Active Indoor Toys for Rainy Days

The rain outside is pouring down in buckets, you have exhausted every possible activity you can think of, you cannot possibly allow one more television show or movie to play on your TV and your kids passed the point of restless hours ago. Today we are here to help you by providing you with a small, yet great selection of toys that will get your kids up and off the couch. We can assure you that they will no longer dread dreary rainy days!


Are you looking for a fantastic company whose products will keep your kids on their toes (literally) while encouraging their imagination by way of playing and learning as well as offer a whole host of benefits for their motor skills? Well, bObles is THE COMPANY that needs to be on your radar. If you haven’t heard of them or seen their aesthetically pleasing tumbling furniture, then we are excited to share their story. In 2006, architect Bolette Blædel went on maternity leave with her first child. Upon beginning to search for kid’s furniture she felt uninspired by what she was finding on the market. Through her desire to create multi-purpose tumbling furniture, bObles was born.  

Once the motivation and inspiration behind bObles was in place, the idea of geometrically formed furniture made in the shape of animals soon followed. Not only do these toys call out to children with their fun designs but they also engage your children in activities that require movement. They allow children to roll, balance, seesaw, rock, jump and tumble. All of these actions are a critical part of setting the foundation for solid motor development in young children. Encouraging this through daily play is the best way to make it a part of your routine. And truly, look at these pieces! Your kids will be ready to play with them the second they receive them. They also double as furniture, perfect for sitting down for a bite to eat, or using to store toys!

The Happy Development

bObles has developed the five “Tumbling Icons”. These are meant to represent the elements that make up a child’s motor skill development. Parents should always be encouraging movement! Movement should be approached as fun and exciting. These icons help consumers to see which products encourage which movements.  

In the words of bObles, “Bodily challenges generate bodily experience, which leads to a happy body.” They refer to this as “The Happy Development”. 

The 5 Icons

  1. Lie on the Stomach and Play
  2. Roll, Creep, Crawl
  3. Stand Up and Walk
  4. Jump
  5. Balance

bObles are made from solid EVA-foam with a soft surface. They are very easy to clean; you just wipe them off with a damp cloth. The light material combined with rounded edges will ensure there are no scuff marks on your floor. An added and important bonus- they are free of any phthalates and toxins making them both safe and fun for your children!

Large Anteater

  • Multiple tumbling animals all in one
  • Can be used as a table and chairs
  • Stackable and climbable
  • Rounded edges make them tilt when used as chairs which will strengthen your child’s awareness


  • Great for sitting, rolling on, and lying across
  • Fun to sit across and twist around on
  • Lie on your stomach to move back and forth
  • Great for adults for use as an alternative office chair for maintaining proper posture

 Challenge your children to use their imagination while using bObles. Consider making obstacle courses and throwing on some great jams while having a balancing dance party! Rainy days will quickly become full of active fun.


Large AnteaterWorm 


bObles | Facebook 

Bilibo by Oompa Toys

Rainy days will never be a bore with the award-winning Bilibo. Playtime fun has endless possibilities that are only limited by your child’s imagination (and we all know that those little imaginations never tire).

The bilibo’s vibrant color and smooth, curved shape will inspire many uses. It can easily become a rocking chair, a helmet, doll baby bed, race car, spinning top, stool or jumping stone. It’s great for balance and coordination, as well as imaginative play.

Let your kids go wild without the worry of it falling apart, because the durable polyethylene construction will withstand everyday use and can even be brought outside or into the water.

While we love this “toy” for a rainy day, we also love that it’s so lightweight and compact that it can easily be tossed into the car to bring along to a play date, the park, or Grandma’s house. 

However you use it, the Bilibo is sure to be an instant favorite that your kids will play with for years.  




Oompa Toys | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube

Pirate Tent By Alex Toys

What says rainy day fun more than setting up a tent? Tents make a fantastic addition to your arsenal of rainy day toys! They get kids up and off the couch and help them explore their creativity. Alex Toys has a Pirate Pop Up Tent that is a breeze to set up and will provide your kids with endless hours of fun. Whether they are a land lover or ready to take to the high seas this tent will encourage them to use their imagination.

From a busy afternoon pretending to be pirates, to a great hiding spot or a cozy corner to curl up in to read, tents offer many possibilities. With an included eye patch and bandana, kids can really take pretend play to a whole new level!

When the rain has all but disappeared it is simple to fold the tent down for easy storage in a convenient carrying case.


Pirate Tent


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Folding Indoor Trampoline by Galt

Are you stuck indoors with a toddler that desperately needs to burn off some pent up energy? What better way for them to release some wiggles and have some indoor fun than with an indoor trampoline, like this foldable one by Galt.

Galt Toys are a staple UK brand that encourage learning through play at each stage of a child’s development. This junior trampoline with an easy grip handle encourages children to exercise and stay fit, while also giving them a fun activity to do when the weather outside is yucky. It’s easily foldable; the balance bar simply unscrews and the legs fold up, making it the perfect indoor trampoline that won’t take up unnecessary space in your living room.

This trampoline has a tough weatherproof mat and tubular steel frame with a durable coated finish. For extra safety, the padded cover around the mat cushions the frame and prevents children from stepping through the bungee cord. The bright and fun color scheme is sure to excite your rambunctious toddler. The Galt Folding Trampoline will quickly become a favorite indoor activity for your child, and you’ll love that it is storable as well.


Galt Folding Trampoline


Galt | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Be sure to stock up on one- or even a few of these great toys to ensure your next rainy day is full of active fun! 

Are you looking for rainy day toys to keep your little ones entertained yet still calm and quiet? Check out 15 Quiet Indoor Toys for Rainy Days and 15 MORE Quiet Indoor Toys for a Rainy Day.

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