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Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what a typical day in their life is like? We bet most of us have. We wonder sometimes if our days are similar to others, especially people who are in the same season of life as us. Or we are curious how someone who is the complete opposite of us spends their days. How many times as a new mom have you scoured the web to find other mom’s feeding, sleeping, and daily schedules for their baby, just to be sure you’re on the right track and to feel a sense of camaraderie? Have you wondered how working mothers juggle it all? Do you really think stay at home moms sit on the couch and eat bonbons? Do you ever ask your friends how they spend their days or what they do on the weekends? We all want to know what the other person is doing. We’re curious by nature. Social media has certainly helped us out in this area, so thank you Facebook and Instagram.

We at Daily Mom are jumping on the bandwagon of getting personal with you. We all come from different backgrounds, have different careers, personalities, and daily lives. We all come together virtually to provide you with the content you love to read everyday. But, if you ever wondered how we spend our day to day (more than just the short bio you see at the end of our posts), then you’re in luck.

Welcome to “A Day in My Life” Series

Each writer at Daily Mom will take a typical day of theirs, strap the camera to their hip, and go about their day shooting and documenting journal-style, everything from the mundane to the exciting. We’ll share our day with you in one hour increments. You can learn a bit more about the person behind your favorite posts, maybe incorporate something new into your day based on what you read, or simply take a moment to be thankful for your day to day life.

Today we are spending a day with contributor Sarah, a stay-at-home-mom to 4 year old Julian, 2 and a half year old Mary, and Harvey, who is now 1.

Tuesday: May 26, 2015

5:45 am

I’m half-awake, nursing Harvey in bed, when my door busts open and Julian runs in, crying. This kid does not wake up happy, and today’s a little unusual because Daddy is already gone (he’s out of town this week for work). Julian is crying for Daddy, which of course wakes up Harvey — as well as Mary, who’s down the hall. I pull J into bed for a hug, wipe the sleep from my eyes, and begin the day.

7:45 am

It’s a gorgeous morning, so I strap Harvey in the carrier, have the older two slip on their shoes, and off we go (after Julian grabs a plastic construction hat, garden rake, two sticks and a push broom — I nix the push broom, though). We take a long walk through our neighborhood, covering about a mile over the next hour. The kids stop to “inspect fire hydrants,” we see a tractor, and visit the neighbor’s chickens. Oh, and I end up carrying J’s hat, sticks and rake.

9:30 am

After a mid-morning snack (popcorn and almond milk), I read to Mary and put her in her room for quiet time. Julian gets to watch an episode of “Mighty Machines” on the iPad while I get Harvey to sleep. Then I grab some coffee and sit down to squeeze an hour’s worth of work in. I have a post to write for my freelancing job, and some formatting work to do on a collaborative post I’m writing with some of my fellow Daily Mom writers!

11:00 am

Harvey’s up, so I round up the kids to get ready to go out. This takes a few minutes; I have to change Harvey’s and Mary’s diapers, have Julian go potty, smear sunscreen on the kids and get their hats, sunglasses (Mary insisted) and sneakers on. Today, we are headed to my mom’s retirement party at her school (20 years working with one of Cincinnati’s suburban school districts — go Mom!), so I pack up the kids’ lunches and get loaded into the car. Harvey still isn’t a huge fan of car rides, but is relatively happy playing with the sippy cup of ice water I give him.

11:45 am

We arrive at the picnic, and my parents, two younger brothers and baby nephew are already there (going anywhere with three kids = 30 minute grace period, in my opinion). My kids have already eaten and are not in the mood to sit still, so my dad and I take them outside to play. Harvey plays in the mulch while Julian and Mary make us push them on the swings forever.

12:15 pm

Uncle Luke with Julian. These two look super similar — and if J ends up anywhere close to as great of a guy as Uncle Luke, I’ll be a happy mommy.

We visit with my brothers; I get baby fever all over again with my 4-month-old nephew while Uncle Jacob and Uncle Luke play with J and M.

12:45 pm

I pack up for home; my dad marvels at how efficiently I load the kids into their respective car seats, clean off their hands and distribute snacks.

