10 Healthy Products to Fuel Your Workout

Is fitness a big part of your life? Maybe you have just started getting into the habit of incorporating exercise into your lifestyle and routine. These days, it seems that everyone is always on-the-go. Our schedules are busy as ever which can make choices as to how to fuel your body pretty difficult. Things like food preparation days certainly make it easier, however what about when you need something specifically to give you energy leading up to or recovering from those tough workouts? If you don’t have the time to sit down for a meal, or you are just looking for some healthier accents to your diet, we have rounded up a great selection of products to give you that boost that you likely need!


Ready to Get Fit 2015? Throughout the next few months we’ll be posting regularly about fitness and nutrition. All of us here at Daily Mom will be right alongside you, taking steps to be healthier and offering each other encouragement. Be sure you keep up with our initiative for some great tips, recipes, ideas, activewear fashion, family fun activities, and inspiration on getting fit and being healthy. And remember–this is Daily Mom so we understand the responsibilities that come with having children and families as top priorities. We are here to help each other incorporate fitness and healthy choices into our everyday life.

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Natural Force Pre Workout Raw Tea

Are you looking for a product to really enhance your workout? Are your workouts fast paced, long or just require a lot of energy? Unfortunately, most pre-workout supplements are full of ingredients that are as hard to stomach as they are to pronounce. They may give you the boost, but they certainly are not “clean”. That’s why Natural Forces Pre Workout Raw Tea is really one-of-a-kind in this marketplace. This may be a “natural” product, but don’t mistake its ability to provide you with the energy and endurance to conquer even your toughest workout. Their formula is a unique blend of natural herbs, roots, fruit extracts, and super foods. It is paleo, raw, gluten free and doesn’t contain GMO’s.

Did you know that your body can absorb nutrients from whole food ingredients much better than it can from large quantities of processed ingredients? Natural Force Raw Tea is specially designed to increase your energy, muscular endurance, mental focus, vascularity, and fat utilization. It will improve your blood flow and circulation to your muscles making way for increased power and endurance. It also builds, hardens, and protects lean muscle mass by providing your body with essential amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals. Natural Force Raw Tea utilizes your body’s stored fat as an energy source to decrease your body fat while increasing your mental concentration to keep you focused and excelling during and long after your workout.


MacroBars GoMacro

Are you looking for a quick, on the go snack that is a healthier alternative to a power bar? We can’t blame you. There is certainly something to be said for these little bars pre-packed convenience. Unfortunately, many of these types of snacks are full of artificial ingredients, refined sugars and preservatives that we just cannot stand behind. However, with Macrobars on the market, this problem has been solved. These wholesome bars are USDA Certified Organic, gluten free, macrobiotic, vegan and contain sustainably sourced ingredients. MacroBars have a delicious, soft and chewy texture. There is no need to sacrifice nutrition for good taste or good taste for nutrition. It is all packed into these little bars!


Forget most healthy bars that offer limited flavors. Macrobars come in 11 delicious flavors.

These bars are perfect for busy, on the go, fitness minded moms! One of the best parts? You’ll even feel good about sharing these MacroBar healthy treats with your little ones.




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Rumble Supershake

Protein shakes tend to have long ingredient labels full of ingredients that are hard to pronounce and will leave you guessing how “healthy” they really are. Rumble Supershakes are giving those unhealthy shakes a run for their money. They have introduced to the market a nourishing super drink full of wholesome goodness and is as clean as it is delicious.

Rumble Supershakes are packed full of high quality ingredients that are worth bragging about. You will find a high quality protein blend, organic tapioca dextrin (a complex carbohydrate that helps keep you full), friendly fats and age defying antioxidants. One shake fills you up with 20 grams of protein and is 99.8% lactose free as well as soy free. These shakes are gently sweetened with a natural sweetener (maple syrup) which will help you avoid the spike and slump caused by refined sugars. If you glance at their ingredient list you will also see red beet juice, kale and organic spinach. Available in both dutch cocoa and vanilla maple, these shakes are proving to us that delicious and nutritious go hand in hand. They will keep you full for an extended period of time and are a great way to prep for or recover from your workout.

Daily Mom loves to support companies that give back! That is why we are so impressed to share with you that Rumble Donates 1% of all sales to charities that fight hunger.

Dutch Cocoa | Vanilla Maple


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SUJA Juice

For wholesome goodness, it doesn’t get any better than drinking fresh juice and smoothies. Suja has delicious Cold-Pressured, Organic & Non-GMO juices and smoothies that are USDA Certified Organic and Certified Non-GMO. The fact that Suja uses Cold Pressure really ensures that you get the maximum in nutrients from its drinks. Unlike High Heat, the Cold Pressure process extends shelf life and helps maintain essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. With a wide range of cold-pressured organic offerings, Suja has a juice for every taste and lifestyle.

There are currently three basic lines of Suja drinks available with plenty of variety for you to choose from. Suja Classic is a line of drinks that are packed with fruits and vegetables. With several combinations of Suja Classic, it is a convenient way to drink the daily nutrients your body needs and maintain overall health. If you like a little more kick, Suja Elements are juices and teas. For a bit of caffeine the Macachino delivers a healthy pick-me-up you need with an epic blend of coffee beans and coconut, along with a Maca superfood boost. Suja Elements is also a drink with a purpose, because for every bottle purchased, 20¢ – 25¢ is donated to an important social or environmental cause through the Suja Elements Cause Collective™. So not only will you enjoy a wonderful drink, but you can feel good drinking a Suja Elements. The third line is Suja Essentials which are refreshing blends packed with vital nutrients, amino acids, omegas and antioxidants. With all the healthy drinks from Suja you can definitely ensure that you get the boost you need before and after your workouts and for general fitness.




