I wasn’t sure I’d be able to breastfeed


Hello! My name is Raeanne and I’m a 33 year old mom to 3 boys. My youngest son is 7 weeks old and 4 days, my middle son is 6 and my oldest is 9. Twelve years ago I had a breast reduction. I was told by the surgeon that I had a 50/50 shot at being able to breast feed at all.

Fast forward to my first baby boy. He was born 3 years after reduction and I decided to give breast feeding a shot. I breastfed him in the hospital and for 1 week afterwards. I had a severe case of Postpartum Depression and I didn’t want to spend all that time trying to work towards breastfeeding. Little did I know that if I would’ve continued, I probably would’ve had an easier time fighting the PPD because of the hormones you produce while breastfeeding. I felt, and still do feel guilty for only giving my oldest son a week’s worth of the best stuff on earth.

Fast forward again about 3 years later when my middle son was born. I had done a lot more research on breastfeeding and I also had a friend who was a Lactation consultant and encouraged me to attempt breastfeeding again. I was determined to exclusively breastfeed my little guy. All was well until he started to projectile vomit after every feeding. We took him to the doctor and he was steadily losing weight and the doctor’s suspected Pyloric Stenosis due to his vomiting. Thank GOD it wasn’t Pyloric Stenosis but he did have severe reflux. After making change after change to my diet, he still wasn’t gaining weight and he continued with the projectile vomiting. The doctors then put him on thickened feeds through the bottle and I stopped breastfeeding.

Now, I have a 7 week old. I had a goal to EBF him until he was one year old. I have a ton of support that includes a Lactation Consultant who specializes in breast surgery, a pediatrician who is cheering me on, a husband who is MORE than supportive, friends who will listen to my every concern and woe, and I am also an RN now and understand how important breast milk is for the baby. So far I am still able to breastfeed with the help of Fenugreek and pumping. However, my LC and the doctor believe that I am giving the baby “1%” when he needs Whole milk. Meaning, I am not producing enough of the hind milk to fatten him. It doesn’t help that he also has a tongue tie. 🙂 The thing with this little guy is that I WILL NOT give up! I am not going to give in and quit breast feeding just because the docs want him to get an ounce of formula after each breast session. I will continue to give him breast milk and yes some formula afterwards, but I am still giving him momma milkies. He is such a happy baby when he gets his momma milky 🙂

I hope this story can encourage some of the mothers who have had breast surgery and possibly need to enhance their babies weight gain with the use of a little formula. It is so discouraging to hear someone tell you that you can’t give your baby what they need. If you are giving breast milk no matter if it’s exclusively, from the breast or from the bottle you are still giving your baby momma milky and that is what really matters 🙂 The bond, the immunity, the perfect first food. . .

RaeanneRaeanne, mother to Riley, Alex and Vincent, works as a Registered Nurse. She, her husband and three boys live in the sunny state of Florida.

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