Baby Monitor Guide: Levana Sophia

Baby Monitor Guide Levana Sophia

When it comes to baby gear, most moms will agree that a video monitor is a necessity. Even if your baby’s room is right across the hall, having a video monitor offers peace of mind and let’s you keep a watchful eye on your little one, even when you’re not in the room! If you’re looking for a quality video monitor with many awesome features for an affordable price, the Levana Sophia is the monitor for you!

You will love the Levana Sophia from the moment you begin to use it. The parent-friendly controls make this monitor a dream to use and all of its features have baby’s safety in mind, allowing you to relax when your child is away from you.


48 Hour Battery Life in PEEP Mode

When in PEEP Mode (which stands for Power On/Off Energy Efficient Pciture), the Sophia‘s battery lasts up to 48 hours. When in PEEP mode the monitor and camera go to “sleep” when there is no sound in the nursery, saving hours of valuable battery life. The second your baby makes a “peep” the camera and monitor activate so you can see and hear exactly what is going on in your baby’s room. If the video and audio is on consistently, the battery life is still excellent: you’re still going to get 6 hours of battery life before you’ll need to plug in and recharge!

Private ClearVu Digital Signal 

The camera’s ClearVu technology provides precision and clarity of a digital signal from up to 500 ft away. The Sophia monitor has a private, secure and interference-free digital signal that no one but you can view.  And, you can adjust the brightness on your monitor quickly and easily. Increase brightness when you’re outside or decrease when in a dark room so you can always see your baby clearly.

Night Vision and Nightlight

The Sophia also features 15ft night vision so you know you’ll be able to see your baby clearly even during the darkest hours of the night.

The camera also features a gentle nightlight on top so the nursery won’t be completely dark for your baby. The light is controlled from the parent unit, so you can turn it on and off at your convenience.


Expandable up to 4 Cameras

The Sophia monitor is an expandable system that truly grows with your family.  You can add up to three additional cameras to easily view up to four areas of your home on one monitor when using the scan sequence. Compact and sophisticated, these wall-mountable cameras are perfect for playrooms or older siblings’ rooms.


Temperature Monitoring

Babies need just the right temperature to be comfortable and sleep soundly. Studies show that the best temperature for a baby’s room is between 68-71° F. The Sophia’s camera includes a temperature sensor and it displays the temperature of the nursery right on the parent unit so you can be sure your child’s room is comfortable.

LED Volume Indicator

Babies make a lot of noise when they sleep and thanks to the Sophia’s LED Volume indicator, you’ll be able to see and hear what kind of noise your baby is making just by checking the color of the lights. Typical sounds from the room (such as a white noise machine) will display as green, while noise or cries from your baby will change from yellow to orange and then red depending on the volume of baby’s noises or cries.

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Two-Way Intercom

Now you can communicate with your baby without having to go into the nursery using the Talk to Baby™ two-way intercom! With the simple push of the microphone button you can talk to your baby and let them know you’re on your way. For older kids, you can use this feature to ask them what’s wrong without having to go into their room. Lastly, use this feature to enlist help from the other parent if you’re in the nursery and need an extra set of hands!

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