15 MORE Quiet Indoor Toys For A Rainy Day

15 More Quiet Indoor Toys For Rainy Days2

The other day we brought you 15 Quiet Indoor Toys for Rainy Days. Here at Daily Mom, it is always our goal to bring you the best, most unique selection of items and when we went to unearth the best quiet toys for a rainy day we found more than we could share in just one day. So, today we are bringing you 15 MORE Quiet Indoor Toys for a Rainy Day. After all, keeping your kids occupied when you they are stuck inside can be difficult. The more “tools” you can keep in hand, the more fun the whole family can have.

A great way to keep these toys and activities exciting is to set them aside and only bring them out for rainy days. Another great idea is to use a ticket system, for both rainy day toys and everyday toys. Create “tickets” for all the different games and activities that you stash away. When the kids are getting bored with their everyday toys you can allow them to redeem one of their tickets for a game or activity. If they want to redeem anymore then they have to trade back in the toys they already took out. Toy rotation is a great strategy to keep toys new and fresh and this “ticket system” is a great way to help your kids make sure they clean up before moving onto a new activity.

Beach House Play Tent by Oompa Toys

Stuck inside on a rainy day when all you and your kids want to do is build a sandcastle? Well turn that frown around, because this beautiful seaside beach house play tent will allow boys and girls alike to imagine a perfect sunny day! All you need is a swimsuit and some beach toys and you can bring the ocean breeze (minus the sand) inside. This high-quality cotton beach retreat looks like a cottage you might find on the coast; embroidered and appliqued with ships, fish, sand and more! We especially love the little curtains around the door and window that give this play tent a homey feel. 

Using the light-weight metal piping and connectors, simply follow the directions to piece together the frame. Then tightly fit the one-piece cottage walls around the frame and secure the velcro edges. The doors and windows can be secured to the side with attached curtain pull backs so she can look out, or left down so your children can have their own private party. It’s the perfect space for your child’s imagination to go wild come rain or shine! And while it does take up some playroom real estate, this cottage also includes a storage bag so you can pull it out on those rainy days or put away when company is coming.

Pirate Ship by Galt Toys

other_20000101_IMG_7336 One rainy day, let your kids make their own pirate ship from scratch. It’s fun and easy to build a pirate ship that really floats with the Wooden Pirate Ship Kit from Galt Toys. When your kids complete this project they will be so proud of themselves and satisfied with their creation. Once assembled, your children can float the boat on the water or display it on a bookshelf. The kit comes with everything they need to complete the project including wooden boat pieces, plastic sails, 6 acrylic paints, a paintbrush, glue and glaze, stickers, and a guide. This is a great activity for your child to develop fine motor skills and express his or her creativity.



2-in-1 Ferris Wheel Building Set by K’NEX

K'Nex Main

School-aged children love to build and create, and what better quiet activity than a constructive and creative outlet like K’NEX? Treat your little builder to a colorful and versatile set of K’NEX, and they can build a ferris wheel, a swing ride, and so much more. Your child will also love that the rides will hold their little Lego characters perfectly!

More versatile than traditional building blocks, the unique shapes and pieces of K’NEX offer a variety of options and outcomes as they build. With over 900 pieces and a battery-operated motor, this exciting set is sure to keep them occupied for hours. And there are colorful and detailed instructions, so parents need not assist if they have other things to do!
K'Nex collageThe set comes with a sturdy box for storage and portability, and the set can easily be disassembled and put away for future building endeavors.


Fishing for Sight Words by Lakeshore Learning


When the kids are stuck at home because it’s wet outside, get some learning in with the play. Lakeshore Learning’s Fishing For Sight Words is just what you need. This is a fishing game where each colorful fish is printed with a common sight-word. As children use a magnetic fishing pole to “catch” the fish, they learn to recognize sight-words more easily! With this game you get 75 fish, a magnetic fishing pole, a mat, and an activity guide. Additional fishing poles can also be purchased so that your kinds can play with their friends. Fishing games are so much fun that your kids won’t be able to resist this game and you will be happy that they are learning at the same time.


