A New Scrapbook Introduces Manners to Toddlers

For many parents good behavior and politeness are a top priority starting at an early age.  Good moral character in our youth is vital for a more compassionate and responsible society. 

Do you often wonder how to reinforce courtesy and good etiquette with your children?  Good Manners For Life has come out with a Good Manners For Life Scrap Book Kit that is designed to teach your kids manners in an imaginative way.  

Good Manners for Life Scrapbook Kit

This kit is for children ages 2 to 5 years and it allows you to have fun scrapbooking pictures with your kids while creating a book filled with basic character skills that your children achieve.  You will be able to use the book for years to come to teach good manners as well as look back on the precious moments.  The book is 12 pages long with illustrations of manners and values.  You will also receive 12 border sheets, layout sheet and instructions on how to use your Good Manners Kit.

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How It Works

The kit is very easy to use.  Simply take pictures of your children when you catch them in the act of any of the 12 manners and values that match the themed pages.  You could make it a game by asking your children to act out what each of the manners on the pages should look like.  Topics that are covered through the 12 pages are simple concepts, such as sharing, honesty, friendships, and helping.  Children will also receive reinforcement that it’s polite to say “thank you, please and I’m sorry.”

Once you have pictures of your children and perhaps even their friends for all of the pages, you can work with your kids to personalize the book with your pictures of each manner.  It makes for a fun activity do with your kids while reinforcing the positive character skills.  Once the book is completed, your children can proudly look through the pages and recollect their achievements. Preservation of their good character actions will encourage them to continue on that path and repeat the proper manners.

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This is a rich and meaningful character building experience that parents and children can work on together.  The Good Manners Kit is not just for parents, but it is wonderful for any caregiver to use when imparted with the responsibility of young children and those who want to leave a lasting impression.

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The Importance of Character Education

Character education is a large part of a person’s life success.  It’s important to build good habits early on so that they stay with your children for a lifetime.  Good Manners For Life helps children learn respect and develop self-esteem & self-confidence while they learn basic good manners.  Instilling good character in children helps them have better relationships with their parents and their peers, which in turn leads to life successes.

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