15 Quiet Indoor Toys For Rainy Days

15 Quiet Indoor Toys For Rainy Days2
Spring has certainly blossomed and summer is just around the corner. The wonderful weather likely has you getting your family outside to enjoy the longer and warmer days which lend themselves to a host of fun family activities! However, along with the great weather also comes a major downfall–the rain. Whether it be the types of rainy days that never seem to end, or a passing rain and thunderstorm you will want to make sure that you are prepared for being stuck in the house with your little ones. We have compiled 15 “must have” quiet indoor toys for a rainy day. Stock up on a few of these and when the dreary weather has you stuck inside with kids that are getting antsy, you will be fully prepared with some awesome new games and toys perfect for an afternoon of quiet and relaxing fun.

Consider stocking up on a collection of toys and games just for rainy days. Keep them put away in a busy box or bin that only comes out on rainy days. The added allure of these “special” toys will only add to the element of excitement, and will encourage longer and more enjoyable periods of play.


People Shapes Project Kit by Lakeshore Learning

lakeshorepeople2  On rainy days when your kids are just fidgety and you need some quiet time, pull out Lakeshore Learning’s People Shapes Project Kit. It will keep your kids busy for hours as they quietly create characters. The kit comes with 24 chipboard People Shapes in 12 People Colors®, plus cute felt outfits, craft hair, wiggly eyes, spangles, sequins, glue, craft sticks and much more to get your kids’ creativity flowing. They can actually create self-portraits, favorite story book characters, or even your entire family tree. Wouldn’’t it be fun if one rainy day you created versions of your entire family that your child could give as gifts to the family?


Lakeshore has long been reputed for creating innovative educational materials that spark young imaginations. They are teachers’’ favorite source for products that instill a sense of wonder and foster a lifelong love of learning. Their materials and kits help children reach developmental milestones and achieve educational goals while still having fun! Lakeshore Learning’s People Shapes Project Kit is just right for little hands and measures up to their high standards.


Shopping Cart and Play Food by Melissa & Doug

Shopping Cart Main

Little ones enjoy pretend play, especially creating meals and pretending to cook. We love this metal shopping cart and wooden set of food groups by Melissa & Doug, which will not only allow your tot to pretend to cook with toy food, but will also allow them to pretend to shop for it! They will love cruising around with the shopping cart and making their selections at the “store”. The set of wooden food comes with 4 wooden crates, perfect for teaching little ones about the various food groups, as well as for storing and stacking the food when not in use. The shopping cart is made of durable metal and looks just like real shopping buggies. The cart features a doll seat and stabilizer pieces that prevent it from toppling easily.
Shopping Cart CollageYour children will love playing “store” and cooking meals, along with learning about the basic food groups on a day that they are stuck inside and for many days to come!


Classic Wooden Tea Set by Lakeshore Learning

IMG_8499 The perfect rainy day surprise for your little miss is this Classic Wooden Tea Set by Lakeshore Learning . It is not only painted with very bright and beautiful colors, but also made of an excellent quality wood that is sure to last through many a tea party. As with all of Lakeshore Learning toys, this tea set opens the door to educational and imaginative play for your child.  Its perfectly sized pieces are “just right” for little hands. 
Complete with a tea-pot, two tea cups and saucers, two spoons, and various yummy treats that look good enough to eat, this tea set is also perfect for Montessori-inspired play. Cut a chocolate and cream roll, a chocolate cake, or a cookie, all with clever velcro attachment pieces.  Your little girl or boy can practice cutting, pouring, stirring and sipping over and over again. 


Photo Booth and Crafts by Alex Toys alex toys photobooth2

Rainy days are just perfect for being a little silly. Get all the wiggles out with lots of laughter as you plan an impromptu photo shoot with lots of zany photo props. Making props to create funny photos will keep your kids busy for hours. They will get wacky and creative as they glue and stick to create props in fun themes with Alex Toys Craft Silly Me Photo Booth. The kit contains 170 stickers, 62 paper shapes, 8 straws, 2 pipe cleaners, a glue stick and easy instructions. Your child can create funny glasses, mustaches, hats and much more. Themes such as pirate, robot, princess, scuba diver, and even a “mustache man” are sure to delight your child.

alex toys photobooth

Not only is this kit totally awesome for kids to play and create, but you can use it to plan for a party as well. You can make 13 props with all the materials that are included in the kit and there is plenty to go around if you are having a play date activity.