Lakeshore has done it again with this Fishing For Sight Words game. Like all of Lakeshore Learning’s products for learning at home, this game is perfect for a rainy day when you want something both fun and educational to capture your child’s imagination.


Rain or bad weather got you down? Brighten your kid’s mood by bringing out a toy that will not only stimulate your child’s imagination but also allow them to work on their fine motor skills and let their creative juices flow! Magformers come in a variety of shapes and have magnets inside of them that allow them to connect in fun ways to create all sorts of designs, sculptures, and animals! This is not your average, everyday building set; with Magformers you can take building to the next level by creating 3-D figures. Magformer pieces, which come in 25 different geometric shapes, have free floating magnets within them that hold pieces firmly together- and the best part about them is that pieces always connect and never repel so you can build spheres, houses, towers, animals and more.

Magformers are designed for kids age 3 and up and are great to have on hand when the weather is bad. These brightly colored magnetic pieces connect so easily and allow your child to build and create to their heart’s content. The finished creations are held together securely so they don’t easily fall apart, but when your child is ready to create something new, simply pull the pieces apart and start over! There are a variety of different sets, including our favorite: The Safari Set. This set has a whopping 83 pieces and with them your child can create a 3D lions, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and toucans. It’s the perfect way to brighten any rainy day!


Safari Set


Magformers | Facebook | Twitter 

Master Builder Block Set by Maple Landmark

Wooden Blocks Main

Ignite your little one’s inner creative genius by giving them the perfect yet simplest tools to design and create: a set of wooden blocks! This beautiful set of unfinished hard maple blocks by Maple Landmark has been sanded smooth, so you don’t have to worry about splintering or rough edges. The various sized sets come in sturdy boxes that are perfect to store your Maple Landmark blocks, so you can keep them tucked away until your little one needs a stretch of uninterrupted, indoor play time.

Crafted from locally-sourced and sustainably harvested hardwood, the set includes 104 pieces in 21 different shapes. The blocks all fit together cleanly and uniformly, so children of all ages (ages 1 and up) will enjoy putting together beautiful creations. The possibilities are truly endless!Blocks Collage 

Stunt Team Magnetic Blocks by Tegu

Pin Image (6 of 6)

The Stunt Team from Tegu is the latest collection from the popular wooden blocks company, powered by imagination and magnets. Designed for ages 3+, these adorable magnetic blocks are so fun you’ll find yourself excited to play with them too! We love the simplicity of Tegu Blocks, and you’ll love the company as well! Tegu uses only local Honduran co-ops who handpick mature trees to sustainably harvest the wood for the blocks, and also partners with other communities to support reforestation by donating a portion of the revenue to replanting efforts.

Small magnets are locked inside every single block, making the possibilities for creativity endless for hours of quiet play during that dark and dreary day you’re trapped indoors. Tegu is brilliantly designed, and is heirloom quality, meaning it’s designed to last for generations. It’s naturally safe: no lead, no plastic, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish, and no small parts.


For younger children, we especially love two of the new Stunt Team additions. The Daredevil is a cute racecar design, with real spinning wheels that they can zip and zoom all over the house. It includes 12 pieces in 6 shapes: 2 Long Planks, 2 Short Planks, 1 Cube, 1 Parallelogram, 1 Daredevil Chassis, 1 Stunt Team Character, and 4 Wheels. It also has 6 suggested configurations pictured in the included “inspiration manual” as well as being pictured on the box, so your child can study up and try to copy and recreate those, like a puzzle!

The Looper is also perfect for smaller children, as it’s the “youngest” member of the new Stunt Team. It includes 7 pieces in 6 shapes: 2 Short Planks, 1 Cube, 1 Looper Body, 1 Looper Skid, 1 Stunt Team Character, and 1 Propeller; as well as the Inspiration Manual. 

Pin Image (5 of 6)

We also love the fact that all Tegu blocks are interchangeable. Your child can mix and match their sets to create something truly original. So instead of popping another DVD into the player for mindless “fun”, instead break out these new Stunt Team sets from Tegu. Your child will love to play with them (and we promise you will too!)