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Epic Bars

When trying to stay fit and healthy it’s essential to have snacks on hand for those hunger pangs, so you won’t kill your diet.  It’s easy to do that with Epic BarsThese are not your usual protein bars with soy, but Epic Bars are a 100% grass fed animal based protein bar. Yes, made as nature intended, this is an actual protein bar made with meat! When you would think that it couldn’t get any better, we found that these delicious bars are Paleo friendly, gluten free, and low in sugar.

Epic Bar is the original meat, fruit, and nut bar that is a savory high protein snack that can be taken along on your adventures and active lifestyle. You have 10 yummy varieties to pick from and the options include everything from chicken, pork, beef, and lamb to even bison. Imagine the flavors of Lamb Currant Mint all in a bar, while you are camping out in the wild. You would not have imagined the tastes of an elegant Sunday dinner being available to you on the camp grounds! There is also Turkey Almond Cranberry for you to reminisce over last Thanksgiving and fun flavors like Chicken Sesame BBQ. Epic has ingeniously created protein bars with the flavors of high end restaurants that will definitely keep you on the fitness track because you won’t be missing the flavors of those rich foods you might usually crave.


Epic Bars


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Runa tea will make you feel good down to the soul. While you sip rich-tasting guayusas from Runa, you are also supporting a business that respects cultural traditions, supports small farmers, and maintains the integrity of the Amazon rainforest. Runa tea is unique in that the guayusa leaves are a naturally caffeinated tree leaf and makes an amazing type of tea with antioxidants. Traditionally in the Amazon it is brewed like tea, consumed early in the morning to help interpret dreams and late at night to provide energy and clarity while hunting in the jungle. You will love the earthy flavor, smooth taste, and energy boost you will get from the leaf. Runa has clean energy drinks as well as bottled tea that are organic, fair trade, non-GMO certified, guayusa brewed and bottled in both sweetened and unsweetened flavors. If you want to brew your own, then Premium Infuser Tins as well as Loose Leaf Tins are available in varying flavors so you have your choice of the taste you prefer in your tea. Runa tea definitely brings you satisfaction in many ways while improving the livelihoods for indigenous farmers in the Amazon.


Runa Tea


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You may be wondering what is maple water. It is the sap that comes straight from maple trees that is harvested and bottled for everyone’s enjoyment. Until now it has only been available to the lucky people who have maple farms and know the secret of drinking the sap before boiling it to syrup. DRINKmaple has made it possible for anyone to enjoy maple water even if you live in the middle of a big city hundreds of miles away from the nearest maple tree. It’s a refreshing beverage that is a source of natural hydration with a hint of maple flavor. DRINKmaple Pure Maple Water is naturally low in calories, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and non-GMO. Not to mention it contains 46 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants and probiotics. What else could be better for your body after a draining workout? This is bound to be the new trend in health drinks and hydration after workouts because DRINKmaple contains more manganese than one cup of kale and is half the sugar of coconut water. Maple Water is a wonderful natural alternative to energy drinks and waters without the additives, chemicals and preservatives.

Ginny Bars


Ginny Bars are nutritious and delicious treats for the whole family to enjoy. You can serve as snacks or carry them to quench your hunger after a workout. The health bars are gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, vegan and kosher, which really represents Ginny Bake’s belief in quality and excellence. The bars are made with an outrageously delicious mix of wholesome ingredients like nuts, seeds, coconut and fruits and provide the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants your body needs to fuel up. Ginny Bars come in a variety of indulgent flavors like Chocolate Bliss, which is a mixture of organic dark chocolate chips that dance around the delectable tastes of organic walnuts, almonds, and medjool dates for a blissful snack that will help you soar through the day. If you are a nut lover, you may enjoy the Nut & Love Ginny Bar. It’s a delicious mix of nuts, seeds, shredded coconut and fruit that is packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Ginny Bars will perk up your taste buds and your whole family will eat healthy.

Health Warrior Chia Bars

How about a company that wants to fix all that is wrong with most traditional packaged food? Now that is a mission statement to stand behind. Health Warrior wants people to remember that their ancestors’ diets were full of whole, nutrient-rich super foods that helped to power their active lives. The ingredient that they focused on? Chia Seeds, an ultimate superfood. What exactly are you getting when you eat Chia Seeds? Ounce-for-ounce you get more omega-3s than salmon, more fiber than oatmeal, and more protein than tofu. Stacked with omega-3s and magnesium as well as protein, these bars pack quite the punch. Their lineup of products are all gluten free, GMO free and vegan and includes Chia Bar Super Snacks, Chia Seeds and Chia Protein Bars. The Protein Bars come in four flavors; Honey Almond, Lemon Goldenberry, Peanut Butter Cacao and Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt. The snack bars come in 8 amazing flavors; Apple Cinnamon, Mango, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Banana, Coconut, Coffee, Acai Berry and Dark Chocolate Cherry.

In just one Chia Super Snack Bar you will find:

  • 100-110 Calories
  • 2,000mg Omega-3s
  • 10g of Plant Protein
  • 20% Daily Value of Fiber
  • 15% Daily Value of Calcium, Iron & Magnesium

In just one Chia Protein Bar you will find:

  • 190-210 Calories
  • 1,000- 1,100mg Omega-3s
  • 12-16% Daily Value of Fiber
  • 5g Sugar or Fewer
  • 3g Protein

Join Health Warrior in the fight to redefine packaged foods. These bars are perfect for before and after even your toughest of workouts.

Check out our official Get Fit 2015 page for all the initiative posts in one place.

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