1:45 pm

I set Julian and Mary up with kinetic sand and trucks, then nurse Harvey and he falls asleep. I supervise and try to keep them quiet so Harvey can stay asleep. Truth be told, Harvey’s sleeping on me because he has a better chance of staying asleep that way — at this point in the afternoon, the other two start getting on each other’s nerves and a nap-ending fight breaks out approximately half of the time. I log in another 45 minutes of work during this time.

3:00 pm

It was supposed to rain this afternoon, but it isn’t: hooray! We head outside and Harvey rides on my back in the carrier while I pick up sticks and pull weeds from the yard. Then I bring out the basketball hoop and let all three “play basketball.”

3:30 pm

I spoke too soon — after a few stray drops, the clouds let loose and it starts pouring. We run inside, but not fast enough. I change the kids’ clothes… and by the time everyone is changed and dry, it has stopped raining.

4:00 pm

Mary was excited to be wearing her striped dress for the pictures Mommy was taking.

Back outside — this time, for another walk! We walk up to our neighborhood’s Little Free Library and the kids leaf through a few books before we head back home.

4:45 pm

Harvey’s smiling because there’s banana squished in between his toes.

The kids are hangry by this point — so I reheat some dinosaur pasta I made yesterday. I found it in the bulk pasta section at Whole Foods, then prepared it with a little Earth Balance, peas and edamame. Mary has a milk allergy, so the kids pretty much eat a vegan diet. Julian and Mary have their pasta with strawberries and blackberries. Harvey, who is 11 months, is still mainly on breastmilk. We are doing baby led weaning with him, and he just started solids a month ago. He thinks meal time is play time — but he’s definitely getting the hang of feeding himself!

5:00 – 5:15 pm

It takes me a solid 15 minutes to clean up Harvey’s mess! I distract him with some kitchen utensils while I clean up.

5:20 pm

Mary and Julian play trucks at the table, so, as Julian so nicely explains, “Harvey won’t play with our toys.” Harvey’s at the age where he wants to touch everything, and seems to permanently be on Julian’s nerves. The little guy is also getting really tired by this point, so I carry him around while I put laundry away.

5:50 pm

After major drama about picking up toys, we compromise about leaving Julian’s “construction site” on the table. We all sit on the carpet for Julian’s breathing treatment (he has asthma) while I read a few of our favorite books.

6:15 pm

Yes, that’s a tattoo on Julian’s arm. Temporary tattoos make excellent toddler bribes!

Bath time! I’ve got this down to a science: first I fill up Harvey’s tub and wash him. While I’m bathing Harvey, Julian and Mary brush their teeth and take off their clothes. Then while filling up the big tub, I get Harvey dressed, close the toilet seat and bathroom door and let him cruise around while I wash Julian and Mary. When they’re clean, I nurse Harvey a little since we’ll be doing his bedtime routine later than usual due to Daddy being away.

6:40 pm

I get the older two out and dressed. Julian puts the dirty clothes in a hamper while I sing “Warm Kitty” to Mary and put her to bed. Harvey pulls her night light out twice while I’m doing this. Julian runs to Mary’s doorway and says “Night, night, Mary. I love you!” which absolutely kills me.

7:15 pm

After reading Charlotte’s Web for 20 minutes, Harvey’s had enough. I kiss Julian and tuck him in, then go out in the hall. Getting J to go to fall asleep independently has been a four-year process — and we are still working on it.

7:30 pm

Julian is finally asleep, so Harvey and I sit down to nurse.

8:00 pm

Everyone is asleep — I grab a chocolate bar and turn on last night’s DVR-ed Bachelorette (for some reason, it started at 9 pm last night — so I only made it through half before bedtime!).

9:30 pm

Bedtime for this mama! I’m exhausted and on my own all week — so I need to rest up! Good night!

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Photo Credit: Sarah M.

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Sarah is a yoga practicing, mostly vegan, coffee chugging, Jack White-loving, stay-at-home-mom to three kids 4 and under in Cincinnati, Ohio. In her free time, she does freelance work for Cincinnati Parent, Dayton Parent and Indy's Child, and blogs about her adventures with three kids in the Queen City.

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