TRENDiY Art Doodle Bracelets by Ohio Art

Are your children constantly saying, “I’m so bored!“? Ohio Art nailed it for the creative kids with this fun-packed activity set. The TrenDIY Art Doodle Bracelets are just what you need for days you and the kids are trapped at home. This set offers endless options for designing custom bracelet, making gifts to share, or just letting your child’s creativity run wild! 

This TrenDIY Art Doodle Bracelets includes:

  • 5 wooden bracelets, in different sizes
  • 6 highly pigmented paints, perfect for blending or using alone
  • 1 black detailing marker
  • 1 multi-use paintbrush 
  • A 60-page magazine for inspiration


 “My Hometown” Learning Carpet by PishPosh Baby 


Give your child the tools to fuel imaginative play with a Learning Carpet by PishPosh Baby.  This 36″-79″ carpet is illustrated with vibrant buildings, roads, parking places, a round-a-bout, and even a castle!  This carpet allows your child the freedom to play with vehicles of their choice and imagine endless scenarios. 

Pish Posh2-2

The features of the “My Hometown” carpet that mom will appreciate include stain and spill resistant fabric, which makes it possible to be used indoor or outdoors. It’s also made from 100% nylon and thick and durable for long-term use and many hours of play and can also be washed. The PishPosh Baby carpet has a latex gel skid-proof backing to keep it smooth on most surfaces, including already-carpeted areas. 

Creative Play House By PlanToys 

Plan Toys House Main 1

Give a kid a dollhouse and you’re guaranteed a few hours of content, creative, and quiet play. The Creative Play House by PlanToys is definitely not your average dollhouse. Our friends at PlanToys have given their dollhouse a modern, stream-lined, gender-neutral, and eco-friendly twist, that is sure to not only bring your kids hours of happiness, but will make you smile too when you see all the unique features. Created from preservative-free rubber wood, the Creative Play House is durably made and gives kids the perfect outlet for their imagination to take over.

Plan Toys House 2

There are 3 units to the house that are interchangeable and moveable, giving you up to 10 different ways to arrange the house! All the furniture is included (full sets for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room), so you can assure your child’s dolls that their new pad is move-in ready. The Creative Play House has a healthy respect for the planet, so you’ll find 2 solar cell roof panels that flip over to create a garden. Toss in a movable staircase, a few movable decoration walls, and 2 glass dividers, and you have a complete dollhouse that will never look the same way twice!

Plan Toys House 3

A dollhouse isn’t complete without a family to live in it, so meet PlanToy’s Modern Doll Family. This classic rubber wood family of four is made up of a dad, mom, brother, and sister, with moveable arms and legs and dressed in colorful, “modern” clothing. Designed to fit perfectly in the Creative Play House, they will love moving into their solar-powered home and into your children’s hearts.    

Sands Alive! Deluxe Kit from Play Visions

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Are you looking for the ultimate in play-alone fun for your child? Nothing is more perfect to bust out on yucky rainy days than a sensory activity that also fosters creativity and problem-solving. Your kiddo will absolutely love the Sands Alive! Deluxe Set from Play Visions.

This sand truly feels alive. You can mold it and it will remain in the shape, and with a soft touch, it will break apart and appear to move- like it’s actually alive! The Sands Alive! Deluxe Set includes the following items:

  • 5 pounds of Sands Alive!,
  • 6 Geometric Shape Molds,
  • 4 Deluxe Castle Molds,
  • 4 Small Castle Molds,
  • 5 Mini Castle Topper Molds,
  • 2 Sculpting Tools,
  • 1 Paver, Brick and Pebble Rollers with Interchangeable Handle 
  • Large Play Tray.

sands alive

Your child will love sitting down and playing with Sands Alive! They can build castles, create interesting sculptures made of textured blocks, and experiment with all the different molds and pavers that come included. The Sands Alive! Deluxe Set is the perfect kit to keep tucked away, and then bring out on special occasions, such as rainy days where you long for an activity to keep your kiddo occupied. Clean up is also easy, as the sand is sticky and can be picked up in a breeze.


