Breastfeeding: A Passion Turned Career

Breastfeeding- A passion turned career
Growing up with a mom who taught lamaze as a “side job” (she is a nurse) and also breastfed her children, I always knew breastfeeding was something I wanted to do. Surprisingly, I became a nurse as well, and knew I wanted to continue down this path.

My daughter was born in December 2012 after a picture perfect delivery (…not without pain but I’m so thankful for my experience!). I delivered at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX, which is a facility that is a huge promoter of breastfeeding. They actually operate a milk donor bank as well.

After my delivery, Zoey latched perfectly and nursed like a champ. Then the dreaded time came when the combination of fatigue, lack of sleep and milk that hadn’t yet come in all happened at once, and I was able to receive a tiny amount of donor breast milk to help Zoey calm down during her bouts of frustration…it was pure gold for us. We made it through that night alive and were able to keep at it for another 13 months.

Some of the best advice I received was “Just give it one solid month”.

Once you get past those first few weeks, the sting from the latching and the routine gets so much better for mom and baby.

We had our struggles, of course. Between a huge supply that I produced, a baby that seemed to never stop eating (and is still the same way with table food), growth spurts and biting, I am so thankful for this journey. I was so encouraged by the Milk bank at TCH and the gift that I received thanks to another mom that I became a donor myself and happily donated a significant amount of milk.

The end of the story is actually a sweet surprise- I am now on my way to become a Lactation Consultant. I was so encouraged and motivated by my experience that I want to help other moms have the same. It’s unfortunate to hear all the “horror” stories- I want people to talk about the great times! Because there are many. And they are worth it!

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Mallory, an ICU nurse, and her high school sweetheart husband live in Texas with their daughter, Zoey, and their American bulldog.

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