Babymoov: Innovative Feeding Products

Babymoov - Innovative Feeding Products

As parents we strive to raise our children with tender loving care, while juggling a million other tasks on a daily basis. In the midst of everyday life efficiency becomes a top priority in each task we attend to. That is why we are so thankful for companies like Babymoov! Babymoov designs the most sleek and innovative products to nourish your baby from birth through the toddler years. Part of what makes Babymoov such an incredible company is that they collaborate with “pediatricians, midwives, osteopaths, nurseries and, perhaps most importantly, mothers.” All of Babymoov’s feeding products boast beautiful designs, simplicity beyond belief, and convenient cooking and cleaning times. 

 Nutribaby Five-in-One Food Processor

Whether you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding, whether you are giving your child purees or starting Baby Led Weaning, the Nutribaby five-in-one food processor by Babymoov is a great tool to have to ensure your child is getting the complete nutrition you want for them. The Nutribaby can be utilized from the birth of your child (to warm and sterilize bottles) through toddlerhood (steaming and blending foods). The cooking/steaming unit detaches from the blender/food processor for easy storage and convertibility.

The Nutribaby offers large capacities for both the steamer and food processor. The steamer can hold 3.75 cups and the food processor 6.25 cups which are the largest capacities on the market. The roomy capacity is very convenient when preparing large meals in advance for your child or if you are preparing meals for multiple children. Steaming is a highly recommended way of food preparation because nutrients remain intact, unlike other conventional methods such as boiling or microwaving. The Nutribaby’s innovative design ensures the food steams perfectly whether you are cooking veggies, meats, fruits, or fish. It also comes with a very simple and precise guide to each food and its cooking time. 

Although Nutibaby might seem mostly geared toward infants during their first year it can also be very useful during toddler years as well.  The Nutribaby is a very helpful tool to have on hand as your child grows for multiple reasons.

First, whether you decide to use purees or Baby Led Weaning, both can have a messy start. When you are on the go it is so convenient to have a way to ensure your child is able to receive the same healthful and unadulterated nutrients as possible. The Nutribaby makes this very simple because you can make your own pureed foods and snacks tailored to your child’s taste (see our post on how to make Spinach, Apple and Rutabaga puree). Making healthy on-the-go snacks for your child is a great way to keep your food processor utilized longer and to know exactly what your child is eating.  

An added bonus in this is that it enables you to go green and save money by not having the need to buy baby food pouches. Check out these squooshis for on the go snacks and our post on First Foods You Should Be Feeding your Baby!

Second, for the foods that may be a little less desirable to your child the Nutribaby allows you the ease of cooking and making your own fruit and veggie blends. Let’s face it, sometimes it is difficult to get a toddler to eat fruits and veggies each day or even on a regular basis. The puree pouches that you can buy in the grocery store are an excellent concept: mixing nutritious fruits, vegetables, grains and probiotics into a (nearly) mess-free and convenient on the go snack. 


  • The Nutibaby can sterilize and warm bottles, and steam, defrost and blend foods.
  • The Nutibaby is BPA free, it can sterilize or warm up to three bottles at once.
  • Because the Nutribaby’s steamer has two baskets it allows you to steam two different foods at the same time while preserving the taste of each.
  • The LCD screen is also an elegant feature that makes it easy to operate and read.
  • It is also equipped with a system that memorizes your previous cooking time which is is so helpful if you plan on cooking a similar food later. 
  • The Nutribaby is easy for busy parents with the automatic turn off feature. 

Babymoov Silicone Containers

In continuance with Babymoov’s revolutionary design, this line curates collapsible silicone storage containers. These are perfect for stowing away all that homemade baby and toddler food! The storage containers are BPA free (as with all of Babymoov’s products), collapse for easy storage when not in use, and are cold and heat tolerant. So you can safely store your baby’s food in the fridge or freezer, then warm it up in the microwave, saving every mother precious time in food preparation. Never leave the house again without ready made food conveniently stored in Babymoov storage containers for your little one. 

 Babymoov Turbo Steam Electric Sterilizer 

For mothers searching for the most efficient and novel way to sterilize baby bottles, let us introduce you to the Babymoov Turbo Steam Electric Sterilizer. The intellectually advanced design of the Babymoov steam sterilizer eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or detergents when cleaning feeding items, giving you peace of mind that your baby can be nourished from a completely clean bottle with no washing required. This modern technology is the first sterilizer to sterilize the bottle from the inside rather than the outside.

The bottles are inverted and placed onto knobby arms fitted with small holes that produce steam. There is also a central steam source so everything placed into the sterilizer is guaranteed clean in just under 10 minutes! The Babymoov sterilizer can hold up to 6 full size bottles plus bottle accessories. Thanks to the removable and adjustable arms the sterilizer can accommodate other items, such as breast pump components or baby food jars. It also serves as a bottle drier, so there is no need for a separate drying rack to waste precious space on your counter top.

These 3 products are just a few of the awesome gadgets this company has to offer. Babymoov is continuously diversifying their line of products, ensuring parents all around the world are equipped with the most up-to-date baby essentials. 

For more awesome baby feeding products sure to blow you away, check out Our Favorite Feeding Products from the ABC Kids Expo 2014!

Photo Credits: Babymoov, Kirsten H.,  Janin

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