Sands Alive! Deluxe Set


Play Visions | Facebook | Twitter 

Lincoln Logs Redwood Junction (Amazon Exclusive)

Pin Image (1 of 6)

Oh, Lincoln Logs! Who didn’t have a set when they were growing up? We feel that Lincoln Logs are a rite of passage for every child, where they can create, explore and develop rudimentary engineering skills at a young age. Your child will adore the Lincoln Logs Redwood Junction, and it will quickly become a highlight of their rainy day and a favored item for your arsenal. 

Your kiddo will absolutely adore this 235 piece set made out of the classic real wooden logs we all know and love. However, this particular set has a modern twist with fun and colorful plastic roofs, a train set, three-piece train engine, and even some figurines. It also includes cute plastic doors and windows, perfect to adorn their train station, or unique log cabin. 

Logs Collage

Inside the box is a set by step guide on building the train track, junction stations and more! Following the instructions makes this activity great for any aged child (3+) and will enable them to build their imagination and creativity.  Lincoln Logs have been a classic since 1916, and are nostalgia in a box!


Geek & Co. Crafts by Thames & Kosmos

Spin Art Main

If you’re searching for kid-friendly activities that are so-fun-they-couldn’t-possibly-be-educational (yet they are!), look no further than Thames & Kosmos. This company is dedicated to improving informal science education by creating super-cool, STEM-sational products for children of all ages. For rainy-day fun, check out the company’s Geek & Co. Crafts line, which includes Do-It Yourself UFOs (to teach kids about extraterrestrial life), a Monster Sewing Workshop (to practice sewing skills), and Spin Art Revolution (to learn about rotational physics, of course!). Kids of all ages will love making a mess out of different paint colors. While the recommended age for this is 8+, younger kids can learn about viscosity and color theory as they mix, spin and create beautiful works of art. With this kit, you can design cards and banners–so once you’re done, have the kids drop Grandma a hand-crafted card in the mail!

Spin Art Collage 

Castle Blocks by Lakeshore Learning


Step into medieval times with this Castle Block set by Lakeshore Learning. With 60 pieces in 12 different shapes, including turrets, towers, arches, and different coats of arms, these blocks make designing and constructing a castle fun for both children and adults! These blocks are sturdy, durable, made of high-quality hard wood, and stack very well. Printed with beautiful designs, you can introduce your children to the romantic history and architecture of castles, or simply role-play a make-believe story.  We love toys that help your child learn while they play, and these Castle Blocks create just that opportunity.   IMG_8476-2 Lakeshore Learning is an amazing company that has been making educational toys for children since 1954.  All of their toys are designed, with the various stages of childhood in mind, and their goal is to inspire a keen imagination and sense of wonder. (Check out the Fishing For Sight Words game above for another great product by Lakeshore!)


IO Blocks by Guidecraft

io blocks2

If your child loves to build and create they will be over the moon about the new line of IO blocks from Guidecraft! These blocks come in 12 unique shapes and 6 bright colors and connect in unique ways. Children aged 4 and up can create countless worlds of people, animals, architecture, robots, vehicles and more by connecting and stacking these fun blocks. The curved and square blocks link together to inspire open-ended construction possibilities so kids really can create anything they imagine!

io blocks1

There are sets that range from a smaller 59 piece travel set with locking travel case, to a huge 1,000 piece large group activity set. If you have a tech savvy kid, then they will love downloading the free IO blocks app (available in both iTunes and on Google Play). This app acts like a virtual build guide, showing kids step by step how to build and create various animals, vehicles, robots and structures that. These fun blocks act as a way to boost fine motor skills while developing spatial reasoning and taking creativity to the next level.

io blocks 3


IO Blocks


Guidecraft | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram 

With all of these unique indoor toys for a quiet rainy day you are probably anxiously awaiting your next day stuck inside!

Be sure to check out 15 Quiet Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day for even more great ideas!

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