Baby Monitor Guide: Summer Infant Sharp View HD

If you’ve been searching for a video monitor with the latest in HD technology, then the Summer Infant Sharp View HD system is for you! You get a crystal clear image–even at nighttime, plus the capability of zooming in on your little one by using your monitor for an even closer look. The monitoring system is customizable–with the option of adding cameras for the same child or multiple children, allowing you to switch between rooms, kids, and cameras with ease. Keep reading for more on all the great features included with the Sharp View HD system.

Large, Intuitive, LCD Screen with HD imaging

The 5″ color LCD screen on this Summer Infant monitor offers the best picture quality available, giving you a great view of your kid without any squinting! The buttons on the side and top of the monitor are extremely user-friendly. In fact, we were able to figure out how to use the monitor without reading the instructions first (though we definitely recommend going back to read because there are several extra customizable options). 

Automatic Night Vision

The camera will automatically use infrared LEDs to adjust to the light level of the room, allowing you to see a clear black and white image—even at night. You’ll be surprised at how stunningly clear the image is without needing any light in the baby’s room!

Voice Activated Video

When in standby or battery mode, the monitor will automatically go to “sleep.” However, the video display will automatically turn on when noise is detected in the baby’s room. This is especially helpful for middle of the night wakings.

Pan/Scan/Zoom with the Camera

You can remotely control the camera to see more of the baby’s room and to keep your baby in view. You can also easily zoom in to 3x the normal screen view with just the click of a button.

Expandable for Multiple Cameras

You can monitor up to 4 rooms total to switch back and forth between rooms (for multiple children) or just different views within the same room! 

Temperature Monitoring

You can check in on baby’s comfort level by just looking at your screen! The on-screen display shows the room temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can even set a custom alert when the temperature goes above or below a desired comfort range. This is just another way that the Summer Infant Sharp View HD delivers on both safety and technology. 

Other Great Features:

  • Two-way communication: Calm your child with the sound of your voice with the press of a button!
  • Sound lights: Lights are displayed on a color bar on the side of your monitor screen to indicate the volume change in sound from your child’s room. The lights change color from amber to red as the sound increases.
  • Digital privacy: You have a private and secure connection between the monitor and camera to provide peace of mind for parents–both day and night.

With the Summer Infant Sharp View HD Video Monitor you can rest easy, knowing your baby is safe and sound with a little help from the latest and greatest in infant technology.

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Photo Credits: Katherine

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