Attitude: A New Worry-Free Hair Care Line

It can be frustrating trying to find the perfect products for your babies and yourself that are free of harmful ingredients.  When it comes to your skin and hair, you want not only effective, but safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, and affordable products. Where do you begin? Start at the top, with your hair! There is a natural hair care line, ATTITUDE, which does just that.  ATTITUDE offers a naturally pure way to care for your hair with shampoos and conditioners for all styles and needs.

For the mommy who doesn’t have time for a lot of steps when bathing her baby, there is a 3 in 1 Shampoo, Body Wash & Conditioner with a scent so delicious you will want to swim in it. The ATTITUDE Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash all-in-one product makes bath time simple for mothers and pleasant for baby. It is made of natural and hypoallergenic ingredients that are all free of cancer-causing contaminants. Made of worry free ingredients, it has been specially formulated to be extra soft on baby’s sensitive skin.

Did you know that babies are 10 times more vulnerable to carcinogenic chemicals than adults? In fact, chemicals that cause cancer via genetic mutations were up to 65 times more potent when exposure occurred during childhood instead of adulthood. The natural hair care line from ATTITUDE can help you take the first step in protecting your children. ATTITUDE also offers the option for a 2 in 1 Baby Shampoo as well as a separate Baby Hair Conditioner. It is all made with honest to goodness ingredients.

ATTITUDE has a 2 in 1 SHAMPOO & BODY WASH for grown-ups as well. For parents, and anyone else who loves natural hair products at great prices, ATTITUDE has a line of shampoos for different hair types, including ATTITUDE Shampoo Color Protection. You can protect your hair color and wash your hair with ATTITUDE shampoo’s all-natural uncontaminated ingredients. Obtain the shining style you deserve, without carcinogenic by-products like 1,4-Dioxane or ethylene oxide that are in other shampoos of this type. ATTITUDE also offers several hair conditioners for different hair types, such as Daily Moisturizer Conditioner and Volume & Shine Conditioner for those who need a little extra pump for their hair.

With other non-natural hair products you are exposing yourself to small quantities of carcinogenic compounds every day, year after year. While cancer causing chemicals, mutagens, and reproductive toxins are still legally tolerated contaminants found in personal care and household products, you won’t find them in ATTITUDE products. ATTITUDE aims to give people a way to tap into their innate well-being while creating products free of worrisome chemicals. They do what they do not by any ties to financial backers or co-­operations, nor for any accolades. They do it for their families, for peace of mind, and out of concern for one another.

ATTITUDE has a goal for a healthy world living consciously, by building one stone at a time. There is no doubt that ATTITUDE truly just wants the world to have safe products, because their prices are similar to any drugstore off the counter hair product, making their natural hair care line available to the masses. ATTITUDE products are available in 28 countries around the world and you can pick them up in stores like Target and Walgreens in the United States. If you can’t make it into a store, simply order online. You can also join ‘The A Club’ and receive up to 40% OFF all products purchased online.

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