For more creative fun ALEX Toys Craft Fairy Sparkly Sticker Pictures Kit will keep your kids busy for hours while they layer glittery sticky foam pieces to create sparkly 3D pictures!  The kit includes everything you will need with lots of foam stickers as well as glitter foam.  It has 30 sticky gems, a printed board with fold-out stand and easy instructions. Your little ones will be able to spend the day expressing their own personal style with this activity while you can feel good about fostering their self-esteem.


Often times our little girls tend to be attracted to the crafts and artsy projects more easily than boys.  However, with the ALEX Toys Little Hands Zoom Zoom Mosaic boys will enthusiastically join in to create a fleet of vehicles! The kit comes with five pre-printed boards, with vehicles like a fire truck, bulldozer and rocket.  Each is packaged separately with their own stickers. 

alex toys car craft 2

Little hands will be busy with 1400 stickers in different colors and shapes and while they have fun creating mosaic pictures they will be building their fine motor skills.  You will love that this is a no mess kit that is simply a peel and stick, while your children get practice with concentration and focus.  The entire rainy day will go by while the kids craft and create.

alex toys car craft


Animal Parade Puzzle by BeginAgain

Perhaps the most cliché “rainy day activity” is a puzzle. Most of us have memories of our moms pulling a puzzle down from the closet, full of printed, often bent cardboard pieces — with the inevitable missing piece or two that was only discovered after you’d spent a miserable hour assembling the 64 piece Sesame Street puzzle. However–puzzles are cool now! Just peruse the puzzles from BeginAgain toys and you’ll see what we mean. These puzzles are made from sustainable wood and recycled materials, painted with vivid colors, and designed to function as puzzle pieces and play toys (one fun idea is using the pieces as stencils!). Their puzzles are fun, innovative and interesting, and best of all, durable (because, let’s face it, little kids have a tendency to stick things in their mouths). BeginAgain’s products are made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, so you don’t have to panic if your child mouths a piece.

The Begin Again Animal Parade Puzzle is perfect for preschool-aged kids who are learning and mastering the alphabet. The puzzle contains 26 brightly colored animals, each with an upper-case letter on one side, and a lower-case letter on the other. So, it’s essentially two puzzles in one — plus a parade of wooden animals kids can play games with, too! Each animal is labeled with the corresponding alphabet letter, A for alligator, B for bear, etc. Kids will get a kick out of seeing the fun animal parade, like a monkey holding an octopus’ tentacle or an elephant balancing atop a gorilla. The pieces fit together alphabetically, so assembly will require your child to think critically. Once they’ve assembled the alphabet, the pieces can be stacked, sorted, and stenciled — making this multifunctional puzzle a rainy-day “must!”


Animal Parade Puzzle


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Bouquet Table and Chair Set by Fantasy Fields


Spark your child’s imagination and creativity with a table by Fantasy Fields. Featured in their Fantasy Field collection, this Bouquet Table and Chair Set can be a central hub for your child’s play.  It makes the perfect setting for all of your rainy day activities!

Fantasy Field1-2 
This table and chair set is remarkably easy to set up so you can have it up and ready to use in just a few moments. With beautiful designs suited for a little lady, the scrolling flowers and vines give this table and chair set a chic and elegant look. It is also quite durable, made with high quality materials whose sturdiness you can feel during assembly and see during use. This table and chair set is sure to withstand lots of love and use. Fantasy Fields‘ furniture pieces are hand-painted so each piece is slightly unique. With Teamson Kid’s furniture you’re getting something one-of-a-kind that will be treasured for years to come!


Pirate Pursuit Board Game by Galt Toys

pirate game_20000101_IMG_3975  

If you have some pirate fans, then get those swash bucklers to settle down with a pirate game. Galt’’s Pirate Pursuit Board Game helps young children learn to count while having fun. Kids will be all giggles as they wind up the pirate galleon and sail around the island, filling their bag with loot. Parents will love this award-winning game for how excited kids get to play it.

