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Stroller Guide Baby Jogger Summit X3

Whether you are a new mom looking to get back into shape after baby or an experienced mom seeking a convenient stroller for all terrains, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 has just what you are looking for in a single stroller/jogger hybrid. With features that set it apart from the rest, this stroller makes trips and trails a breeze for both mom and baby.  Read on to find out why we love the Summit X3 and all it has to offer!

Kid Comforts & Storage Compartments

Any fit mom will tell you that it’s not always perfect weather conditions when it comes time to get out of the house. Baby Jogger has done an excellent job of accommodating for this with their vented seat recline and optional weather cover. The vented recline and seat top will increase air flow to your little one and the weather cover is available in case you need to shield them from the elements while still keeping them comfortably reclined.

Speaking of reclining, the Summit X3 provides an adjustable padded seat that reclines to a near flat position for comfort and naps on the go!

The Summit X3 has a full-coverage canopy with 3 large panels. The canopy has two peek-a-boo windows and two side vent windows for added comfort for your little one, with easy fasteners to hold all 4 windows open if you’d like your baby to be protected from the weather but still able to see out.

The Summit X3 is equipped with enough storage space for any trip you may be taking. With a seat back pocket for smaller items and quick trips, and a large basket underneath that is easy to access from the sides and the back, you will never be at a loss for space with this jogger. 

Jogging Features

One of the most important features that any serious runner should look for in a jogging stroller is air-filled tires. These will provide the suspension you need for all-terrain trips and runs. The Summit X3 comes with both air-filled tires AND an all-wheel suspension system. This promises that your child will be comfortable and spared the jostling that might occur on a rougher terrain.

Also, new with this third generation stroller is the remote front wheel lock, which allows you to lock the front tire straight for jogging or release it to swivel for strolling, from a handy lever on the side of the stroller. You will not have to go around to the front of the stroller to adjust the front tire, just flip the lever on the side!

The Summit X3 offers a padded rubber handlebar with a hand brake and runaway strap, all for added safety and comfort.  You will be able to slow your stroller down with a squeeze of the hand brake, and in the chance that you do take a tumble, the runaway strap (which you will secure to your wrist) is attached to the bottom of the stroller so your passenger will not go far from you at all. 

One of the best features that Baby Jogger has to offer is their Quick Fold system, which allows you to pick up and fold your stroller with one quick pull of the strap located on the seat. This makes for easy entry and exit of your vehicle and an easy way to carry the folded stroller as well. The Summit X3 folds compactly, with the option to removed the larger wheels to take up less space.

Options & Specs

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is available in three beautiful color choices, green, black, and orange.

  • 27 pounds
  • Accommodates up to 75 pounds
  • Dimensions: 49.75″ x 25″ x 40″
  • Folded dimensions: 31.5″ x 25″ x 15.25″

Love the Baby Jogger Summit X3 as much as we do?

Photo credits: Jumping Jax Designs

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