The First 3 months were all about mastitis

The frst 3 months were all about mastitis

This breastfeeding journey of mine was a bumpy road. The first 3 months were all about mastitis and it was painful, horrible, tiring and time consuming. Two weeks after Arvin (my baby) was born, my right breast got infected and started developing mastitis.

However, the brilliant doctor I had seen said he didn’t have much to do since “breastfeeding is supposed to be a hard job. Nobody becomes a mommy without pain”. Seriously, those are a doctor’s words, and he was a specialist! He advised me to do warm massages and gave me a cream to put on my nipple which didn’t help at all. My husband and I were fully on board with massages; he was coming in showers with me to give massages to my breasts, we’d wake up every 2 hours to give massages. He was so sweet trying to boost my mood. I remember it was a Saturday night around 3am, we are busy squishing my breasts again, he said, “They say after baby your life will change drastically. Forget about weekend parties. Look, nothing changed! We are up late on a Saturday night and I get to play with boobies! Yay!”

I was in pain all the time and in love with my breast pump 24/7. I was reading how amazing breastfeeding is, that emotional bond between baby and mother. I was feeling that way more towards my pump than to my baby! For some reason, I stuck with that doctor for 2 months and only after then did I go to see another doctor. She was my General Practitioner and a mother, too. She immediately gave me antibiotics, suggested I not feed my baby on the infected breast and only to pump that breast, and to clean my nipples before and after every feeding with baking soda solution & lanolin cream. It took more than 1 month to get that ugly infection cleared up.

Now I am enjoying every single second of feeding my baby! While feeding, he is playing with my hair, notices my new earrings and moves my head to explore them, he stares into my eyes and we both giggle at the same time to some silly sounds I make. I love waking up in the middle of the night to feed him.

In his dark bedroom, we share something unique and magical while the whole town sleeps.. Just mommy and her baby…

I advise all the mothers out there to try their best to overcome the challenges and breastfeed their babies as long as baby wants! It IS worth it!



ElifElif and her husband live in the Netherlands with their son, Arvin. She works as a Child Psychologist.

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