Your kids can play with up to four of their friends and the game includes a game board, wind-up pirate galleon, 4 loot bag boards, 24 play coins, 4 pirate counters, dice, shaker and a guide. This game is ideal for 3 to 7 years old and designed to meet each stage of your child’s development and encourage learning through play.

pirate game


Nautical TeePee from North Star TeePees


If you are looking for the perfect way to make any rainy day special, we have found it! This gorgeous handmade TeePee is hands-down one of the best toys you can give your child. North Star TeePees is a small business on Etsy that creates beautiful teepees in a variety of styles and patterns. Each teepee is 44″x44″x64″ large and will fit perfectly in any corner or playroom. Watch your child’s imagination soar when they are transported into far away places while they read their books inside or build their tower of blocks. 


Each teepee is made of a combination of polyester and cotton and comes fully assembled. And when we say that these are simple to put up, we mean it! You literally take them out of the box and are good to go. Each one is hand sewn using high quality fabrics and natural wood poles. This teepee is made with a nautical feeling fabric in a broad gray and white stripe with navy blue trimmings, but there are many more patterns to choose from. With a cozy blanket, any age child will love to spend a rainy afternoon playing dolls, pirates, or animals inside.

teepee Collage

With its simple set up and portability, this teepee from NorthStar Teepees is really one of the best made play teepees around. It is perfect for any rainy day (and sunny ones too)! It is fun both for babies and tweens and everyone in between. (And you are supporting a small business that makes quality products, which is great in itself!)


Mega Maxi Bunny & Accessories by Maileg
Bunny Main

Kids love playing dress-up and we love the idea of playing dress-up with stuffed animals, like this beautifully crafted bunny by Maileg, which is available in a number of characters and sizes, and both a boy and girl version. Maileg offers a vast selection of clothing items, accessories and more for the bunny and other characters! We love the Mega Maxi version of the bunny for the large size and for pretend play! Dress her up or dress her down, you can choose which items to purchase with the bunny that will ignite your child’s imagination

Your tot can enjoy dressing the bunny and accessorizing her, and then can play make-believe with her for tea parties or wherever their imagination takes them! The bunny is made of durable fabric and can be purchased with headbands that perfectly fit her head and accent her outfits. Also available are shoes, pajamas, tights, a purse, and many adorably unique clothing items, sized perfectly for the bunny and made with large openings for easy dressing by your little one.Bunny Collage


PlayableArt Ball by Bella Luna Toys

We don’t know many children who don’t love a good art project, balls, or puzzles – all of which make for great rainy day quiet activities. However, what if you could find a toy for your child that combines all of their favorite things? You’re in luck! The PlayableArt Ball has it all! Featuring 20 interconnected rainbow-colored balls, made of FSC-certfied beechwood from Italy, stained with non-toxic, water-based dyes from Germany; you and your kids will enjoy twisting and shaping the PlayableArt Ball into an endless variety of artistic designs.

Preschoolers will be fascinated as they watch how the balls can be bent, twisted and maneuvered in a variety of ways; while older kids (including teens and parents) will be kept busy for hours (also great for long car rides) attempting to recreate many of the designs pictured on the box!

No matter what shape you end with, the PlayableArt Ball is a striking work of art that will keep everyone busy on a rainy day!


Design Your Own Birdhouse from Seedling


Seedling is back with another super fun DIY kit that will get your child’s creative juices flowing, while also encouraging their creativity through artwork. The Design Your Own Birdhouse Kit from Seedling is the perfect arts and crafts DIY activity for a rainy day. Being stuck indoors doesn’t have to be a drag, because it can lead to amazing conversation. Have your child look out the window and see if they can spot wildlife outside. Do they see a squirrel scampering up a tree? What about birds? Talk to your child about animals also needing to find shelter during rain storms, and then bring out this adorable wooden birdhouse for them to paint and create!


The kit contains a wooden bird house, acrylic paints, a paint brush, and instructions. The wooden bird house is great quality, as is everything from Seedling, and has everything your child needs to decorate their own birdhouses to hang up in the tree once the paint dries (and it stops raining outside, of course!). They will look forward to a clear day to find the perfect branch to hang their own bird house and then watch with you from afar as birds make it their own!


4-in-1 Flipping Floor Easel by Guidecraft

What better time to encourage your little artist than on a rainy day? Whether your child enjoys arranging magnetic numbers and letters (magnets not included), drawing with chalk, or painting, they will love this multipurpose floor easel from Guidecraft.

