3 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Under $50

One day left till Valentine’s day and if you’re like 20% of people who make procrastinating their way of life, you probably don’t have a gift purchased for your loved one.

Here are 3 gift suggestions under $50 that don’t scream, “I bought this last minute, because I forgot how important you are.”

1.  Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips


Whether you’re buying for a friend, your mom, your niece or the love of your life, an adorable limited edition jar of tinted lip balm from Vaseline adorned with European crystals will certainly surprise them with its unique look and stand out in the sea of candy and flowers. Their lips will never be softer than with this deeply moisturizing rose tinted balm with a rose, vanilla and berry scent.

Available at Kitson and ShopKitson.com for $45.

If you don’t want to splurge on a limited edition jar, opt for the same luxurious Rosy Lips balm in its traditional packaging. Still cute, still V-Day appropriate, but only for $2.29. It’s available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide.

2. Handbag Butler’s Purse Hanger


This is a perfect example of an ingenious product that every girl needs but no one can think to buy it for them. A small, inexpensive, yet beautiful foldable hook for your purse when you’re out at dinner and don’t want to leave your bag on the floor. It unfolds and hooks on the table, only showcasing the the beautiful design at the top and holding the heaviest bag, keeping it clean and in sight rather than tucked under the table.

We love the vintage owl in a brass finish design. Certainly one of the more unique gifts that a person can receive while still feeling special and glamorous due to gorgeous purse hanger designs.

3. Nectar Sunnies and Hats

Super cute and stylish sunwear and hats from Nectar would make for a perfect gift for any guy or girl. With colorful sunglasses under $50 and patterned baseball hats that are unique and full of character. This is a brand that is full of life and is the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts, active people and those looking for more style and fun in their lives.



Need more gift inspiration or fun ideas for tomorrow? Check out our Valentine’s Day section.

Vaseline sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all of Daily Mom.


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