The Camping Trip from Hell

The Camping Trip From Hell

My husband and I have sadly experienced two losses of pregnancy. The first, spring of 2008, although sad, we brushed off as a typical 8 week miscarriage. Our oldest was 15 months and we just went along trying again. Four months later, fall of 2009, we got pregnant with our second and we really never dwelled on the loss.

In Summer 2012, we happily found out we were expecting again! At this point we had a 2 year old son and a 4 year old son. Both were hoping for a sister. We waited the appropriate time frame and planned to tell all of our family over our annual family camp over Labor Day. At this point I was 13-14 weeks along. We let our oldest son spill the beans to all the family since he was so terribly excited and happy about the baby. Everyone was excited for us.

The very next day I began to bleed. So many emotions hit me. I knew it was likely I was losing the baby, but we were out of town and surrounded by family and I was not really wanting to go through such an extremely private thing surrounded by my husband’s family and extended family. So Matt and I keep it on the down low until it became clear something was wrong. I was hemorrhaging. We pulled aside just my brother-in-law and his wife to take our boys, and my mother-in-law and we rushed to the hospital. I lay, agonizing over the loss of our sweet baby, not understanding why my body was doing this. It took a while for the small coastal town hospital to figure out how to treat me.

Matt and I also agonized over having to tell our two boys there will be no baby.

I had emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and thankfully no blood transfusion. They released me and I was able to continue with our vacation. When we returned to camp, I was so thankful for my mother-in-law and my brothers-in-law for their help. I pulled aside a very trusted Aunt and she took care of talking to ALL the family for us so we were not bombarded.

Matt took our sweet 4 year old out to the beach for a walk to break the news. It was the hardest conversation he has ever had to have. That night, my 4 year old cuddled in bed with me and whispered with his forehead on my forehead, “I’m sorry about your baby Momma.”

It took us almost a year before we went forward trying for another baby. Today he is 7 months old and I can’t help but wonder if a little of that Angel Baby is alive within our sweet baby boy. And that tender hearted 4 year old is now a very hands-on 7 year old who, on days when he is too touchy for this Momma’s liking, prayed for this baby as much as my husband and I did. To him, he felt the loss just as much and his new baby brother was an answer to prayer!

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