Made with a heavy-duty wooden frame, this children’s art easel features a folding design that makes it easy to put away when it’s not in use. And it features everything your young Picasso might need for his or her art projects including a chalkboard surface on one side, a magnetic dry-erase board on the other, an included paper roll beneath the board for easy access and a wooden tray perfect for holding paints or art supplies at a convenient height for young children.


Blocks and Roadway System by Guidecraft


For your little builders and engineers, Guidecraft has an entire sets of blocks and roadway system that will keep  their little minds active and engaged as they construct and play. Start them off with the Guidecraft Classroom Unit Blocks, with 86 pieces of varying shapes your kids will come up with endless ideas for structures. These blocks are rounded with sanded edges for splinter-free play. Wooden blocks are timeless and these particular blocks are guaranteed for life, so not only can your children play with these, but your grandchildren as well.


Once the buildings are constructed, suitable roadways will need to be built for clear access to them and your kids will be right on top of the plan with Guidecraft Community and Roadway Essentials Play Set. This Community Roadway set includes varied sizes and shapes for countless roadway configurations. Your children will find that they can be easily put together and taken apart like puzzle pieces. It is simply adorable because the 36-piece wooden block play set includes all the vehicles, signs, and people necessary for realistic imaginary play. This set is ideal for your kids to play on their own or with a group of kids which builds teamwork, cooperation, and sharing skills among children, while enhancing their creativity and problem-solving skills with each new design. Be sure to get your kids the Community Buildings Set to make this roadway system even more realistic. It includes six destinations that your kids will recognize: a Fire Station, Police Department, Hospital, School, Grocery Store, and Service Station. Once the town is built, encourage your kids to start building a community with the Guidecraft Complete Career Id Kit. Children will love to manipulate and play with the Wedgie People that represent different occupations. What is great is that the groups are multi-cultural, illustrating equal opportunity. You can encourage children to explore different vocational fields through role-playing and interactive play as well.



Fire Truck and School Bus By Green Toys

Our friends at Green Toys provide the ultimate in rainy day noise-free entertainment. Not only is every product they make eco-friendly and created out of recyclable materials, but there are no batteries in sight!

How nice would it be for your kids to finally own a toy fire truck that doesn’t have buttons or produce an actual fire truck decibel-level siren? Green Toys Fire Truck still delivers the fun and excitement your kids want in a toy truck, but without the headache. This durable fire truck features two removable side ladders and a roof ladder that raises and pivots for interactive and creative play.

Hop on the school bus and get those wipers swishing for this rainy day. The Green Toys School Bus brings fun and safety to pretend play. With an open roof and several seats for pretend passengers, this school bus makes it easy to cart students back and forth from the cardboard box school to the Lego home.          

Both the Fire Truck and School Bus, and all of Green Toy’s other products, are made in the USA with no BPA, PVC, or phthalates. There are no metal pieces for potential rust and both vehicles are dishwasher safe, so when the rain clears away, feel free to let fun continue outdoors and then give them a wash at the end of the day.


Fire Truck | School Bus 


Green Toys | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | InstagramYouTube


Window Stickers by Haba

haba window stickers2

When your little girl is sitting by the window watching the rain, brighten up her day by giving her Fairy Garden Window stickers to decorate her window and watch the magic in action. She will be all smiles as the two of you together give the windows a fairy tale touch. A world of fairies and unicorns will come to life with the imagination of your little one. Fear not, these stickers are absolutely removable and reusable, so your little one can create a beautiful fairy garden complete with all its fantastical inhabitants over and over again without it being permanent. Moreover, since they do not have any adhesive, they are safe to apply to skin, allowing their imagination run free.

haba window stickers

If your little one isn’t into flowers and princesses, Haba Window Stickers are available in a Dragon and Knights theme as well. A world of dragons and knights will come to life complete with a fortress and forest animals. The stickers are bright, colorful, and whimsically designed. You can easily decorate windows with many lively scenes.

With even just a few of these in your arsenal of rainy day toys, being stuck inside will be far from dreary!

Bad weather really have you at a lose for fun things to do with your kids? Are you stuck inside and looking for more great hands on activities? Check out Tape, Train and Automobiles and 25 Indoor Montessori Activities!

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