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Dani lives in North Carolina with her two preschoolers. She is a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom who loves to clean and organize anything and everything. Her happiness is found in Jesus, days at the spa, and combating dark chocolate peanut butter cups with everyday workouts at the gym. She owns a wedding, lifestyle, and freelance photography business, Dani Nicole Photography.

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    I am tired reading about your day. BUT, having those two little ones for about a week, I have a new appreciation for you and all you do! I mean, I did it, years ago with three, but somehow it just seems more work as you age and look back. Good momma!


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